Nowadays you need to apply many things like writing proper YouTube video titles. Because there is a huge over the head competition on YouTube. If you’re new on the YouTube space then standing out on this platform is becoming very hard. It’s really a challenging task in itself now. 

Because every minute lots of new YouTube channels are coming up from every corner of the world to jump on this platform. And make some fortune or get desired results like having more leads, increase traffic etc.

Also don’t forget that tons of YouTube channels are already sitting on the chair of this platform. 

Gone are the days when just uploading cute and interesting videos made many videos viral and creators popular. Believe me, today in this scenario, if you don’t have a solid plan, strategy, proper knowledge about this platform or how to work then you’ll surely get the golden chance to see the face of failure.

Want to see that dirty face? I don’t think so. Therefore, in this blog we have discussed the tips to write good YouTube Video Titles.

An important way to cut the competition

It is really very important to do every possible thing that will help you to cut the competition. And also make it a little bit easier to promote your YouTube channel.

And for cutting through the competition other than making high quality videos, there are actually many things you can do. Among those, one of the best ways is to come up with attractive, megantic and awesome YouTube video titles as I said.

There are huge benefits of having good video titles for your videos, later in this article we’ll discuss this briefly. But, at this very moment before knowing how to actually write down a bombastic video title it’ll be better to understand what a good YouTube video title is.

Then you’ll get the idea more easily. So let’s know –

What are the best YouTube video titles?

Basically, before watching the video the YouTube title reveals the context or content of the video. By reading the title a viewer can decide whether he/she will watch the video or not. 

But on the flip side a good and proper video title not only reveals the content, it also generates certain emotions among viewers and helps to get more views on YouTube video

The reason behind is that when people see that there is an intriguing, out of the box and good title sticking with the thumbnail on their feed then they will click the title and end up watching your video.

In this way good YouTube titles bring lots of visitors on your video.

Benefits of having good YouTube video Titles

A proper YouTube title is like an ultimate form of Ben 10’s alien-like humungousaur. It can beat all of your competition like nothing. If you craft an irresistible title then viewers will feel helpless; there might not be another option in their hands other than watching your videos. 

And if they watch your videos and find your video really helpful then you’ll surely have astonishing results like more subscribers, traffic on your video, more engagement etc.

That’s the supreme power of YouTube titles.

So now, let’s dive into the main course of this article and that is how to craft the perfect YouTube video titles for your precious videos.

Secret Ingredients To Craft Irresistible YouTube Titles For Your Videos

There are some ways you can craft an incredible title for your precious video. And all of these are really secret ingredients in this case.

Because if you can mix them strategically then these are the ingredients which will make the title of your videos really appealing. 

So, what are those YouTube video title best practices? Let’s find out…

1. Relevancy Is Important

Relevancy Is Important For Good YouTube Video Titles

This is very very basic but this is one of the most important factors in this list. If you make any slight mistake in this department then your whole effort will go into vain. 

Just assume that a random person, say Micheal, makes a video about cooking. And later while posting the video he writes a beautiful and juicy title (just a glimpse of that title you’ll feel love at first sight).

But that title reflects a content related to makeup. Reason for this is, he thinks that this title will make his video viral.

Do you think that people will watch that video? And his video will be viral? Of Course not!

That itself looks very awkward. Isn’t it?

That’s the whole idea. When you’re creating a tilte for your YouTube video then remember that your video title should have a high level of relevancy with your video. Or else, Micheal’s sad story will jump on your videos surely to scare you.

So, don’t make this mistake to craft an irrelevant, out of context title which is not resonating with your video. Always keep an eye on where your arrow hits. Make sure that your title hits the perfect spot.

Or else, you know what’ll happen right? 

2. Conduct Proper Keyword Research

Conduct Proper Keyword Research For Good YouTube Video Titles

Okay, this is very very important! Probably THE most important factor in this list. I can’t emphasise enough how important this is when it comes to crafting your YouTube video’s title.

Moreover, how important it is in terms of ranking through it on this platform and also on Google’s Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Without this your title will surely be dommed.

You may ask me why I am saying this. Isn’t it?

I know you’re busy reading this really amazing super astounding blog post (See, I’m the champion of using adjectives when it comes to talking about my content). But take some time and try to use your brain more deeply.

You’re creating content on YouTube. And it is YouTube that helps you to reach a larger audience & give you the result you really want and maybe one day you will achieve 1000 subscribers on YouTube.

How YouTube understands your content

Here, when you’re posting on this platform then first bots of YouTube come to visit your video and then try to understand what your content is all about. Which topic you covered in your video. 

Now, if you use keywords, like how you use them when you write blog posts then you’ll actually help YouTube to understand your content.

And also you can properly categorize that and place it in front of your audience’s eyeballs more efficiently. 

Because, there are lots of people searching for content like yours by typing some words or phrases in the search box of YouTube.

Therefore, if you add those words or phrases in your YouTube video’s title then you’re actually telling loudly what your content is to YouTube. 

Then later when people will search about topics related to your niche then YouTube will see that your video’s title contains that word or phrase it’ll place your video in viewers search feed.

Benefits of keyword research and adding it in your title

In this way, when YouTube will understand your content more clearly then it can categorize your video in the proper category section.

And this will help you to rank on those keywords not only on YouTube, also on Google. If that happens then in return you’ll get your desired results. So, this is one of the crucial YouTube marketing strategies that you should follow.

Because you’re making it easy for YouTube to understand the topic of your content. Then why in the world YouTube will not reward you in return?

3. Put your primary keyword in the beginning of your title

Put Primary Keyword At The Beginning For Good YouTube Video Titles

After finding out what your target keyword would be then it is time to actually write down your YouTube title. You can write it down on Google doc or on paper or on anything else, whatever you’re comfortable with. 

At this moment when you’re writing the title on something you need to put your primary keyword as first of your title as possible. Why is this important? Let’s find out.

What industry experts are saying:

1.The best approach when writing a YouTube title is to always put the exact keyword as close as you can at the beginning of your video title. This way, viewers won’t have to look for it anymore, what they’re looking for is right there, very obvious. The number 1 rule is not to bury the keyword.

          ~ Ted Liu of Just SEO

2.My best tip for writing a winning YouTube video title is dead simple. Include your target keyword in verbatim within your video title.

          ~ Nikola Roza of Nikola Roza- SEO for the Poor and Determined

Got your answer? It’s not like I’m the one and only one saying this to you, but industry experts are saying this also. So, I think it will be a good idea to listen to the experts. 

Why you need to listen to others:

There is a saying that some people learn by facing the problem and some people are so smart enough that they simply learn from other’s mistakes or what authorities are saying and later they apply those.

You know, in 90% of cases these are the people who become very successful in their field, especially on YouTube.

Therefore, would you like to set yourself up for failure by not implementing this? I know that you’re intelligent and smart. Your obvious answer is NO. Am I right?

4. Add Brackets

Add Brackets For Good YouTube Video Titles

I know it may sound weird that adding brackets in your title boosts click-through-rate (CTR). It is not like I have invented these points in my secret laboratory to write this article and increase the number of words.  

A very large and popular company in this space named Hubspot researched the market across the world recently. And they have found that using brackets in the YouTube video titles makes your video stand out from the crowd.

Additionally, it also increases the click through rate by 38% when your video is listed on SERP. As a result you can promote your YouTube videos without any hassles.

So, long story short, although it may sound weird, you should definitely try to include brackets in your YouTube title when it is possible.

5. Your title should be under 60 characters

Create Title Within 60 Characters For Good YouTube Video Titles

It is not like that if your YouTube video’s title ends up having more than 60 characters YouTube will shut down your channel. This advice is specifically to optimize the title for your audience or viewers.

Because, when a viewer is searching for something on YouTube he will type his query in the search box and then YouTube will show him a huge list of results against that query.

Then the viewer will take a look at the search result’s thumbnails and also the titles. 

That’s why the thumbnail and title becomes very much important. The reason for this is that if the YouTube video’s title fails to make the first impressive impression, the viewer will not get the whole message you’re trying to convey through your title.


So these are the secret ingredients to prepare delicious YouTube video titles. And I’m pretty sure that if you have read this article till here and are going to actually apply all of these.

If you apply these, you can absolutely get better results and on the flip side if you don’t apply these you may not see that much result.

Hence, just copy and paste these tips next time when you’re going to craft a beautiful, juicy video title. It is not like you’ve to apply all of those tips in your every title.

But, these are the best practices when it comes to writing YouTube video titles.