YouTube is considered the most important search engine second only to Google. With over 75% of the teenagers aged 15 years and above being hooked to YouTube you can surely guess its enormous popularity globally. This immense potentiality of YouTube has been recognised by creators to promote YouTube videos.

However, mere uploading of videos will get you nowhere. You need to have a sound strategy as to how to promote YouTube videos.

YouTube Promotion

YouTube promotion is the activities related to promote your YouTube videos to reach your target audience worldwide. It includes a careful blend of various strategies devised to promote your videos. For instance –

  • Advertising 
  • Close association with other creators
  • Optimisation of your videos.

Without any further delay let me guide you through the steps of a successful promotional campaign for your videos.

Step By Step Checklist For You To Follow:

Let’s check the steps that are important in order to promote YouTube videos efficiently and effectively.

Setting Up A YouTube Channel

It is your first priority to create a YouTube channel. Since YouTube happens to be a part of Google, it is imperative that you open a Google account first. Only then you will be able to set up a YouTube channel.

Research Your Audience

You must have a clear understanding about your viewer’s preferences and wants. For this there are primarily two questions that need to be answered first. Whom do you want to target and secondly what is their taste? 

With 77% of people between the age group 15-35 watching YouTube, you should devote a certain amount of your time on researching your target audience’s choice before launching a YouTube channel. Make optimal use of Analytics tab. This tool provides indispensable insights into viewers demographics and preferences.

Does a background check on your competitors’ is important? Yes, a thorough research into your competitors’ subscribers count and ratings will give you a fair idea about the challenges you are about to face. This is a great self preparation tip and will surely motivate you to succeed no matter what the odds are. A good research on your audience will help you promote YouTube videos efficiently.

Never Stop Learning

YouTube video promotion is all about learning from your constants, learning from other YouTube channels. By absorbing contents from YouTube channels you will quickly figure out what is trending at that moment.

Since YouTube is constantly evolving, it is a great way to keep place with the changing trends. A lot of effort and dedication goes into making a top notch YouTube video. If you continue to learn, you can promote YouTube videos without any hassle. However focus on the minor details like- 

Always Optimize Your Videos To Rack Up Viewer Count

YouTube is a highly competitive world of its own. Two billion users watch more than 1 billion hours of video content daily. So what makes your video stand out? Here it is where YouTube SEO comes in handy. Similar to Google you have to optimize your video to maximize your viewership.

  • Keyword Research

Keywords are basically phrases, the user’s type something to find the content they are looking for. You can take help of Google keyword planner for doing keyword research.

Insert keywords as and when required. You can include them either in the video title or in the video description. However it is pertinent to insert the keywords within the first three sentences.

  • YouTube Timestamps

YouTube has come up with a new tool called YouTube Timestamps. It allows you to divide your video into smaller chapters. This gives the viewers greater mobility. They can easily skip the portion they find boring and move on to the next.

  • Video Description

Video description usually consists of a few sentences describing in detail what the video is all about. You can also opt for a default description to avoid wastage of time. An engaging description is very important to promote YouTube video.

  • Thumbnail

Customise your thumbnails to build viewer attention. YouTube thumbnails differ based on the audience. But the least you can do is instead of inserting a screenshot from your video add a photo followed by some text to woo the audience. Thumbnails are very important aspect of YouTube video promotion.

  • Interact With Viewers

You should have social promotion skills as well in order to promote YouTube videos. Build rapport with your audience. Not only does it boosts your SEO rankings but also popularizes your video.

  • Optimize Your Channel

People optimise their YouTube videos but when it comes to the overall optimisation of the channel they simply ignore it. YouTube channel customisation is equally important to lure viewers. Lay stress on visual blending.

Using a channel or profile photo increases its visual impact. You may also categorise all your videos into a playlist under specific topics. 

You can appeal to your viewers over and over again to like, comment and subscribe to your channel. Make a connection to your audience. Tell them how you are inspired by their comments to make the current video.

Adding closed captions draws viewers to your channel or else you can try uploading your own captions. It will ensure your credibility among your viewers.

  • YouTube Ads

Try YouTube advertising services so that you can run useful promotional campaigns. You can also try your hands on banner ads. These ads either appear in the video or in the website.

  • YouTube Analytics – Your Key To Growth Performance

Keep track of your YouTube analytics. It provides valuable insights about your subscribers, their choices, demographics and more. This ought to be your benchmark to ascertain your channel’s growth. In case you are not satisfied with the result it’s time to adapt a new strategy.

Pointers of how to promote YouTube video

Be Consistent

Viewers are generally loyal to their channel they subscribe to. So be consistent in uploading your videos.

Be Reasonable In Your Demands

If earning revenue is your primary goal then it is realistic in your expectations. YouTube channels earn 68% of adsense revenue from Google after it has a reasonable number of subscribers. At first you may not earn enough revenue but do not lose hope. Work on your subscriber base.

In conclusion

Currently hosting 2.1 billion users YouTube has redefined itself as a prospective promotion platform that provides ample opportunities for promoting your YouTube videos in a visually engaging manner. Thus, follow this article on how to promote YouTube videos to practice on your inbound promoteing strategies.

Create content that is not only interesting but also engaging as well. Share it across other social media platforms. Work on optimizing your content by inserting cards and the use of end screens. YouTube may prove to be intimidating at first but a little guidance will make it a lot easier.