Helpful Guide To Buy YouTube Subscribers In 2024 And Beyond

Helpful Guide To Buy YouTube Subscribers In 2022 And Beyond

Let’s face this, according to Hootsuite, YouTube has now become the second most visited website after Google (Although YouTube is also a google’s product). In the US, 62% of users access YouTube daily, which will continue to grow. 81% of internet users have used YouTube and they spend at least 19 minutes per day and 24 hours per month on YouTube mobile app. Hence, it is imperative to do something special to grow your channel and for this you need to buy YouTube subscribers and cope up with the competition.

Do you really think that nobody would want to get the attention of this huge level of audience and money? Of course, every creator wants that! They are doing everything to achieve more subscribers, viewers, likes, comments, etc. So, now you can imagine how dangerous throat-cutting competition is going on.

There are millions of billions of YouTube channels in this world and to get a chunk of the attention of a small percentage of viewers, everyone is competing with each other like hell. 

Therefore, as a brand new YouTube channel do you really think that you can compete with these guys? Definitely not! Before you can even able to compete with them, you have to have a reasonable number of followers who will follow you till the last breath. Otherwise, you can not compete and get what you want from YouTube. Therefore, in this blog, we will try to help you with some insights if you decide to buy YouTube subscribers and grow.

When To Buy YouTube Subscribers?

Now, if you are depending on the YouTube algorithm to grow on YouTube organically, you can do that. That’s fine, there’s nothing wrong with that but keep in mind that it would take several months or even years. Here patience plays a big role. If you have that amount of patience, go with the organic ways of promotion.

But if you feel that you can’t wait that long and you want to have a huge number of subscribers, views, etc. fast, then there are some ways to get that. Among those, one of the most popular ways is to buy YouTube subscribers. 

Maybe you have heard about this or maybe not. But whatever the case, there is a slight chance that you may have many questions at this moment related to the effect. Like –

  1. If I buy YouTube subscribers what will be the effect on the channel’s monetization?
  2. Will YouTube ban my channel?
  3. Is this really effective or not? etc.

But there is nothing to worry, we will exactly address these issues in this article. 

Interested!? Stay tuned…

Buy YouTube subscribers: Pros and Cons

As this method of gaining YouTube subscribers is popular, today many new YouTubers use this method to gain new subscribers and monetize their channel fast. But there is something you need to know before purchasing. And that is extremely important. So, read carefully.

This is necessary to be cautious about choosing a service. You can’t just search on Google and then blindly select a service displayed in front of you. This attitude of yours will get you cheated by the service you choose. You need to be sure of the fact that this is a genuine site to promote YouTube video. And for this, you need to check some important factors when selecting a service for gaining YouTube subscribers.

But before that, you need to know the consequences or you can say the effects of choosing a spammy service and also choosing a good service provider. This is the thing everybody who wants to buy YouTube subscribers needs to be aware of. You have to know why. Why you should avoid spammy crappy sites and why you should go with the genuine one. What would be the effect?

Effects If You Buy YouTube Subscribers From A Good Service Provider

There is some confusion around this topic. Whether it is ok to buy YouTube subscribers or not. But let me tell you this, if you choose a good YouTube service provider you will see some really great benefits for your channel. But only when you choose the right service provider. 

Now, it’s time to see what those benefits are.

Real Subscribers

Choosing a good YouTube promotion service provider is a real blessing. Because you will get so many benefits. One of those is that you will get real people who will be really interested in your topic, what you are saying, who will enjoy your content and your style of delivering everything. And because they love your channel they will really subscribe to your channel and follow you and will watch every video. 

Keep in mind that just gathering subscribers will not make you successful. You need to have real-time subscribers or followers. These subscribers will support you, help you to grow, and achieve whatever your goal is. These are the people who will make you successful.

Without having them you can not make any progress. That’s for sure.

And you will not get this awesome benefit if you choose a bad YouTube subscribers provider.

Higher Ranking

This is also the sweetest result you will get by hiring a good YouTube service provider. You will rank higher on Youtube for specific search terms. And this is obvious. 

Because you will get some real people, real subscribers who are really interested in your topic or niche. They will follow you and will watch your every video. 

And this is a very important positive signal for YouTube that your channel has some level of credibility and people are loving your channel and videos. The view count is considered a ranking factor on YouTube. YouTube takes it very seriously. 

So, if you buy YouTube subscribers you could gain higher rankings for your video’s topic-related keywords. Here ranking is very important for your success. Because, generally, nobody would go to the second page of YouTube search results. 

And by ranking your channel on YouTube search results you will get in front of many people and this will also give you more exposure. You will also get some organic YouTube subscribers as your videos will have greater visibility. Can you see this? Just by buying YouTube subscribers how much you will be benefitted?

It’s Safe

YouTube rules are very strict. If YouTube notices some activity that is not preferable then, YouTue may suspend or worse, ban your channel. 

But if your channel doesn’t have any bad activity then YouTube most probably won’t do anything bad with your channel. YouTube only bans you if your channel has bot subscribers or fake subscribers and if your channel does some suspicious activity. 

So if you buy YouTube subscribers from an authentic and genuine service provider, they will provide you with real subscribers who will like your videos as we already discussed above. Then that certainly will not affect your channel badly. 

They are real people engaging with your content, watching full videos, liking, subscribing, and also sharing the content because they care about your videos and also about you. They are going to be your raving fans. And actually, YouTube wants to see this. YouTube does like it. So, there would not be any danger that your channel will get banned. 

Therefore, you can say it’s very safe and sound to buy YouTube subscribers from a good reputed Youtube service provider. It will actually increase your subscribers and watch time.

As of now, we have seen what are the benefits or effects of purchasing YouTube subscribers from a genuine service provider. Now, let’s see what happens to us if we purchase subscribers from a fake or crappy service provider.

Effects Of Buying YouTube Subscribers From A Bad Service Provider

In this world, there are all kinds of things. Good, Bad, neutral, you know that. And all of us experience this throughout our life. In this case, an exception is not there when it comes to the YouTube promotion service provider. 

You have to realise that not all service providers are the best in terms of quality. Some of them are even worse, just horrible! Just because a service provider’s name is listed on a premium-looking site, that doesn’t make that provider good. So, pay attention to the factors closely, otherwise, maybe you will end up buying from the wrong YouTube promotion company. And that will hurt you a lot. 

Here, my suggestion is, don’t be a fool, be smart and avoid that at any cost. 

But for now, let’s see the negative effects you are going to see if you buy YouTube subscribers from the spammy service providers.

Bot-Generated Subscribers

Getting real engagement from real people is the top-most secret recipe to be successful on YouTube. But gaining fake bot-generated subscribers will not get you anywhere. Maybe you would look popular but at the core, you are not progressing, rather you are putting yourself or your channel in a danger zone. You are not safe.

If YouTube notices something like this, it will suspend or ban you for trying to grow your channel artificially.  

Although, the majority of the service providers tries to look cheaper and promises to give you the proper engagement and subscribers, but in reality, they are just faking that.

Several of them actually develop a bunch of bots that will be programmed in such a way that they will automatically access your account and inflate the subscriber count. So, no real people will be there behind those subscribers’ numbers.

Therefore no real engagement with your videos and channel will be there. Just the subscribers’ count will be there. And eventually, YouTube will find this.

Uncaring And Unsupportive Audience

Suppose, by purchasing YouTube subscribers you have got some real people who are subscribing and watching your videos. But do you know for sure that they are really interested in your niche or topic? Do you know they will go to watch your videos regularly? Do you know they are interested in what you are saying or providing?

Most of the time, they will not be interested in what you are offering. They are totally unconcerned with your channel’s offerings in the first place. There are just some financial incentives and that’s all. They are all paid to subscribe to your channel and watch your videos.

After subscribing to your channel and watching a couple of your videos they will get paid. And then they will be free from any obligation to watch any of your videos further and stay as a subscriber. They can easily unsubscribe from your channel and leave.

But when it comes to building a profitable YouTube channel and making that your main source of income then you should think of the future also. If you really want to touch the success crown then you need to attract an audience, genuinely interested in what you are offering in your channel from the very beginning.

But if you buy some unconcerned, unsupportive, and uninterested subscribers from a fake website or service then you will definitely not see that kind of thing. 

And this is very true that having some unsupportive audience means nothing but having no audience at all.


This is obvious. Isn’t it? If you buy some bot or fake subscribers or some utterly uninterested subscribers then you are not getting the type of engagement you want to get. Sure, the number of YouTube subscribers will increase and look amazing on your channel but from inside your videos and overall your channel will not perform well. It will continue to perform poorly in search results. 

As a result, those so-called subscribers of yours will not watch your videos and for that reason viewers, the retention rate will be very low. 

Therefore, because your video retention rate will be low, YouTube will not recommend or suggest your videos in search results, which means to a newer audience. For that reason, you will not get any further genuine, organic advantages that other channels are getting. 

And think of yourself, isn’t it suspicious that a channel has a huge level of subscribers but that channel’s videos are not being watched by its subscribers? Isn’t this a loud announcement that some inauthenticity is going on here? Then how in the world YouTube will not pick that up?

So, it’s clearly a no-go way. If you ever come across any funny, spammy service provider then at that moment think no further, just turn to another way. Find a good service provider and buy YouTube subscribers from them. It’s that simple. 


Now as we already saw the effects of buying YouTube subscribers from a good service provider and what will happen to us if we buy subscribers from a bad one, you might seek a recommendation. 

If so, then I am here to tell you that. 

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I am suggesting our service because we really serve our best, that’s why we are the best YouTube promotion service provider. We actually care about our clients and we are also aware of what will happen to you if we mess things up.

That’s why we continuously work to properly serve you and give your desired result that will help you to go further. So, you can buy YouTube subscribers from us. We will be really happy to help you.


I think now you understand that if you buy YouTube subscribers from a bad service provider, things will get rough and worse. That will destroy your career. If you read all the way through to the end then you can clearly see that there are some red flags hanging around and warn you to watch your step and act wisely while choosing the best YouTube promotion company.


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