Video Editing Skills – Ultimate Way to Promote YouTube Channel

Video Editing Skills - The Ultimate Way to Promote YouTube Channel

Whenever we search for ways to promote our YouTube channel, we come across various tips, tricks, steps, etc. On the internet, there are many articles, videos, and podcasts available that have already covered this topic. There’s no doubt that all of those are very effective for your YouTube channel’s growth. But one important factor that we need is video editing skills.

But if you pay attention closely, you will see that all of their advice, tips, tricks, and steps seem to be the same, as if they just copied and pasted each other’s content with some little tweaks.

In this situation, this article which contains different and effective tips of video editing skills to promote your channel is very important for you to read.

Why Are This Article’s Tips Important?

After implementing all of the tips, a time will come when your YouTube channel’s growth becomes static. That is when you have to apply some other techniques to grow further and get more YouTube subscribers, views, watch time, etc.

Now, If you have already reached that level, then maybe you are wondering about how you can promote your YouTube channel and videos in other ways apart from YouTube SEO and other stuff.  

And, if you are a beginner and want to start a channel, then this article is also essential for you. Because if you begin to apply these tips, then you will see magic in your insights from the very beginning. 

So, stay tuned and read the whole article till the end with patience to get your answer. But if you skip any of the points, then you may find it hard to grow. People are going to either skip or go away from your video. 

I know you don’t want this to happen. Right? That’s why you should read it till the very end. 

In this blog, we have shared how to promote your YouTube videos and channel like a rockstar by improving your video editing skills. 

We believe that after reading this piece of content, you can maximize your YouTube results for sure. 

So let’s begin…

Why Does Promotion Matter?

First of all, it needs to be addressed. As YouTube is the second largest search engine and the second most visited website behind Google, it is pretty normal that there are millions of YouTube channels in existence today, and they are just competing with each other for the viewers’ attention. 

They have all the fancy sets, cinematic videos, high-quality content, and other things in their pocket to attract viewers and keep them interested. There are some creators who became a sensation on YouTube and an icon, or you can say, role models for the younger generation. Some channels have millions of views and they are followed by a huge number of people, like celebrities (The best example of this is Pewdiepie). 

Also, there are some channels like yours. They are at your level. 

So, do you expect to have a chance in front of the gigantic crowds of YouTube channels? No, you are simply not! But what does it mean that you can’t stand in front of your huge competition just for now? 

Eventually, you will get there. We believe in you. But in order to get there, you need to stand out from the crowd. That is where you need to promote YouTube channel and videos. This will be the tool to make people aware of your existence and you can get in front of them, demonstrate your products, etc. 

This is why promotion is very important for a YouTube channel to step forward and get the most out of it. 

Now that we know the reason behind YouTube video promotion, let’s jump into the main section of this article, which is “How to promote YouTube channel and videos with your video editing skills.”

Best Tips To Promote YouTube Channel And Videos With Video Editing Skills

Structure Your Videos

Do you ever watch a video where the video is around 5 minutes long, but when you are watching, you feel like this video will continue forever?

If you have had this experience, do you want to have it again? Or, do you think that people who are your viewers should have that experience? No, right? That’s why it is important to structure your video properly and deliver it in a way that will hold the viewer’s attention throughout the entire video. So, now you will think, what is structuring? How to do that?

Everything has a skeleton and a structure like our body has. So does our video content. And this is the thing that makes everything proper and decent. That’s why we need to give our video a proper structure. This is very important. Your video structure should look like this :

  • Intro
  • Content 
  • Outro

Now, you should also break the content into some steps, tips, or strategies. That will pique people’s interest, and they will watch your video until the end. Because this tactic will increase viewers’ interest and create some suspense around your videos. In this way, you can increase the watch time.

And the YouTube algorithm will receive a positive signal about your videos because you have some amazing pieces of content on your channel. Once YouTube starts to think like this, your videos and channel will be in the proper place where they should be.

Edit According To Your Video

Sometimes we heavily edit our videos, but that doesn’t give us a huge number of views. On the other hand, you can see some videos with minimal editing that have a record-breaking number of views. So what does it mean? Does it mean that editing has no connection with getting views? No, that’s not it. 

It does not imply that simply editing your videos well will result in real YouTube views and subscribers. Sometimes the opposite will happen, despite having been edited with your super video editing skills. You will not see a good YouTube view count. Confused? Allow me to clear this up.

Here, the trick is to edit according to your video. You can not edit mindlessly. You need to keep in mind the specific type of this video. And with that in mind, you can proceed with your editing process.

Suppose you are explaining something in your video, then you can use motion graphics. If you are sharing your opinion or you are connecting with your audience, then Facecam will be the best buddy for you.

See? How has video editing just changed according to our video types and their purpose? You need to do this.

Delete Unimportant Clips

Delete some of your favorite clips. 

Sounds weird? 

But anyway, you need to do this. Sometimes, while shooting videos, we tend to go off topic or we just talk about unimportant matters. Specifically, these are the parts that touch our hearts. And here I am suggesting that you just cut those portions.  

Because you have to understand that your viewer’s time is also very important. So, you need to edit or deliver your content in a way that will hit straight to the point. Not here and also not there. Your focus should be to deliver your content as precisely as possible. This will make your video and channel more professional. 

The goal is to keep only those clips that will help your video smoothly and effectively move forward. But if you avoid this tip, then you are at risk of losing a lot of YouTube viewers and subscribers. They will either skip those boring parts or, in the worst case scenario, they will leave your channel. Because nobody wants to watch a boring video when there are some amazing videos with the highest quality possible on YouTube on the same topic. 

So just delete the unimportant, boring parts while editing.

Make Your Video Interesting

When you are editing your video, you have to make it interesting through your video editing skills. It’s your job to do it. Otherwise, there are plenty of YouTube channels and videos in this world. Your audience will leave and probably never come back. So, make sure your video is interesting to watch. 

There are multiple ways to do this. Some of these are :

  1. Add text, emojis, funny clips, and crack jokes to make your video interesting. If your video doesn’t have your face then you can consider adding a 3D character etc.
  2. To break people’s attention you can add transitions between your video clips.
  3. A piece of upbeat/catchy music will level up your videos and provide the viewers with a good video-watching experience.
  4. Work on video quality to stand out. When uploading your video on YouTube you have to check the file size of your video. If the file size is large then YouTube will compress that and make the quality of your videos blurry and your video total garbage.


Video editing skills are very important to promote YouTube channel and videos. Because the quality and attractiveness of the video with proper value, matters. So, learn some basic video editing skills. Keep this article’s tips in your mind. Then apply it to your videos. I bet you will rock on YouTube by getting lots of YouTube subscribers and views. 

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