YouTube Algorithm – An Overview Everyone Should Know

YouTube Algorithm - An Overview Everyone Should Know

In simple terms, YouTube Algorithm is an independent programme designed to decide which video needs to be pushed to capture the YouTube audience. Secondly, which videos should make an appearance on an user’s feed. And lastly, what would motivate the user to browse more on their platform. In other words, YouTube’s recommendation system is to find videos for viewers instead of viewers for videos.

YouTube Algorithm is basically a strategy employed by the YouTube team to determine which videos are currently trending. It constantly monitors the user’s behaviour pattern and suggests the right video for the viewer. This enhances the chances that the viewer will automatically spend more time browsing through YouTube channels.

Functioning of YouTube algorithm

YouTube keeps on exactly how it determines its trending page. It never diverges from the fact how its algorithm judges what is authoritative and what is not. Lack of transparency is one of the biggest problems which plague YouTube.

The company has always been silent on how the algorithm functions. Nevertheless, it is common knowledge that YouTube’s recommendation system primarily focuses on trending hot topics flooding the internet. It then makes a careful search for videos with similar content and pushes them on the forefront for the viewers. This is the reason why in most of the cases videos with the maximum number of views may not make it to the trending list since it does not pertain to a hot topic. 

The algorithm makes a careful search of browser history. And at the same time it is accountable for viewers’ own customised feed page on which it proposes videos. It feels like the viewers might watch. This is advertised related to the topic the viewers spent most of the time watching.

Moreover, the algorithm is responsible for screening the content of a programme. It excludes access to videos which it finds objectionable or which is likely to hurt other people’s sentiments. Thus it dictates what sorts of videos are suitable for viewership while rejecting others.

YouTube Algorithm’s Evolvement Over The Years

YouTube was initiated in 2005 to showcase the video of Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake’s super bowl performance. Initially the YouTube algorithm endorsed videos that received more videos or clicks. Thereafter in 2012 YouTube readjusted its recommendation system to include the average time spent in watching the video together with the time spent on the platform as well.

In 2016 YouTube algorithm went a step further. It started ascertaining viewers’ contentment with user service. Also, it took into account response parameters such as likes, dislikes and shares. During this time YouTubers were confused about how to get YouTube views using YouTube algorithm.

It is only in 2021 that YouTube algorithm has started selecting videos bearing two things in mind. 

  • Firstly choosing the right video for each and every user.
  • Secondly, alluring them to spend more time watching.

Determinants Of YouTube Algorithm

YouTube algorithm is essentially dependent on the following parameters-

  • Performance – YouTube calculates performance based on average percentage views, average view duration, likes and dislikes.
  • Personalisation – It depends on the viewer’s personal choice. If a user likes a particular topic and prefers to watch videos related to that topic, YouTube makes a mental note of the user’s watch history and offers more of the same to him.

Ways To Outsmart The Algorithm

YouTube is undoubtedly the most powerful platform for the video sharing sites. There are millions of viewers who use this popular YouTube platform. Not only are they looking for videos on a host of topics but also conniving with other people on this platform.

Video promotion through YouTube is now one of the major components of digital promotion strategy. Besides generating increased revenue it helps to attract more customers. Recently its importance as an alternative medium for channelling visitors to a particular website is not at all impossible.  Hence we can say that they have a direct impact on the people’s buying trends. Any brand or business hoping to gain more customers or raise revenues usually resort to video promotion. 

YouTube algorithm optimization is a powerful weapon if done right, to put your videos at the top of the search result.

There are a number of ways to optimise videos to derive the maximum benefit. 

Complex Algorithm

YouTube adopts a complex algorithm to determine content to viewers. In order to outrank your videos in YouTube search you need to constantly upload new videos. Besides making your channel active and fresh interest, YouTube takes into account the content of your new videos while ranking them. Videos attracting higher users are likely to make it on the top of the list.

Optimize Metadata

Metadata pertains to the information related to the video. It includes title, description, tags, and comments. This increases the visibility of the video. Furthermore, the likelihood of it being noticed by the algorithm is definitely high.


Conducting a thorough research on similar videos uploaded by your competitors is a good idea. It helps you to get a fair idea about their content, metadata, subscribers.

Be Meticulous In Your Effort

YouTube happens to be the second largest search engine. In order to generate maximum real views you must put in extra labour while writing your descriptions, captions and using hashtags.

Use Long Tail Keywords

Since the number of tags you can use is not many, it is in your interest to use long tail keywords that best suit your video.

“Appeal” is the latest trend. A video must be enticing enough to evoke interest amongst new viewers. To boost your videos attraction,

  • Upload a custom thumbnail
  • Include a compellable title to lure audience 
  • Make the first sentence or the first few lines attractive in order to grab the attention of the viewers.


To summarise, we can definitely assume that your YouTube algorithm is a complex machinery to categorise content. It makes sure that viewers spend a considerable amount of time on the platform adding comments, leaving likes, dislikes and so forth. To make the most of this artificial intelligence you need to make your videos more engaging by introducing relevant keywords hashtags.

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