Want to know about different YouTube traffic sources? If yes, here I’ve got something for you! This post will cover several YouTube traffic sources.

YouTube is one of the most popular websites and a popular source of traffic on the internet. 

Well, there are many YouTube strategies that you can use to get more views on your YouTube videos, which will result in more potential customers. You can use YouTube traffic for different purposes, like educating your audience with quality content, building a loyal community, and much more.

Technically, there are dozens of YouTube traffic sources, but four of them matter the most. Most of the traffic is generated through search, browse, suggested features and external traffic sources.

You can have videos for all types of traffic on your YouTube channel. But the key to your exponential growth is knowing which traffic source you want to target before making a video.

Aren’t you curious to know how and where viewers are getting your videos? Traffic to your YouTube content actually comes from within YouTube or from some external sources. 

These views may represent the viewers who are already on your YouTube channel or may represent the people who find your videos via other social media platforms, a search engine, or other websites.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss where YouTube traffic comes from and external YouTube traffic sources.

The various YouTube traffic sources are:

1. YouTube Search

Showing YouTube Search Feature

YouTube search is when users find your content by entering relevant keywords or phrases into the YouTube search bar. It is the traffic that comes from YouTube search results.

YouTube Search is great for targeting people looking for specific information. In the beginning, search is typically slow for growth. So, start here by making videos that people actually search for.

Also, optimize your video titles and descriptions for relevant keywords to rank higher in search results.

2. YouTube Browse Features

Showing YouTube Browse Features

It is the traffic of people who find your video when they are not actually looking for it. YouTube shows browse videos on the homepage, subscription feed, in the “What to watch next” section, and on other browsing features.

Here, the key to attract the audience is appealing thumbnails and titles. The videos here are more interesting and attention-grabbing, which makes it easy to convince someone to click on the video.

If you are a beginner, chances are your video will initially appear on the homepage and go viral on YouTube quickly. As YouTube typically favors newer content, the homepage videos constantly change. So, if you are lucky enough to go viral there, enjoy it while it lasts.

3. YouTube Suggested Traffic Source

Showing How YouTube Suggested Videos Are Depicted

Suggested traffic are the viewers who discover your videos through the “Suggested Videos” section while watching other content. 

Most of the suggested traffic sources come from the “Next Up” tab on the right side of the screen. When viewers watch your video, here they can see a list of videos to watch next. Links in the video descriptions also serve as a source of suggested traffic.

The purpose of the YouTube algorithm is to figure out which videos to recommend to keep someone watching more content.

It is essential to create eye-catching thumbnails and good-quality, engaging content to capture this audience.

4. External Traffic Source

Showing YouTube External Traffic Source
External traffic comes from sources outside of YouTube. That can be from any social media platform, websites, and blogs or emails.

If you share your videos on platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, it can increase YouTube traffic to your channel.

Moreover, if you embed or link your videos in blog posts or on your website, it can increase visibility.

Another effective way to generate external traffic is to promote your videos on all the best possible external platforms.

5. Direct Or Unknown Traffic Source

Showing Traffic From Direct or Unknown Sources
Direct traffic comes from users who enter your video’s URL directly into their browser or use bookmarks or from some unidentified apps.

It also signifies a strong following or brand recognition.

6. Channel Pages

Showing Traffic From Channel Pages

Channel page is the home page and video page of your YouTube channel.

Your own YouTube channel and video pages can also be a source of traffic. Those who are your loyal subscribers, may visit your channel directly, contributing to direct traffic.

It will be really great if you give your YouTube channel homepage an accurate representation of what your channel is about. 

Fill the homepage with your latest uploads, have a playlist with your recommended videos, and have relevant playlists that represent your channel.

7. YouTube Shorts

Showing Traffic From YouTube Shorts

Here the traffic comes from the users who watch short, engaging videos in the YouTube Shorts section. This YouTube traffic source is important if you are a shorts creator.

8. Playlists

Showing Traffic From Playlist

Traffic generated from the users who watch videos in the playlists of your channel. 

Playlists are a list of videos for viewers to watch in consecutive order. So, try to incorporate your videos into playlists to encourage viewers to watch multiple videos in succession. 

Don’t you think playlists are a great strategy to grow your YouTube channel? Well, definitely yes. This will increase your session watchtime and audience engagement.

9. Other YouTube Features Traffic

Showing Traffic From Other YouTube Features

This represents the traffic generated from various other YouTube features, like YouTube Live.

YouTube Live allows you to share content with your subscribers, which subsequently increases engagement.

Moreover, live streaming on YouTube can attract viewers in real time, leading to higher traffic.

10. YouTube Advertising

Showing Traffic From YouTube Advertisement

YouTube advertising can be a traffic source on your channel if you use one of your videos as an advertisement on YouTube Ads. To get this traffic, you need to buy YouTube views.

11. Notifications

Showing Traffic From Notification

Here the traffic you gain from notifications or alerts that your viewers or subscribers get when you post your new content.

12. Video Cards

Showing Traffic Using Video Card Feature

Here, the traffic comes from a card in another video. Video cards are the i-icon notifications in the top right corner of a video.

Sometimes, your viewers may find them annoying and distracting. So, they switch them off in their YouTube preferences.

Also, when a viewer clicks on a card, they leave your current video, which impacts one of the most important metrics that YouTube uses to promote your videos.

13. End Screens

Showing How End Screen Helps To Gain Traffic

End Screens are an important traffic source for your YouTube channel, as you want to return viewers to your content to increase the session watch time.

Only your loyal viewers are going to watch your videos till the end. They might be interested in watching your other video as well.


YouTube traffic sources play a crucial role in boosting views on your videos and increasing subscribers on your channel.

To build a successful presence on the platform, it is essential to understand the various YouTube traffic sources. 

Customizing your content strategy, optimizing for different sources, and utilizing the power of SEO can elevate your YouTube channel’s performance.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and create engaging content. Then watch how your viewership and popularity rise.