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Answer: Your video will be displayed on YouTube and YouTube partners only.

Answer: Yes. We will provide you organic and real views and subsequently it will increase your channel’s watch time.

Answer: We provide 100% organic and real views which will never drop.

Answer: We have removed PayPal from our website for security issues. To ensure our customers’ security we recommend using Stripe and other payment gateways in our checkout page.

Answer: Our promotion works only for guaranteed views but the subscribers, likes and comments will definitely increase.

 and other payment gateways in our checkout page.

Answer: Generally a promotion takes 3-5 days to complete. But, It can take less or more time depending upon various promotional factors. Though we try our level best to complete the order at the earliest.

Answer: Yes. You can get the refund in your bank account (via Stripe) only if we are not able to deliver your order.

Answer: Yes. You can see the result of your promotion in your youtube analytics.

Answer: Order once placed cannot be cancelled. But you can change the video URL within 4 hours of the order placed by sending an email to us with the Order Id.

Answer: Yes. You can opt for watch time but the promotion will depend on the approval of your video.

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