7 Exclusive Tips To Get Authentic YouTube views (2024)

Authentic YouTube views

YouTube is a competitive platform where authenticity is the key to success. As a content creator, you may be striving hard to gain more views but it is also important to focus on acquiring authentic YouTube views.

With millions of creators and billions of viewers, YouTube has become a massive platform for sharing video content. Many content creators aspire to gain popularity on this platform. 

The number of views a video receives is one of the key metrics that defines its success on YouTube. For that reason, almost all the creators are in the race to get more views on YouTube.

But what usually creators overlook is the quality of views they are opting for. Many creators often end up opting for fake views to boost audience engagement.

In this blog post, we will explore why authentic views are important and different strategies to gain authentic views.

For that, we need to first understand what exactly authentic YouTube views are.

What Are Authentic YouTube Views?

Authentic YouTube views refers to the genuine engagement of viewers with your content. 

These are the views from real people who are truly  interested in your content. They often result in higher engagement from loyal audiences.

These people have chosen to watch your video, like, comment and subscribe to your channel because they find your content valuable.

Why Do You Need Authentic YouTube Views?

There are several reasons to consider authentic views:

To Get Real Engagement

The first reason is they reflect real engagement with your content. When the viewers find your videos more interesting and valuable, they genuinely appreciate your videos.

They even like, comment, share and subscribe to your channel. It can significantly promote YouTube views and boost your Channel’s performance. 

And you must respond to those comments and build a community around your content. This will help you to retain  your audiences who show genuine interest in watching your content.

Basically, authentic views are a reflection of the impact your videos have on the viewers.

To Boost Visibility

Don’t you want your content to be watched by a large number of audience?

Authentic views play a vital role in enhancing the  visibility of your content on YouTube.

When your video receives genuine engagement from people, YouTube’s algorithm may recommend your content to a broader audience. It will help to maximize your reach.

You must be aware of the importance of YouTube views and most importantly real and authentic views.

To Build Credibility

Authentic views indicate the value of your content. It creates trust among the audience and expresses that your videos are worth their time.

When viewers see a YouTube video with a significant number of views, they are more likely to perceive it as truthful.

So, it helps to build trust with your audience and collaborate with other YouTubers

Hence, it improves your channel’s credibility.

How To Build An Authentic Audience?

To grow and retain authentic views, you need to build an authentic audience. So, how can you gain more authentic views on your YouTube videos? Let’s explore some strategies:

 1. Create High-Quality Content

The first and the foremost thing for gaining authentic views is to create compelling and high quality content. Create and edit your videos in such a way that it is visually appealing and offers value to your target audience.

Most of the audience tend to watch those videos only that they find informative, entertaining or inspiring. Also, keep looking for the trending topics as the audience generally searches for them.

Use good equipment and editing tools and also use excellent video editing skills to enhance the overall quality of your videos.

Remember, quality and authenticity are the key to a successful YouTube Channel.

2. Engage With Your Audience

Make sure that you interact with your viewers by responding to their comments and asking for their inputs. Try to act on their feedback and suggestions.

It is to show your viewers that you value their opinions and want to improve your content based on their preferences.

This not only builds a sense of community but encourages the viewers to return to your channel for more content as they are being valued.

It will help you to convince them to subscribe to your YouTube channel. Subscribers generally return for new content and hence will help to boost your authentic YouTube views.

 3. Collaborate With Other YouTubers

You can collaborate with other youtubers or influencers and can introduce your content to new audiences. These collaborations will help you to gain authentic views and subscribers.

When you partner with other youtubers, your content gets exposed to their audience and hence it increases YouTube traffic.

Also, it allows you to make diverse content with fresh perspectives and creative ideas that encourages your audience to remain engaged.

Hence, you get to build a strong network with other youtubers that will help you to get more such opportunities in future.

 4. Be Consistent In Posting Video Content

Being consistent is the key to becoming successful on this platform. You must develop a regular posting schedule, so that your viewers will be aware of when to expect new video.

This will encourage your audience to return to your Channel for more videos. It helps to get more YouTube subscribers. 

When you post your videos regularly, you create a sense of anticipation and trust. This makes your viewers subscribe and interact with your channel.

 5. Use Social Media

You can use several social media platforms to promote your YouTube channel. By sharing your content on platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, you can gain authentic views from your existing followers.

Before you start promoting, it’s essential to have a clear strategy. Set your goals, target audience and define a content plan. 

Try to create short video clips like teasers or create attractive images that provide a sneak peek of your upcoming videos. It generates excitement among your audience.

You can take advantage of live streaming on platforms like Facebook and instagram to engage with your audience in real time and answer their questions.

Engaging your audience on multiple platforms may help you to gain more viewers for your YouTube channel.

Hence, building a strong rapport with your authentic viewers is essential as it encourages them to support your YouTube Channel.

6. Focus On Keywords

Most of the content creators often overlook the most important aspect of attracting authentic views, that is optimizing video titles and description.

Always try to optimize your video titles, description and tags with relevant keywords so that your content appears on search results.

It will be easier for those audiences who are interested in your topic to find your videos.

 7. Identify Fake Views And Avoid Them

Monitor your view count and the YouTube traffic sources. If you notice a sudden increase in views from an unusual source, it could be a sign of fake views.

Moreover, If you opt for views from illegal service providers, you may face consequences such as video removal or termination of your YouTube Channel.

YouTube’s algorithm is designed in such a way that it detects such activities. So, it will be best if you avoid them.

It will be safe if you stay far away from such providers who promise quick and inauthentic growth. Better look for genuine and reputable service providers who will provide you real and authentic views and help to promote your YouTube videos.


Authentic YouTube views are the foundation of a successful YouTube Channel. They signify real engagement from the audience.

By creating high quality content, promoting your videos on social media, engaging with your audience and avoiding fake views, you can build an authentic viewership for your channel. It can lead to long term success on YouTube.

Though, It may take time to accumulate authentic YouTube views but they are more valuable in the long run because they represent genuine audiences.

So, start your journey of YouTube by focusing on authentic views to become successful on this vast platform.

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