Overnight, millions, even billions of audience reach is guaranteed! Hey, somehow are you thinking that I’m just kidding? Although, it sounds like that, but hell, no! I’m dead serious here man! But, whether you are on the right path or not in terms of promotion, checking your channel’s progress using YouTube Analytics is a must.

You really can reach a larger audience than Walt Disney’s YouTube channel has. There’s an actual way to do that.

Importance Of YouTube Analytics

In this world, there are millions YouTube channels out there. Have you ever wondered how some of those channel’s videos get lots of lots of views, likes, comments, and reach all of those things overnight?

Why can your top competitor’s see maximum outcomes on their videos and overall their YouTube channels?

And there you can’t even dream about that. You’re trying and trying your best all day long. But at the end of the day just a bunch of hair remains in your hands as a result.

If you have these questions and your condition is like that then my friend let me tell you that the answer to all of these is “YouTube analytics”.

Just like angels! (Talking about angels I remember that I love their outfits😘)

They’re able to create that magic through their YouTube channel’s YouTube analytics. Because of their YouTube analytics, their growth curve of their channels are growing up and they’re able to generate more views day by day. 

If you also see that magic in your YouTube channel, grow crazy like them and dominate the niche you are in by driving traffic to your video, getting likes, views, comments, growing subscribers count then you need to dive deep into the sea of data.

Importance Of Data

Yes, data is that thing which can make you a megastar of your niche. Data has an insane amount of power in today’s world and especially on YouTube. So, in this case your magic spell will be your YouTube channel’s data. And from where you’d get this jewels (Data)? 

I think you can guess the answer to this question. Huh, what did you say? Um huh.. Yeah, you’re absolutely right! The answer is from YouTube analytics.

From YouTube analytics you’ll be able to know everything.

Having Doubts?

Am I right!? You still want to know about the YouTube analytics and its overwhelming benefits. Because, you still have some doubts and without knowing in depth you can’t be sure that whether YouTube analytics is useful or not. These words aren’t enough for you. Am I right?

Yeah, I think so.

But here first, before moving on to the main section where I’ll share the main benefits of YouTube analytics, let’s know what YouTube analytics really is.

Moreover, if you get the main idea very well about the feature then it’ll be a little bit easier to understand the later half of the article.

So, now…

What Is YouTube Analytics?

YouTube analytics is a feature offered by YouTube itself, where one can measure the performance of his YouTube channel from time to time. With the help of YouTube analytics one can get really deep insights about his channel.

It is like the proper location of his audience, their age, their gender, the exact time when his audience is active, which videos are ranking on YouTube etc. 

All of the data you get from YouTube analytics surely help you to further grow on this platform. You can strategize your content by deeply observing and noticing your analytics.

Through this feature marketers and individual content creators like you can sharpen their content’s effectiveness and achieve their goal perfectly.

Now, let’s discuss the benefits of YouTube analytics. The real reasons why you should be using YouTube analytics to grow on YouTube.

Benefits Of Using YouTube Analytics To Get Outstanding Results

There’s no doubt that this feature is one of the most crucial parts or you can say stairs to climbing up on YouTube. And also this feature is for getting the most out of the platform by crafting the perfect strategy.

In details, these are the benefits of using YouTube analytics –

1. You’ll know your audience better

Working on YouTube requires understanding the audience from within. If you start creating content on this platform without knowing much about your target audience then it’ll be like trying to see colours when your eyes are tied with a piece of cloth. 

I know here I used a little bit of exaggeration. But this is true. You get the point, right?

When you don’t know who your audience is, what their face looks like then what’s the point of creating content? To whom you’ll deliver your content.

You don’t think that everyone who is using YouTube in this world is your target audience.

Or do you?🤨

Anyway, in our daily life, whenever we say something we say those words towards someone, not towards the empty space!

That’s why it is very important to know who your target audience is. And here YouTube analytics plays the lead role. By using this feature you can get tons of data, insights about your dear audience.

You can get data like –

  • Their age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Most active time
  • Preferences
  • Occupation
  • Which devices they use the most etc. 

If I start to say all of those things there will be a huge list. And not just these, you’ll get to know whether you’re targeting the right audience for your bands or business’s goals, objectives or not.

So, the moral of the story is you’ll know lots of things about your audience without hacking their phone or computer. How’s that? 😈

Ok, jokes aside…let’s move on to the second best benefit of using your YouTube channel’s analytics and that is that you’ll get to see –

2. Get the performance data of your contents

On YouTube you may upload YouTube shorts, normal YouTube videos, YouTube live and much more. But did you ever think that the audience may dislike some types of videos and thrusting for having other types of videos?

If you’re someone new in this field then there’s a strong chance that you didn’t ever use this thing in this deep level. 

But, it’s okay! We all were beginners at some point in our life in many things.

Now, if you use this YouTube analytics, you’ll know which types of content are performing better than others. Suppose you generally work on YouTube videos and on YouTube shorts then you will know which content is working for your page best. 

After that you can strategize according to it and can decide on which side you can lean to promote your YouTube channel.

So, this is one of the best benefits of using analytics according to me. Just think for some moment that in which way you can grow and achieve your goal.

YouTube itself is telling you that and showing the path. Amazing isn’t it?

3. You can monitor your progress

Working on something and not getting any idea where you are going! How’s that? That’ll be like walking in the dark and you don’t know if you are in the right way or not. You’re totally clueless.

The scenario here is really odd. Anyone with little common sense can understand that. So, by using this feature you can monitor your own progress.

Like, after implementing a strategy you can know that is your strategy working or it’s just playing around like a butterfly and doing nothing for you. Then you can change your strategy. 

But one thing, keep in mind that just tracking your YouTube subscribers count is not enough for knowing whether your strategy is working or not.

You’ll also have to monitor closely other YouTube metrics like total number of dislikes, views and retention rate etc. This will give you an overall idea on how your channel is doing. Is it good or not so bad or totally bad.

Another thing, if you’re failing then this data also will ring the emergency bell and tell you that you need to change your strategy otherwise…You know.

4. You’ll track down what your competitors are doing

Okay, I know that this point is not so related to the YouTube analytics feature itself. But this is very very important. 

There is a great strategy to grow one’s YouTube channel and that is you can steal other’s strategy means your competitors strategy. And also you can implement that YouTube marketing strategy on your YouTube channel. 

But after reading this paragraph, don’t call me an immoral person! I know that stealing is bad. Bad guys do that. But there is another saying that ‘everything is fair in love and war’.

And competing on YouTube is not less than a war (at some level). So, in war you can do anything and that’ll be considered as fair. 

Seriously, you can use various tools designed for getting a glimpse on their channel. By spying you’ll know about their strategy.

You will know what they’re doing and what’s working for them. What’re the things that are bringing them subscribers and superb engagement and what’s not working for them also.

Then you can use those strategies on your YouTube channel to see what’s working for you. This’ll save so much time of yours.

Because you don’t have to go through a trial and error phase to know what will work for you. You’ll know which strategy is working for your close competitors that’d also work for you.

And this is as simple as that!


So, this concludes this particular article. I don’t know about you but all of these benefits are the serious reasons why one should use YouTube analytics. YouTube really gave us this big huge gigantic but useful, lovely gift.

Don’t know how they understood that in the future this YouTube analytics will be the most useful for people like us.