12 Unique And Efficient Tips To Increase Traffic on YouTube (2024)

12 Unique And Efficient Strategies To Increase YouTube Traffic

YouTube is a powerful tool for business and for promoting many activities. Many well-known artists have started their careers on YouTube. For gaining more subscribers, views, and fan base, YouTube traffic helps in it.

But now everyone gets this benefit. To increase traffic on YouTube you come up with a lot of strategies either in an organic way or taking the help of different YouTube promotion companies.

To earn money through making a career in YouTube, you first need to increase traffic on YouTube to your channel and videos. Confused about how to increase YouTube traffic? No worries, because this blog will be giving you some amazing strategies for it.

1. Identify Which Of Your Videos Are Getting More Views

Every person has a unique talent in at least one activity. People actually love it when you perform something from the heart. So observe the analysis of all the videos you uploaded from the beginning and mention each and everyone’s number of views, likes, and comments.

Then try to understand the concept of the videos which get more views on YouTube and also engagement. Note it down and follow those rules in your next videos too.

2. Add Hashtags

Hashtags are an important feature to increase YouTube traffic. First of all, search for the relevant hashtags which suit your content videos. People usually search for the videos using hashtags. YouTube allows mentioning only 20 hashtags per post.

Use 10 hashtags which are the most famous ones. But your video can be lost in other videos too because many of the YouTubers use the most famous hashtags too. That is why mention 10 other hashtags that are used in moderation by other users.

3. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization increases the traffic to your channel and videos. For doing so, search for the keywords which are frequently used by the users on YouTube search which is related to your content.

Must create the title using that keyword. Mention it in the description box too. Then your videos will have higher chances of being the top priority after searching for them.

4. Feature Your Best Video

YouTube also has an advertising service. If you feel that one of your videos has gained a lot of attention then hire the best YouTube advertising service. By doing so, your best video can help you increase YouTube traffic to your channel.

Always keep the channel ready by designing it professionally. So that people would like to subscribe to you after viewing the YouTube advertisement and viewing your channel and also other videos.

5. Google Advertisements

Google is the topmost search engine site. You may have observed that when searching for something, at the top the advertisements will pop up and then the relevant results.

Go to the official website of Google ads and promote your YouTube videos through it. You can also link the featured video of YouTube advertisement services with Google Ads. Google is the first search engine website, next comes YouTube.

6. YouTube Promotion Agencies

Many Private agencies have also been established to increase YouTube traffic of videos and music. But the main concern is, some of them will just get your payment and run away. To stay away from such frauds, always go for the famous ones.

Before proceeding to the payment method, have detailed research on that particular YouTube promotion company. The ones who guarantee your success will be the genuine ones.

7. Focus On Mistakes

Ignoring the little errors is one of the greatest YouTube mistakes you will ever make. Because once you ignore one mistake, next time you will ignore two mistakes and it keeps on going increasing. Your YouTube traffic will also decrease. So focus more on the errors you are creating.

The best way to find out is by reading the comment section. Of course, no artists will receive all the positive comments. Some people can identify the mistake easily you made in the video and will comment about it.

8. Always Try To Come Up With New Ideas

Continuously uploading videos relating to only one concept would make users bored and hence they may unsubscribe to your YouTube channel. You must constantly come up with fresh strategies to enhance YouTube traffic.

For example, have a question and answer session. Convey some of your interesting stories to them. Have some unique sessions once a week to make your channel more interesting so that your videos receive real YouTube views.

9. Upload Long Videos

Long-duration videos on YouTube have more chances to get prioritized. Also, these videos mostly occur in explorer options. If you consistently upload long-duration videos, then you can increase YouTube traffic to your videos.

But always keep in mind don’t make your viewers bored. Sometimes while making long videos, many YouTubers add stuff that makes the users more irritated and would never like to visit your channel again.

10. Add A Watermark

Create a watermark of your YouTube channel with the help of graphic designing in a professional way. If your video is downloaded and shared, and when someone views it, he/she may not be able to figure out how to view more such videos.

Here comes the role of a watermark. It should consist of the name of your YouTube channel along with the logo of your profile picture. But it should be in a small size to avoid distraction while watching the video.

11. Thumbnail

Thumbnail plays an important role to increase YouTube traffic. The more creative thumbnail, the more people would like to visit your video. It is like a competition.

YouTube offers a lot of videos when its users utilize the search option. It is important to stand out the most surrounding that pile of videos. This can be achieved by using catchy or attractive thumbnails. Thumbnail plays an important role in real YouTube video promotion. It is important to note that thumbnails are the very first thing users tend to notice, and second being the caption. 

When a user searches for the content, many other videos appear too along with your ones, and if you succeed to make the best thumbnail, your video will gain more views.

Note: You can search videos on YouTube and check out thumbnails used by other YouTubers, then create a thumbnail that would stand out the most in a good way. Don’t overdo it, the result may be the very opposite.

12. Create Blogs Related To Your YouTube Channel Content

Do you know that many people are addicted to reading blogs too? For attracting them, create blogs relating to your YouTube content and upload them in some famous blog sections.

Mention some attractive sentences, for example “for more such contents, visit the mentioned YouTube channel” and mention your YouTube channel link which can redirect them to it.


By following all the above-mentioned strategies, you can increase YouTube traffic of your channel. The more views you gain, the more fan base you create. Keep working hard and gain success.

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