To increase subscribers on YouTube, you need to create short forms of content. The reason behind this is that these days people in this world have become more busy than ever, whether we believe it or not.

And this is one of the main reasons that people prefer short forms of content. So that they can get more content and more value in the least amount of time.

Just look around you very closely. Why in the world are TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts gaining massive amounts of popularity across the world? Here’s a little bit of stats for you.

Some stats about YouTube Shorts

  • Each month, over 1.5 billion logged-in accounts watch YouTube shorts.
  • 30 billion views per day in 2022 increased to 50 billion daily for YouTube shorts.
  • YouTube Shorts videos grew by 135% year-over-year between 2021 and 2022 due to the massive growth of users. 

So, what do these statistics reveal to us? It is clearly stated that you should consider Shorts in your YouTube marketing strategy.


What Are YouTube Shorts? 

YouTube shorts are basically 60-second video content introduced by YouTube on June 13, 2021. It is introduced to engage and connect with new audiences on the platform by just using your mobile’s camera or the camera that YouTube shorts are offering. 

Maybe you are creating long form content on YouTube. So if you start creating short-form content, then it will be a great opportunity to skyrocket your channel’s engagement and help you to do organic YouTube promotion

And with shorts videos, you can literally catch the attention of your audience in just a few seconds. Actually, what long form videos fail to do some time. 

For this reason, I am saying that YouTube shorts videos open up a brand new, fresh horizon for every one of us.


Some Facts About YouTube Shorts

  • Similar to regular videos, YouTube counts views for shorts videos.
  • Views of YouTube Shorts count towards a channel’s overall view time but do not count towards YouTube Partner Programme (YPP) eligibility.
  • Any subscribers acquired through Shorts count towards the necessary 1000 subscribers to be qualified for the YPP.
  • Unlike other platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube Stories, shorts don’t disappear and stay on YouTube.


7 Tips To Increase Subscribers On YouTube Shorts


1. Length Matters


Length Matters To Increase Subsribers On YouTube Shorts

As we already know, YouTube shorts length is basically within 60 seconds. This means you need to deliver your message in just 1 minute.

So, you should utilize every second of your video to get the ultimate ROI in terms of views or subscribers.  

If you are not making shorts on the platform but instead using a third party video editing app or software, then make sure to fit your video in that specific time frame.

Or else the rest of your content will be cut out by YouTube.

Mistake to avoid

But that doesn’t mean that you add some extra length to your video unnecessarily to make it 60 seconds long. Don’t do that. If your message can be delivered in just 30 seconds, then that’s fine; don’t stress over it. 

A popular YouTube shorts channel named ‘Block Facts’ only uploads 27-second videos. And surprisingly, he manages to gain millions of views and even subscribers. 

So, what does this example tell us? It is saying that you should focus on delivering your message as concisely as possible and not stretch your video unnecessarily.

Proper steps to take

 Ask these two questions while making your shorts video: 

  1. How much time do you really need to make your point?
  2. In order to minimize the watching time and maximise the effect, is there any part of the video I can cut or eliminate? 

Once you have answers to these questions, you can create a perfect and compact YouTube shorts video that is filled with value. If you do this, you could increase the effectiveness of your video. Thus, you’ll increase subscribers on YouTube.

Do you understand? If not, then read it again. Because this is very important!


2. Pack Your Video With Proper Value


Pack Your Video With Proper Value To Increase Subscribers On YouTube Shorts

Yes, you definitely have to do that. Because the duration of shorts videos is so short, you have no choice but to pack ultimate value into every second of your videos.

So that your viewers continue to watch your video till the end and eventually it increases views on YouTube. Otherwise, they have the scrolling option available to them.

And seriously, they will not even think before scrolling through to the next video. It won’t take more than a nanosecond. Nobody will care about your video, if they feel that it is not attractive enough, valuable enough, or boring, they will just skip it.

Just think, one day in front of a window where the soft sunlight of afternoon is coming, you sat there scrolling on YouTube shorts.

And then you found out my video (for example), and you see that there is nothing. I’m just babbling about something that adds nothing to your life, and that’s not even entertaining, literally 0%.

What will you do?

Praise me for making that weird, boring, non-valuable video? 

That’s right! You won’t do that; instead, you’ll just scroll to the next video, which will probably give you something worthy of your time.  

That’s why, when you’re making a video, don’t forget to pack your entire video with tremendous value. This will engage the audience and help you to promote your YouTube videos with ease.


3. Make A Video That Will Stand Out In The Crowd


Make A Video That Will Stand Out In The Crowd To Increase Subscribers On YouTube Shorts

Don’t make videos like every one of those creators who are uploading content on the platform. It will blend your video into the huge crowd of YouTube shorts videos.

People will not recognize you differently and won’t remember you eventually. Your video will get lost in the sea of videos. 

I don’t think you will ever want that to happen with your videos. You really want all of your videos to stand out from the crowd.

You want your video to perform very well on YouTube. People will love your videos, and want to watch them more. That’s the scenario you want to become a reality. 

Isn’t it? 

If that’s the case, then you need to be different. If you just blend in with the crowd, then how can you expect to get those ultra-pro level views, likes, and subscribers?

Just check what your competitors are doing in their shorts videos. Then try to do something different. It could be a different angle, a different editing style, a different video-making style, a different teaching style (if you are in the education niche), or anything else.

But the main gist is to add something that will prove that your videos are different  from the rest of the videos. Your videos are not just another video lying on the YouTube platform. Your videos are worth watching and worth subscribing to.


4. Create Thumbnails For YouTube Shorts


Create Thumbnails For YouTube Shorts To Increase Subscribers On YouTube

We all know that thumbnails are very important for YouTube videos. This is such an important factor that, along with other things such as title, it decides whether a person or viewer will watch your video or just skip it.

This also applies to the YouTube shorts. You also need to create a custom Thumbnail for YouTube short videos, just like you do for your regular videos. 

But you may be wondering, Why do we even need to add thumbnails for YouTube shorts that play automatically non-stop?

You’re quite right. When we watch YouTube shorts, we can’t see the thumbnails properly. The video just starts to play. 

But here, my friend, you’re missing a small but crucial and game-changing point: when people are moving their cursors on your channel, they can watch your shorts as another video of yours. 

Now, if you create proper and spectacular thumbnails like you do for your regular long form videos, that will attract the eyes of your viewers as well. As a result, your videos will rank on YouTube.

That will help you get a high amount of watchtime and increase subscribers on YouTube shorts.

So, this is the main reason you should definitely use custom thumbnails for your YouTube shorts.


5. Don’t Neglect Shorts Titles


Don’t Neglect Shorts Titles To Increase Subscribers On YouTube

Now, after discussing all of the above things, I think at this moment you already know that YouTube shorts videos are not entirely different from your other videos on your YouTube channel. 

That is why, as you add custom thumbnails, you should also stick some spicy titles on your videos. This will force your viewers to watch your entire videos without scrolling to the next video.

Seriously, you must craft awesome titles that will make sure that your viewers stay on your video to watch it till the end. Otherwise, nowadays people become very impatient and are used to scrolling instead of actually watching.

That’s why it is more important to use titles as a weapon against people’s scrolling habits.

Here are some tips to make picture-perfect YouTube shorts title:

  •  Your title should match your video.
  • Before publishing, make sure to review your title to see how well it matches your thumbnail.
  • Conduct keyword research.
  • Put your keyword at the beginning of your video title, this will benefit you in the department of YouTube SEO.
  • Providing a compelling hook is mandatory.
  • Craft your video title in such a way that people will understand the topic of your video without thinking any further, etc.

Therefore, from now on, whenever you create your short title, make sure to check this list before doing anything. It will help you to make your title on point each and every time.


6. Make Scroll Stopping Videos


Make Scroll Stopping Videos To Increase Subscribers On YouTube Shorts

It is no secret, as you already know, and I also told you that these days the audience’s attention span is very very short. 

Hence, it becomes so important to attract your viewers as quickly as possible. Shorts are not like your other videos, where you’ve had time to slowly attract your audience.

Within the first few seconds, you need to grab the attention of your viewers. Otherwise, you know what they will do.

And if they do that, your video will not perform well on YouTube. Because the YouTube algorithm will see that most of the viewers are not watching your videos. Whenever they see your videos, they are just scrolling through them.

To achieve what you want, you need to create an engaging, attractive video that will make people stop scrolling for a moment and watch your video entirely.

To do that, first you need to attract your viewers within the first couple of seconds by doing some out-of-the box stuff, like starting your video by clapping or adding viral traditions. 

This will break your audience’s monotony of watching the same type of videos over and over. For that, they will feel fresh and find your video interesting and quite different from others. 


7. Understand The Purpose Of YouTube Shorts


Understand The Purpose Of YouTube Shorts To Increase Subscribers On YouTube

This is very very crucial. You need to fully understand the main purpose of YouTube shorts. Most people think of this form of content as a shortened version of long form content.

But that’s not the case.

YouTube shorts’ purpose is a little bit different than this. YouTube shorts are here to offer easily digestible content for your viewers or audience to increase subscribers on YouTube.

So rather than treating it like a mere shortened version of your long-form content, try to treat it differently. Create easy-to-digest and practically valuable content for YouTube shorts.

This will make your videos align with YouTube’s true purpose of offering this form of content, which will ultimately help you achieve lots of subscribers and promote your YouTube channel.



Now that you know every nitty gritty detail on how to increase subscribers on YouTube shorts, it will now be a little bit easier to properly create your YouTube shorts videos for you and give a massive boost to your subscriber base.

To grow your channel, your engagement base, and your subscriber base, it is really necessary to incorporate this feature into your YouTube marketing strategy.

Believe me, this will benefit you so much that you can’t imagine it right now before actually implementing it. That’s why you shouldn’t waste your time anymore! Go and create YouTube shorts. Best of luck!