In recent days, if you want to showcase your talent or share your knowledge to the unlimited number of audience YouTube is the best platform to choose. Audience from all over the world is waiting for the contents they are looking for. And if you can post the content that the maximum audience are in need, will make your video popular. But before everything, to get success, you should know how to create a YouTube video.

Now, if you are planning to start your YouTube journey and don’t know how to proceed, here are 5 important tips to help the beginners.

1. Plan Your YouTube Video

There are various contents on YouTube for different viewers. You need to decide what your subject will be. You can choose to showcase your singing, dancing and many more talents on YouTube. Also, you can educate people about a topic which you think you are confident about sharing. You should design your video in such a way that fulfils the criteria of the audience to click on your video. Before starting your job, keep yourself in the viewer’s position and think the kind of contents you would like to watch and what makes you stay away from a video.

All the video makers may not use the same process of creating a YouTube video. But if you think that a script can definitely help you to proceed without any hassle, you can draft it. If you want to get the solution of “how to create a YouTube video”, you should also keep this in mind that the script should be relevant and to the point which enables you to maintain a flow.

In your first video, you may be nervous and require a script to rule out the problems while shooting, but don’t forget to make your voice clear so that it reaches clearly to the audience. Gradually, you will be able to discover your own style of making quality YouTube videos. Lastly, keep this in mind that you need to sign off by closing comments and “like and subscribe”.

2. Understand Your Target Audience

Another important factor is to know your target audience. You should understand your audience before creating your YouTube video. If you want to promote your YouTube videos across the countries you need to create such a content which has an appeal to the audience. Hence, your YouTube video promotion depends largely on the content you create.

You should also decide about the duration of the video. Though long videos also have audience but it is proven that short videos are better and perform very well from the perspective of the audience. Most of the time the audience are attracted to the shorter contents which are concise and to the point. So, if you want to boost your YouTube video, you need to start with videos of short duration.

Moreover, YouTube will not allow the videos which are more than 15 minutes until your channel gets verified. You can also make your videos within the duration of 5 minutes which is according to the reports, proven to be the best.

3. Learn the Basic Infrastructure

Thirdly, going further to ensure the shooting of the video, you need to know the basic requirements of video infrastructures. It would be great if your face is on camera which the viewers want to see. Your appearance on the video will provide your video the boost that it needs.

You can start your video shoot using your smartphone only. Though it is your choice if you want to shoot your video with digital SLR camera which will undoubtedly give you the best video quality.

Try not to give so much importance regarding technical specifications. You need to keep the video quality in mind with proper shooting techniques. One of the best answers to the question, “how to create a YouTube video” is to try to use a tripod for fixing the camera or mobile phone so that it gives you the best angle for shooting.

4. Understand the Significance of Sound

Your YouTube video should tell a story to the audience. In various research studies it is found that audio has a better impact over video. So, you should understand the basic importance of sound. The audio in your YouTube video reaches the audience fast and with the help of the content it reaches to the mass.

There are chances to improve your video, but you cannot improve the poor sound quality. Hence, it is very important to know the role of sound in your video if you want to promote your YouTube channel worldwide. So, you should try to invest a little in a good quality microphone. This will help you to reduce dependancy on the in-built microphone of your camera. You should not compromise with the devices which will provide you the benefit of creating the best video.

5. Choose a Video Editor and Edit Your Video

Once you are ready with your audio and video files to proceed, you are now to last stage of creating your YouTube video. The last job but not the least is to edit your video in a good video editor.

There are lot of free video editors to choose from. On Mac platform you can have iMovie video editor which is free. On Windows platform you can get Wondershare Filmora editor. This is also free to use in editing your created video. There are other professional video editors such as Da Vinci Resolve. This editor is used by the professionals who know the proper use of this editor. This also comes free but there is an option to upgrade if you think you want to explore more features of it.

There are other paid video editors such as Adobe Premier Pro and Final Cut Pro for Windows and Mac platforms respectively. Though these might be expensive but it will give you unlimited features when you edit your YouTube video.

Upload and Publish

Yet, you have created your first YouTube video. Now it’s time to upload and publish your first YouTube video. It’s done. Don’t forget that in order to be successful you need to create more videos and upload those videos on your YouTube channel. This activity of creating and uploading videos should be on a regular basis. Consistency is the key factor to succeed.

Hope the tips will be of great help for the new YouTubers who want to know the best ways of how to create a YouTube video and start their YouTube journey with success. Your creative YouTube videos can be promoted here