7 Outstanding Benefits When You Purchase YouTube Views (2024)

7 Outstanding Benefits When You Purchase YouTube Views

YouTube has become one of the most competitive social media platforms across the world. In this digital age, it has become a global stage for all the content creators to share their knowledge, showcase their talents and skills and even make a living. For this, one needs to become popular on YouTube and must have a significant amount of public engagement as the algorithm of YouTube favors those videos that have more views. So, are you worried regarding your Youtube views and looking for ways to increase your YouTube views in the shortest amount of time? One way to speed up the process and reach a wider audience on YouTube is to purchase YouTube views.

As a Youtuber, purchasing YouTube views for your channel is a common phenomenon as the views play a crucial role in YouTube algorithm. More views means more potential for your videos and it can lead to a successful YouTube Channel.

In this article, we will explore the world of purchasing YouTube views, why it matters and what can be the risks of purchasing it, so that you can make an informed decision.

Benefits of Purchasing Youtube Views

There are many benefits of purchasing YouTube Views. But there are also some risks and drawbacks that you must be aware of before making a purchase. 

1. Your Videos Can Go Viral

To succeed in YouTube, one requires consistent effort to post quality content and increase public engagement on YouTube. With more views, your videos are likely to be seen by more potential viewers, which can lead to more subscribers.

As a result, it will have a greater chance for your videos to go viral. You can purchase YouTube views so that your content can be shared with thousands of other users and raise your popularity.

2. Increase In Number Of Subscribers

The ultimate goal of gaining subscribers and followers depends on the number of views. So, the more views, the better is the chance to gain subscribers and followers. And don’t you think the faster way to do this is to purchase YouTube views?

Therefore, increase in subscribers will help you to promote your YouTube channel within a short period of time.

3. Enhances Credibility

Buying YouTube views can enhance your video’s credibility as people get attracted to those YouTube videos that have a high number of views.

Moreover, people will eagerly wait for your upcoming videos and subscribe to your channel. Therefore, credibility helps to grow your channel in an organic way.

4. Improves Search Rankings

It is believed that Youtube algorithm shows those videos on the search result page that have good content and good amount of views. So, by increasing the number of views on any video, you can improve the performance of your channel on the ranking page.

But, in order to maintain your audience, you should know how YouTube SEO works and follow the tips properly. It will help you to grow organic views and help you to rank higher on YouTube.

5. Earn Money Through Brand Collaboration

Big brands and YouTubers often ask for channel metrics before any kind of paid or unpaid collaboration. It may become challenging for small YouTubers. Hence, by purchasing views, one can grab the opportunity of collaborating with other YouTubers.

YouTube collaboration is one of the best ways to grow fast on this platform and also gives you a needed competitive edge.

6. Monetization Of The Channel

Monetization of your YouTube channel is mandatory for earning money from adsense. 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in the last 12 months are essential parameters that are required for the monetization process of the YouTube channel.

One can easily achieve that by purchasing YouTube views. Therefore, if you buy YouTube views following the YouTube community guidelines, your channel will be monetized fast.

7. Raise Your Brand Value

It is a fact that audiences judge any content based on the engagement metrics such as high number of views, subscribers, likes and comments.

So, the new YouTubers after purchasing real YouTube views can enhance their video views and build their brand value. Once your brand value is established, you will see a substantial growth of your channel.

Risks And Drawbacks Involved In Purchasing YouTube Views

Along with the benefits, there are many risks of purchasing YouTube views which you must consider before opting for it. Some of the major risks and drawbacks are:

1. Lack of Target Audience

The views that you purchase for your YouTube videos generally come from random locations around the world. This means that you might get irrelevant traffic on your videos which will not be helpful as they will be least interested in your video.

So, they are not going to like and subscribe to your channel. Hence, look for the legit YouTube advertising services who provide targeted views from specific regions according to your requirement.

2. Fake Views is a Concern

Fake views, also known as bot views are the views on YouTube that are artificially generated using automated software or services. Purchasing fake views is a violation of YouTube’s terms of services and can have a detrimental effect on your channel if the algorithm of YouTube detects it.

So, always try to focus on purchasing real YouTube views from genuine service providers.

3. No Ad Revenue

Purchased views will not directly improve your Ad Revenue as your channel must qualify the guidelines of YouTube Monetization policy that requires a minimum number of subscribers and watch hours.

It might increase YouTube traffic on your content and enhance your social proof, but it will not improve your ad revenue.

4. Inorganic Results

In  most of the cases, purchased YouTube Views may not look organic as all of them arrive at once. So it may not give organic results and may look weird. So always try to get organic views as well with paid views.

5. Be Aware of Scams

Always be aware of the service providers from which you are purchasing the YouTube views. There are numerous sites of scammers and less reputable companies which may provide you with poor quality video views at a very cheap price.

Go for the honest and reputable providers and check their company reviews before purchasing views.

Guidelines And Best Practices To Purchase YouTube Views

The moment you decide to purchase YouTube views, don’t forget to consider the following best practices and guidelines.

1. Choose a reputable provider

While purchasing YouTube views, the most important aspect is to research and select an honest and reputable service provider who has previous records of providing genuine views. This is the only way to get organic engagement from your purchase.

2. Focus on gradual increase

Try to avoid sudden spikes in the number of views. Focus on increasing it gradually so that it imitates organic growth.

3. Combine purchased views with organic views

Combine purchased YouTube views with the views that are obtained from organic strategies like good and quality content, SEO Optimization and social media promotion.

4. Track Progress and analyze engagement

Continuously monitor the performance of your YouTube videos and check the impact of purchased views on your content. Also, use YouTube Analytics and focus on the engagement metrics like likes, comments and shares to make sure that purchased views convert into genuine interest.

5. Alter your strategy

Based on your analysis, always try to adjust your strategy of content to retain audience engagement and maintain growth of your YouTube Channel.


YouTube has become a well known and highly profitable platform. But the competition on YouTube is fierce that makes it tough to become successful overnight unless you purchase YouTube Views.

Every YouTuber knows the importance of views metrics and with more competitor creators, it has become challenging to get more views.

While purchasing YouTube Views can provide a boost but it must be done carefully after considering all the potential risk factors. In this guide we tried to make your process of purchasing views a little easier. So what are you waiting for? Make your videos popular and start it by purchasing YouTube views.

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