It is now a known fact that millions of people have already created a YouTube channel and have created millions of videos. At the same time this is also a fact that more than 30 millions active users use YouTube daily. Therefore, it is an undeniable fact that YouTube is the second largest social media platform and the high growth of this platform shows its ability to reach the top. But, the competition for video creators is also huge. And, in order to beat the competition, one must hire the genuine YouTube advertising services.

Though millions of YouTubers publish videos on their channels but not all are acquainted with the YouTube video promotion activities. As a result their videos lack views and fail to get the desired growth. Hence, it becomes inevitable to use YouTube advertising services to reach the target audience across the globe. But before advertising, there are a few necessary practices to follow so that your videos get ready to be promoted without any basic flaws.

Build Your Viewers With Engaging Content

Before doing anything else, you should always concentrate on the topic you want to create your YouTube videos with. Remember, your content is the most important thing to reach the viewers. In order to get an idea of the topics, you can always welcome comments on all your videos to see what your viewers want you to create. 

If your content is engaging and relevant, your video will definitely earn views. Strong content is the key to grow your channel. Your video content should relate to the audience and convince them to stay on your video.

Search Optimization With Relevant Title

YouTube provides a platform where all the users can easily search for the videos of their interests. Hence, your video title should be such that your video appears in the search results of all the viewers. 

A good title should be short and crispy. It should have the quality to make the viewers click on the video. The title should be relevant to the content of the video and should not be misleading. A misleading title can leave a bad impression in the minds of the viewers. Hence, before you use the YouTube advertising services, you should ensure the optimisation of the title.

Catch Your Audience With Irresistible Thumbnail

Your video can grab the attention of the audience if the thumbnail is irresistible. You should create a thumbnail which shows the summary of your video. It should be so interesting that the viewers cannot ignore your video without watching it. 

A good thumbnail is a symbol of good work. It shows how serious you are in creating your videos. Your primary objective should be to gather attention of the viewers and that is possible only by having attractive thumbnails.

Add A “Join” Button To Reward Your Viewers

YouTube has introduced an exclusive feature in the form of the “Join” button on YouTube channel. This great feature enables you to reward your viewers when they join your channel. As per the YouTube guidelines you need to have 30,000 subscribers to add this feature to your channel.

The viewers who want to join your channel need to pay to become the brand ambassadors of the channel. In return, they are provided with a badge which shows their support to your channel. This is a very good way to generate more viewers for your channel. 

Create A Playlist Of Your Videos

You may have created a lot of videos for your viewers but it is a good practice to keep all your videos in an organised way. This will help your subscribers to get all the videos in one place and engage them to watch videos one after another.

Steps to create a playlist:

  1. Choose the video you want to include in your playlist.
    2. In the video, click on “Add to” and “+” sign.
    3. Next, click on “Create new playlist”.
    4. Give a name to your playlist which is simple and easy to search.
    5. You can change your privacy settings. It is recommended to set it as public.
    6. Finally, click on “Create”.

Create The Right Length Of Content

There is a myth that very short content goes a long way but in reality too short content may not appear in the search results of the viewers. This is so because as per the studies, there is a large number of viewers who prefer long videos.

Therefore, it is recommended that the content should have the right length of around 10 minutes for every video you publish. This will increase the possibility to attract all kinds of viewers to your channel. 

Publish Videos At Regular Intervals

If you have created a YouTube channel, you should be committed to it. Your dedication towards your creation should not be compromised. So, it is highly recommended that you should publish your videos at regular intervals.

Your viewers cannot wait too long for your next video. So, it is your responsibility to keep your viewers updated by publishing videos at least twice a week.  


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