Best Tips To Drive Traffic With Quality YouTube Video Description

Best Tips To Drive Traffic With Quality YouTube Video Description

You have always dreamed of starting a YouTube channel and creating content. Recently to fulfil your dream, you have just created a sweet YouTube channel. 

And now, when you are ready to upload your video, suddenly a very important thought pops up in your mind like a bubble, “Well I surely have created my first ever YouTube video but I don’t really know how to write a good YouTube video description.” Then you start searching for information and finally arrive at this blog. Isn’t it?

Significance Of YouTube Video Description

We can’t deny that you are a smart one. Because too many beginners don’t put much of their effort into writing a compelling YouTube video description. They just uploaded the video with a tiny description or worse, they just left it blank. They don’t understand the importance of YouTube video descriptions. And this is the thing which is blocking them from going beyond and achieving great heights. They don’t understand that this is not a fantasy story where they will just upload their videos, their videos will get ranked, and gain lots of views and likes. 

But the sad reality is that this doesn’t work like that. There are many factors involved in how videos show up on the result page. And YouTube video description is one of them.

Therefore, as a super-duper beginner in this YouTube landscape, this is a pretty good question to have in mind, “How to write a good YouTube video description?” 

And we are going to discuss exactly this topic. In this article you are going to get some premium quality tips on writing YouTube video descriptions exclusively for beginners, so that after reading this content, beginners like you can write a YouTube video description pretty easily.

Sounds good? Let’s continue…

What Is A YouTube Video Description?

Before jumping onto the main section, we have to know precisely what a YouTube video description really is. 

Because there’s no point in sharing all the tips on writing a YouTube video description if you don’t know what a YouTube video description is.

So, the YouTube video description is basically the text or metadata of YouTube videos, through which both viewers and YouTube can understand what to expect from your YouTube video. 

Here, content creators can describe their video briefly with some relevant links and hashtags and use some elements to do YouTube SEO. So that their videos can rank on YouTube result pages and also on Google.

Now you know what a YouTube video description is. Therefore, we are moving on to the next section of this article.

Best Tips To Write A YouTube Video Description For Beginners

Now, finally, we have arrived at your most-awaited section, where you will get some premium quality tips on how to write a good YouTube video description.

Should Be Relatable

Imagine a scenario, one day, while you are scrolling through your YouTube account to search for something, a video suddenly comes up. Let’s say, that video is about yoga. After watching that video, when you begin to read the description, you notice that the description of that video is totally different from the video you have just watched. What will your impression be? I think that will be very weird. Isn’t it?

So, if you do that, your audience’s expression or impression will be the same, and that will be pretty bad for your channel’s reputation. You will be seen as weirdo and definitely not trustable. And at this moment nobody trusts you, nobody knows you and nobody is a fan of yours who will continue to follow you. And let’s say for the sake of argument that you are a reputable YouTuber. Not writing description related to your video, still be seen as weird. 

Therefore, my suggestion would be to write a video description related to the YouTube video of yours. That will make your viewers experience good and If you write a quality description then that will increase your watch time.

Use Keywords

If you want to write a perfect description and willing to rank with this feature then you need to keep in mind a couple of things. One of those is using keywords. As you are completely new as a YouTuber, you might ask me after reading the sub-heading and the first sentence, “wait, what is this keyword thing? I never heard that word before!” or, “yeah, I heard that word somewhere before. But I don’t actually know what that word really means!” 

Whatever the case, you may want to know about keywords in detail. So we are going to cover this up.

What Is A Keyword?

Basically, a keyword is a word or a phrase that is mainly used by content creators or website owners that almost matches the words and phrases or you can say search query, users are using to find the desired information they are looking for.

So, now we think you understand the concept of a keyword. 

Now the main thing is that you have to use those keywords in your YouTube channel description. Oh, by the way, this suggestion is especially given by our all-time favourite, team YouTube.

So, this is the thing, you must need to focus on. Throughout your description keyword should be repeated multiple times. Make no mistake and don’t miss this. You can take notes for yourself, so that, you wouldn’t forget. YouTube suggests that you should use keywords in your description. 

If you do this YouTube can understand the topic of your video easily. Because by using keywords you are telling YouTube that your video matches the words or phrases people are using. This activity of yours will ensure your visibility on YouTube and even on Google.

Keyword Research

But you can ask, “How and where can I get those keywords?” Valid question and also a solid one. Anyway, For this, you can use YouTube as a keyword research tool. Don’t be surprised. YouTube is a pretty good place to perform keyword research. YouTube’s auto-suggestion tool is pretty cool. 

For using this feature as a medium of keyword research, first, go to YouTube, and type something related to the topic, on which you are going to create your video. Then you will be able to see that YouTube suggests some topics related to what you have already put in YouTube’s search box. Now you can use those suggestions as a keyword while writing your video description.

Formatting Is Important

Data scientists and media analysts believe based on solid research that today’s human race’s attention span has decreased more than ever, an average of 8 seconds. In 2000 it was 12 seconds. So, you can see that our human race’s attention span has declined. It will continue on declining in the near future. 

So that is why it is important to grab their attention quickly and especially hold it. You can do that with proper formatting. 

Formatting is important because it makes any large text more readable, breathable, and also visually compelling. It will help you to attract viewers and also ensure that your viewers read your description all the way through.

To achieve this, you can change the paragraph frequently, add emojis, add dividing lines, bullet points, numbering, bold lines, or words or phrases. Write a YouTube video description in a conversational tone. So that through your written description you can connect with your viewers. That way, they will properly read your description and won’t feel suffocated while reading.

Just think about this for yourself. Suppose you start to read a description, and at that moment you see that the description is super long and that is basically a large block of text. No paragraph is there, no emojies, no dividing lines, nothing!! 

Will you read that with patience? If you say yes, then I have to admit that you are Superman in this reality. But as for myself, I really can’t do that! That will just kill me. 

So, always remember this scenario, and then write a YouTube video description.

Keep It Short And Sweet

The description is where you can share more about your video. In the title, you are just pointing at the topic of your video and in the description, you can go deep with your content, or I can say your video’s topic. By doing this you are helping YouTube to understand your video’s content better. Here, you need to focus on describing your video.

But this doesn’t mean that you can go crazy wild. Yes, YouTube is giving you the opportunity to write up to 5000 characters (almost 800 words). You can use every bit of this opportunity. But keep in mind, you are writing this description not only for YouTube but for the audience also. It’s ok to write a long video description. YouTube doesn’t have any problem.

But the main problem will arise with the audience. Nobody likes to read a long description. Therefore, they may just skip your description. Because today as everyone’s attention span is short, that’s why more or less everybody prefers to read a short description.

And some users even don’t read descriptions at all. 

That’s why it is very important to have an attractive short description that will just impress viewers and motivate them to watch the full video.


A perfect YouTube video is not complete without a video description. Like a puzzle, where every piece has its own importance to complete a picture, video description is such an important part of completing an amazing YouTube video. Therefore, it’s needless to say that you should pay attention to your description. Otherwise, you will miss a chance to go the extra mile close to your viewers. 

Here, you can do some sort of SEO things for the YouTube algorithm (which will rank your video and bring views and impressions) like properly using hashtags, keywords, etc., and also amaze people or you can say, viewers. And using this feature perfectly will help you with the organic promotion of your YouTube channel also. It’s an awesome chance, if you would ask me! 

So, after reading all of those words written above, use this feature correctly. 

Thanks !!

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