Are you frustrated by trying many things that are just some of the most trashy ways to get more views on your YouTube videos or channel? Do you now actively look for super practical ways to promote YouTube views so that you can apply on your YouTube channel? Or do you now want to level up your YouTube channel by promoting YouTube views? Then you’ve come to the right place. 

I have got your back.

Because, here in this helpful article you’ll get the golden chance to know how to do that practically which will give you wonderful results in return.

Want to know those ways? Then just grab a cup of coffee. Sit somewhere comfortably and read this article thoroughly. Skipping a word isn’t in the option of yours if you’re serious about getting views.

Ready? Well, then let’s jump right into the article without any further ado.

But before diving into the depth of the ways to promote YouTube views let’s know first what YouTube considers to be a view. Then you can get the whole thing very easily.

What does YouTube consider to be a view?

Every time when a viewer or user intentionally plays videos on their own devices and watches your videos for at least for 30 seconds then that counts as a unique view. And if your viewers or users choose to watch your videos more than once then each screening would be counted as new views. 

If you’re thinking that you will just watch your videos over and over again and increase the number of views, no problem then stop! YouTube will detect that you are trying to fool the platform by refreshing over and over again and watching your videos in order to increase your views count.

And ultimately, YouTube will turn your channel or your videos down for good. 

Then don’t do that. Instead, try to increase your videos views in an authentic way. Which will embrace your hard work and will ultimately give results you are craving for.

Oh, I forgot to say that even if your YouTube videos end up being shared on Facebook or anywhere else and someone watches your videos there, that will count as a view too. Here, live views are also counted on YouTube.

Now let’s know what are those practically effective ways to promote YouTube views.

Ways To Promote YouTube Views Effectively

All the ways I’ve shared in this article to promote YouTube views. It will play a very very important role in promoting your YouTube channel. And obviously for getting YouTube views. But the last tip I’ve shared is the game changer thing. 

But whatever I had just told you before from those sentences please don’t think that I am being over dramatic here. Because believe me the last tip will surely impact your channel positively like nothing in the case of getting views.

So, don’t miss any tip and especially the last tip, if you are really serious about getting a huge number of views on YouTube.

Got that? Good👍Then let’s move on to the first tip.

1. Create Playlists

Create Playlists To Promote YouTube Views

It’s a norm of social media that users continuously scroll and jump from one content to another content like a lively young frog. And we can’t blame others because we also do the same thing when we are on any social media platform. Isn’t it?

There is no exception when it comes to YouTube. (Yes, YouTube is also a social media platform.) Here users or viewers generally jump from one video to another after finishing one or many times even without finishing. 

So in this scenario you have to have some kind of strategy to stop that. Because you are creating very very helpful and game changing content that none of the other YouTubers are sharing.

And you have worked so hard to help them to find your videos or your channel. Also, it is hard to make them click on your videos and watch videos from start to the very end by writing outstanding video titles, in-depth proper description, eye catching thumbnail.

Hence, it makes sense that you should guide them toward the videos they’re going to watch next or what they are looking for. Or else they might end up finding the solution they’re looking for on YouTube on their own. 

Then there would be a chance that they might end up watching your competitors’ videos, liking and subscribing them and forget about your channel. 

Just tell me, Why would they again search about what they are looking for when you are there providing the same kind of solution related to their problems? 

What you should do?

So you should organize and create helpful YouTube playlists on your channel. Because creating and organising YouTube playlists is the most effective way to keep users or viewers on your channel. And obviously, it will help to promote YouTube views.

In this way, they won’t leave your channel after watching a video. The reason for this is YouTube playlists actually work like Netflix : as soon as one video ends another begins.

2. Enable Embedding

Enable Embedding To Promote YouTube Views

Let’s say, If a person comes to your channel, watches your videos and after watching the entire video of yours falls in love with your channel. And he/she wants to share your content on their website or some other places by embedding your video

But as soon as that person tries to share the video by embedding it and sees that you have restricted that action, what would that person think about your channel? Do you think that he/she will like that? No, not at all!

And also, if you restrict your videos, people can’t share your videos by embedding. Don’t you think that you would miss the platinum chance to see your video gets viral or your channel starting to get more popularity?

For this, I would suggest that you should enable the embedding option on your channel. Otherwise, you would miss so much that you can’t even imagine. 

On YouTube, embedding is allowed on all domains by default. But if you’ve restricted that action previously, you can reverse that on YouTube studio.

3. Transcribe Your Video

Transcribe Your Video To Promote YouTube Views

These days, while you’re surfing on YouTube, did you notice that most of the videos regardless of their niche or topic have one thing in common? Any guess what that common thing is?

Ok, I get it. Let me help you to guess that common thing. 

It’s the subtitles. 

Whether the videos are about cooking, pet keeping, self development or other things most of those have subtitles. And the video creators don’t add subtitles just for making their video more fancy or anything, they add this thing for a solid reason.

Statistics about YouTube video subtitles

Recently, a joint survey of Verizon and Publicis Media has found that more than 80% of viewers like to watch YouTube videos with a subtitle. Half of those viewers prefer subtitles because they like to watch videos while the sound of the videos is off on their device. 

And according to a study by PLYmedia, when the subtitles are on, 80% more viewers watch the entire video from start to the very end.

So we can see that there are many statistical proofs in support of adding subtitles or transcribing to promote YouTube views. There are actually lots of benefits of having subtitles in the video. Benefits of subtitles are not limited to only those mentioned above. There are more:

Additional benefits 
  • Adding subtitles also helps you to reach a global audience. It opens up the barrier of language and lets the international audience understand what you’re trying to say without any worry if you are creating your videos in your regional language or if viewers watching your videos are from another region.
  • Another factor is that if someone watches your videos with hearing impairment, then adding subtitles will help that person and also others with this problem. Not only that, this thing also helps you in return. 

Because you’ll not lose those viewers having hearing impairment problems.

And obviously this will pave the way to success for your YouTube channel.

4. Structure Your Video

Structure Your Video To Promote YouTube Views

Have you ever seen any popular videos (most of them) without proper structure? They have their intro, well planned middle section and the outro like a fine novel written by a novelist who knows how to make the craft worth watching.

And also knows how to keep the attention of the audience for a long time until his novel ends.

Do you think that they’re doing this without any reason? Hell NO

In this world everything has its own structure. Our brains actually work in the way that it identifies structures in everything it receives. And when it receives that structure then it can process the information a lot better. 

For this reason if you make your video in a structured way then the viewer’s brain will receive the information and remember that more efficiently. 

And also this will make them watch your video. Because when you’re not revealing everything at the first half of the video. And dividing the tips into many sections then that creates suspense and humans love suspense.

For this, they will watch your video till the end which will increase the number of views and the duration of watching your videos. As a result your channel will get more YouTube subscribers.

That’s why I am saying this. And believe me, this is very very important for getting views. You can’t imagine if you properly structure your videos then how much more views you’re going to get.

5. Hire A Video Promotion Service

Hire A Video Promotion Service To Promote YouTube Views

I can’t stress enough how important this is to get a really impressive amount of views on your YouTube videos and especially to promote YouTube views.

Probably, this is the most important tip for you. If you implement this, means hire a video promotion service provider and pay for the service then that itself is a great thing. 

It shows how much you care for your YouTube channel. And guess what! Hiring a video promotion service provider to promote YouTube views and paying for the promotion on a grand scale will surely change your game overnight.

Again, I am not being over dramatic here to bring this tip in the limelight or making this tip a hero one. But I am simply telling you the truth.

Why hiring a video promotion service will be the best decision for you?

You’re not going to see the massive effect or massive amount of views, no matter how much you try to do things like YouTube SEO.

It means writing wonderful titles, writing extremely SEO friendly and user friendly YouTube video description, making ultra clickable eye popping thumbnails etc. 

If you want to get the next level views on your YouTube videos then you should consider having the expert help. This way you would know for sure that all of your expenses will pay off sooner or later. And there wouldn’t be any scope of doubt.

Now come on, let’s face the truth. The fact is that most of us are not experts on YouTube. We don’t have that level of specialization or expertise when it comes to YouTube.

We generally try our best to do the great thing. But give it some thought. As we aren’t the expert ones when it comes to promoting and doing marketing stuff on YouTube or any other social media platforms we would not be able to apply such YouTube marketing strategy that will actually give us our desired results in the real time.

And if you hire a video promotion service like Video Boosters Club then they will do their job way more efficiently than you can imagine consistently.

Because they generally have a team of experts. Think what would happen if a team of experts worked on your YouTube channel to provide you the top level results!

Benefits of paying for your video’s views promotion

As of now you already got the basic idea about the benefits of paying for video’s views promotion. But there are more of them. There are actually some real specific benefits you will get if you hire a best of the best video promotion service provider like Video Booster Club (Maybe I’m a little bit biassed here but our service is a real deal, no joke! We’re the industry’s top notch service provider. Why? I’ll discuss that later). Those are:

1) You don’t have to think about video’s promotional stuff

When you hire a service provider to promote YouTube views, then the first and foremost thing that drops from your shoulders is that from that moment you don’t have to think about your video’s promotional matter or simply getting quality or real views.

Because the service provider will take care of that on your behalf. And obviously they’ll do that on a different level like nothing. I’m not overstating here. Trust me.

2) You’ll have much more time in your hand to focus on creating your content

There is a saying that ‘Content is King’. And this proverb is there because this is the truth. On the internet those people will win the game whose content is really good. Not just good but superb.

So in this situation you should invest more time which means almost 80% of your time creating some over the top high level of content. These you know nobody except you are creating on the web, especially on YouTube.

Now, if you hire a YouTube advertising service then because their expert team will take care of the promotional stuff, you will have more time in your hand for creating the content.

You’ll see a huge difference in the quality of your content than before. Because your headache is gone by then. 

3) You’ll get record results in no time

Experts are being called experts for some reason, you know. They can produce something that other people like you and me are not able to do. That’s why in the market there is a huge demand for experts than freshers. 

So, it’s a very common sense that if you hire a service provider they will give you some really good level of views in no time. But instead if you try to do that on your own then it will take a long time to get that level of views. 

Here, don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that nobody can do that without the help of a service provider. But I’m saying that most of the time doing that on your own won’t work as you think.

For this reason you should consider hiring a service provider and pay on a high level to get that extra level of views.

Now you know what are the exact benefits of paying for your video’s views promotion. Let’s know in detail why you should choose us over other service providers. What makes us very different and trustworthy?

Why you should hire Video Boosters Club over others

This isn’t a sentence coming from a completely biassed mind, this is indeed a truth. We, Video Boosters Club, is one the most popular and most promising video promotion service providers in the world, especially on the web.

Moreover, we really have all the necessary skills to promote YouTube videos on this platform and also on YouTube’s partner websites.

We have worked for many clients across the world like musicians, entrepreneurs, short film directors, upcoming artists, dancers,  video bloggers. And for many other clients who wanted to promote their videos and get the ultimate results. 

So, we have many years of experience and we have experts who are enthusiastic and passionate about this work. As you place an order, our experts will start to roll up their sleeves and actually gear up without wasting any time. They make sure that you get the desired results as soon as possible and deliver the results clearly within a time frame. 

That is why I am telling you that you will make a really good decision if you choose us to promote your videos for getting views. This is for sure that you will get an unimaginable amount of views in a very short time.

And believe me those views would not be bot views. Which are not engaging and backfire you in the long run. We don’t actually do that kind of cheap and grotty work and try to fool you.

Reasons for our clients happiness

Our clients are happy because we are very genuine and so is our work or service. And will not harm your channel in the future. Our distinctiveness lies in the land of truth and honesty.

We believe in delivering the quality, not the crap. Each of our work records reflect that. I am not telling all of these from the thin air. There is a solid background behind these sentences.

So, if you really want to promote YouTube views and through it, if you want to get a different and high level of views then look no further, just hire us and see the results.

You’ll not repent for your decision. Later you’ll thank yourself because of hiring us and for paying for getting the highest views of all time.

Details about our pricing structure

Now let’s know about the details about our pricing structure and plan. Our service is for everyone who wants to promote their videos on the web and also especially on the YouTube platform regardless of location, country or region. 

For that reason our plan starts from a very low price. Low price but how much? You’ll not believe but it’s only $10. Please don’t think that I’m joking. Because, this is true.

You can start working with us or hire us at this low price. Later on, if you think that we’re legit and trustworthy, and able to drive the result then you can always purchase a higher level of packages.

Views per package 

Plan 1 – As I said earlier, our plan starts with only $10. And by purchasing this plan you’ll get 800 real video views. 

Plan 2: If you climb up very little from the very basic plan of us you’ll land onto our next plan, which is plan 2. This plan’s price is only $30. With this plan your video will get 3000 views.

Plan 3: Moving on to the next plan which is plan 3. This plan’s price is only $50 and by buying this plan you’ll get 5000 views.

Plan 4: This plan is available for only $95. Here, you’ll get 10000 views on your video.

Plan 5: For only $240, you’ll receive 25000 views with this plan. Unimaginable right? But it’s not really a dream.

Plan 6: If you check our plan no. 6 then you’ll see that this plan’s price is only $450 and the count of views you’ll receive if you buy this plan is 50,000.

Plan 7: Here comes our plan no.7. And the price for this is only $875. Literally, you’ll rock on YouTube because with this plan, you’ll get 100,000 Views.

Plan 8: Now it’s time to know about plan 8. The price tag of this plan is only $1,700. Purchasing this plan will gift you 200000 Views in return. Surprising, right!? But don’t get too surprised now. Because the real don (boss of all plans) is coming. And that is –

Plan 9: To get the ultimate value and promote YouTube views on a higher level, you should purchase this plan. Obviously, if your plan is to blow your competitors up with a huge view count, then look no further. Just hit the red button where ‘Add to cart” text is placed. 

I’m telling you all of these for one reason. And that is for only $2,450 you’ll get guaranteed 300,000 Views.

What do you think, just by spending this much money you’ll just start to dominate your own niche or topic on YouTube? So here, my suggestion is that you should purchase plan 9. If you’re really really serious about growing on YouTube and getting an enormous level of views.

So what are you waiting for, just go and tap the ‘Add to Cart’ button and lead a very successful life.