You’re actively looking for some YouTube marketing strategies that will help you to promote your business whether through videos or through ads. You don’t care. You just want winning strategies. 

Actually, After knowing the extreme level of power of YouTube marketing to promote a business or brand’s product or services you have already started a YouTube channel.

Because you also have a business and you want to promote that. 

But you’re struggling to properly do that. Things aren’t going how you imagined previously. Maybe you’ve already applied some strategies but those strategies didn’t work!

Those were just a bunch of crap. 

And for that reason, now you are thrusting for some marketing strategies that actually work. 

Am I right?

Umm…I think so! Otherwise why would you choose this article to read thoroughly?

But it’s alright man! This happens with every one of us. In my daily life I face lots of things and struggle to perform those correctly.

Then I seek some help. So, it’s normal. Nothing to worry about! 

And for this matter, you’ve come to the right place. Because as the title of this article expresses, here you’ll get the top 10 blockbuster YouTube marketing strategies which will perfectly work for your business.

So, you just have to read this article from the start to the very end and apply these strategies on your YouTube channel.

⚠️ Attention 

Don’t miss any single word of this article! Otherwise who knows, you might miss a very very important point or tip and for that maybe you’ll miss a golden chance to perfectly promote your business on YouTube. Then your wish will not become reality. So read with utmost care.


What Is YouTube Marketing?

YouTube marketing is a practice of promoting brands or businesses and their products or services on YouTube. It involves implementing some powerful mix of tactics including – Creating pure informational videos, Uploading promotional videos, Collaborating with influencers, Advertising on YouTube etc.

In any case, if you’re a first newbie in this YouTube world, then maybe you don’t have a very clear idea about what is YouTube marketing. That’s why, at first before moving on to the strategies let’s know about what these are. 

But if, by any chance, you are knowledgeable about all of these still I will suggest you to keep reading, don’t skip or scroll anything.

Because here you might find something new which may be proven as a game changer! And you will be able to promote your YouTube channel fast than you imagine. Who knows!

Enough talking, now let’s get to the business.

YouTube Marketing Examples: 

One of the best YouTube marketing examples are –


A very well known American cosmetics brand is Maybelline. Maybe, you heard about their bunch of products. Among them one of their product is Nudes Palette.

Back in 2014, to promote Nudes Palette they collaborated with 13 most popular YouTube beauty vloggers.

And this campaign managed to rack up more than 1.4 million clicks.

Learn more by clicking this link : The Marketing Strategy Maybelline Uses To Get Talked About


Colgate brought millions of views in the Coronavirus pandemic. They did this by highlighting all the essential workers who worked hardest to keep this world safe while risking their lives in their video.

As a result, within a few months of launching that video, Colgate saw more than 4 million views. Because everyone loves to be inspired.

Learn more by clicking this link: How Colgate Made $64.9 Billion By Promoting Perfect Smiles

And now when you understand the idea let’s move onto our main section, where I’ll discuss the top 10 YouTube marketing strategies for your business.

Top 10 Blockbuster YouTube Marketing Strategies That Actually Work

1. Figure Out Who Your Audience Is

Out of nowhere, without knowing about your audience if you just start to create content or upload videos on YouTube, simply that will be a great foolishness. 

You cannot expect that lots of people will come to your channel and subscribe to it, then sorry to say that it is not that easy.

Why wouldn’t it be?

Try to understand. Suppose, let’s say it’s valentine’s day. To understand the concept deeply just assume that for now, okay!

So, it’s valentine’s day and you want to buy a gift for your new girlfriend. What would you do? Do you just buy any gift that you think will make her happy?

Or, first you’ll take some time to know what she really likes and then you’ll proceed to purchase a gift for her?

Answer is pretty clear here, right?

To really make her happy from within, you first have to know what she actually likes and what she doesn’t like? Then if you buy a gift according to her likings that will fulfil your goal and at the same time make her happy.

Same principle works here also. 

First, you’ve to know about your audience. 

  • Who is your target audience? 
  • What do your target audience want to watch?

🌟 Finding target audience

Your first ever step is to find out who your target audience really is. 

YouTube has more than 2 billion active users. There are a large number of internet users in America. Among them 75% of users regularly browse YouTube.

77% of people in the age of 15-35 use YouTube and don’t like to use other social media platforms. But this doesn’t mean that you will see a huge drop off in the rate of older audiences.

In this amount of YouTube users not everyone would be interested to watch your videos. Only those who are into the niche or your channel’s topic, only they will be interested to consume your content.

Here, you can ask me how could I do that?

Good question.

As you already have a YouTube channel dedicated to your business. You can utilize the analytics tab of your channel to know about your audience. In this tab, you will get a broad insight about your channel. 

Especially in the viewer age and gender section you can know the age and gender of your audience like:

  • Are they males or females
  • What is their age range? Are they young or adult or are they comparatively older?

And in the geography section you can even know about their exact location. Yes man, you can know this much valuable information about your target audience.

And if you implement your strategies after knowing this, you can definitely increase traffic on your YouTube videos.

Also here you can see how many people are finding your videos and your channel. And through which medium whether through search or from other sources.

🌟 What Your Target Audience Like To Watch

In your YouTube analytics tab you can also know about your audience’s interests. What they want to watch. 

You can also use a mix of social media market research, social listening to understand your audience’s goals.

The problems they face in their life, questions etc. especially in the department of online video consumption

One of the ways to easily get ideas about the audience’s interest is to use Facebook. On Facebook if you have a group related to your business then it would be beneficial.

And also if you have some good amount of people in that group, then that will be a treasure trove for you when it comes to knowing about the audience’s interests. 

There you can ask questions, post polls, run surveys etc. to gather some solid information.

In this way you can conduct original research about what your audience wants to see from you, without the help of any tools.

Knowing the audience better can help you to get views on YouTube videos.

2. Research Your Competition (Conduct Competitor Analysis)

Identify who you are up against. Who are your competitors? Which channels do your audience watch regularly, not occasionally? 

Competitive research is very important for understanding audiences interest, spotting trends, discovering keywords etc.

Sometimes we set some unrealistic goals and that later hurts us. If you take some time to do competitor analysis then this definitely will help you to set some realistic goals.

This also helps you to set realistic benchmarks for your channel’s video performance.

Put your competitors under the microscope. And dig deeper into their strategy. Note down what are the things that work for them and provide results?

And what is not. Use these to craft your YouTube marketing strategy. Jot down these things:

  • What is their publishing schedule?
  • In which way they are engaging with their target audience?
  • What types of videos are they uploading?
  • How are they crafting their thumbnails?
  • What does their brand voice look like?
  • What is their brand mission, vision and how they are conveying that through their videos?
  • How are they trying to display themselves?
  • What are their popular videos?

These are some of the questions, which can help you to start your YouTube marketing strategy building journey. 

Also find some content gaps. There will always be some gaps which only your channel can fill. Take advantage of those gaps (keywords, topics etc.) before they fill those out.

Now it’s time to gather all of the information you gathered by following this point’s previous words into a SWOT analysis. Here SWOT stands for Strengths (S), Weaknesses (W), Opportunities (O), Threats (T).

Layout for SWOT analysis:


Strengths (S)Weaknesses (W)
Opportunities (O)Threats (T)


3. Try YouTube Live To Market Your Business

You can use YouTube live streaming to market your business. This is really a great feature of this platform. And also it is used by lots of brands and businesses around the globe. 

If you choose to do YouTube live strategically and planfully then it will be proven as a great tool for your business.

From YouTube live you can repurpose your content and can use it across platforms. This will be an evergreen marketing asset.

Now, you can ask me about YouTube live, what is it? Below, I will try to explain the concept in brief.

What is YouTube live?

YouTube live is a live platform coming from YouTube. Users can stream in real time, and can go live to their audiences.

This feature can be used  for many purposes like this can be used for, unboxing videos, Q&A, How to videos and more.

Now I think you understand what YouTube live is. 

Actually, using this feature can help you to 

  • Connect with your audience
  • Establish your brand on a strong ground
  • Collaborate with other YouTubers
  • Save your money because this is very cost-effective video production and it is basically free
  • Drive traffic and get more subscribers to your YouTube channel
  • Build a strong relationship with your audience

So, at this moment maybe you already understand why I am suggesting to use this feature for your businesses marketing on YouTube. 

4. Check Your Analytics To Measure Your Performance

Would you like to drive a car while your eyes are tied with a piece of cloth?

Absolutely not! If you do this then that means you’re driving your car blindly. And if you do that then your car will become a sandwich that’s for sure.

Same thing’s here. If you are just uploading content on your YouTube channel without even knowing what your YouTube analytics wants to say, that’s really bad.

Your YouTube channel might crash anytime soon.

When you’re working on any social media platforms especially on YouTube (Yes, YouTube is also a social media platform) then it is very important to have some idea about the weather of your YouTube channel. 

  • Which contents are performing better and which are not?
  • What type of content is the audience preferring?
  • Which are some specific factors that are impacting your video performance?
  • When your audience is being active on this platform?

Also track watch time, views, subscribers, audience retention, traffic sources, view duration, impressions, click-through-rate (CTA)  and from which devices your target audience generally use to watch your videos.

It will give you the performance report from time to time. All of that information will ultimately help you to create great YouTube marketing strategies that will definitely boost your channel’s growth.

5. Try Influencer Marketing

Every year YouTube influencers or I can say YouTube creators are growing like nothing. Recently YouTube reported a 50% growth every year. 

Although now, we can see every now and then new social media platforms popping up. And these platforms are becoming the hot place to advertise businesses or brands like TikTok in 2021. But, YouTube is still the king of the jungle.

YouTube is a top performing platform for brands or businesses. Almost all businesses who are planning to include influencer marketing in their marketing strategy will use YouTube.

This is for nothing you know. 70% of YouTube viewers bought a product or service after they saw it on YouTube while browsing or watching videos.

But after reading all of these you are wondering what influencer marketing is? Before saying anything let’s clear the idea to you.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing which allows brands or businesses to collaborate with popular social media influencers. And also through them they can market their brand or business’s products or services. 

When you hire an influencer then they will use their influence to help you to promote your products or services to their audiences which also resembles yours.

But now, don’t just sink your teeth right away in the influencer marketing bread. Like how without some previous work you wouldn’t engage yourself in any kind of marketing campaign.

Don’t decide to engage yourself in the influencer marketing right away. 

First you’ve to make sure of a couple of things. Those are –

  • You’ve to know about your audience, their interests, their goals, their demographics etc.
  • Not just YouTube’s rule, you also have to obey FTC rules for disclosing paid or sponsored content. Just make sure that your influencer or creator partner who you have hired at least use the hashtags #ad or #sponsored.
  • Choose only a creator whose audience’s are same as your target audience. And also choose a creator who really produce great quality content on YouTube consistently.

Here are some of the YouTube marketing campaign ideas for you:

  • Product reviews
  • Unboxing videos
  • Contests and giveaways
  • How-tos and tutorials
  • Day-in-the-life vlogs

Example of influencer marketing 

What if you let the creators take the lead? The well known brand Nike shows us the result with ‘What’s inside?’. A YouTube channel famous for cutting items we generally use everyday, created a video series.

In this series this channel is promoting a new Nike shoe by cutting the new shoe in half to see what’s inside. 

Isn’t it interesting? It is. And that interesting idea brought over 7.1 million views. Bulls eye! 

Check the video:

6. Actively Engage With Your Audience

One of the biggest mistakes a beginner makes is that although they create some really great pieces of content, when the audience reacts to that and comment on their videos they remain cold.

They don’t answer people’s queries, engage with their audience. 

And that quickly turns their audience off and sooner or later they leave that YouTube channel. A lot of beginner YouTuber and also businesses do this.

And this actually hurts their brand image and a long lasting damage remains with them. 

That’s why it is important to respond to your audience as soon as possible sweetly and positively. Resolve their issues whatever they are facing, take their questions seriously. 

Also, you can make interactive content like live and you can host Q&A sessions and webinars. These small activities will ensure that your video go viral on YouTube.

If you do these then your audience will feel important, they will feel that you care for them. And that in return will give a huge benefit.

Because you know at the end, YouTube marketing is basically for building an engaged subscriber community.

7. A Human Face Really Matters

As a business or brand if you are uploading faceless videos then I don’t know what to say. But I can say this much that what are you doing man?

This doesn’t suit you. And believe me, this practice of yours really makes you and your brand’s or business’s super spammy, not trustable. 

If you just continue to upload faceless videos then no one can help you from failing. Maybe this is the reason that your channel is not growing and you’re unable to properly market your products or services. 

If that’s true then stop doing this! Just sit in front of the camera and start making videos. Yeah, I know not everyone is camera friendly and there are many people who are actually camera shy.

So, in that case, if you can then hire someone, who will do this for you for a couple of bucks. 

Because you know, the human face really matters on YouTube. When it comes to building a brand then it is super important that you connect with your audience in real time.

But for that they should feel that they are dealing with some genuine fellow humans, not some random dudes sitting behind the camera with some bad intention.

I know this tip is very simple. But many newbies actually make this mistake. That’s why I have shared this tip with you.

Also till now if you are creating videos without any real face then it would be a great strategy for you to start making videos with a genuine face.

8. Use YouTube Advertising

If you see that you’re not growing fast or your growth on this platform is stuck somewhere then you can use YouTube advertising.

Because running YouTube ads can ultimately help you to reach a large audience fast. 

And if you want to drive traffic on your website or want to deliver a personalized message or you have some other goals then also you can use the best YouTube promotion service.

So, by this I think now you understand that through YouTube ads you can achieve many things. There are many types of YouTube ads. Like –

  • Skippable in-stream ads
  • Non-skippable in-stream ads
  • In-feed video ads
  • Bumper ads
  • Outstream ads
  • Masthead ads

Now before you attempt to try YouTube advertising you’ve to make sure that you have these little things:

  • A deep understanding of your target audience
  • Your YouTube channel’s visual branding and channel description is totally optimized
  • Atleast 5-10 videos on your channel

9. Properly Structure Your Videos

Didn’t check this point but expecting to get a great result from YouTube marketing? Then I’ve to tell you that your dream never can land in reality.

Seriously! Before anything you first have to ensure that your videos are properly structured. Means your videos must contain this structure  – 

  • Intro
  • Main content 
  • CTA

I know that this structure is very basic. But at first if you just follow this structure and make quality videos then there’s a possibility that you will see some improvement in your YouTube analytics.

Later on when you’ll grow then your videos will rank without this structure, that happens a lot. But at the beginning you have to follow a structure to make videos that will capture audiences attention and help you to grow.

So, now let’s talk about how you can properly structure your content in detail.

Intro section 

First, in the intro section, within a few seconds, hook your audience through stating the main problem and how you’re connected with this problem.

Also state how you’re gonna solve that problem in that particular video. You can say something like this,

”Not getting much views on Instagram reels? In this video I’m gonna share 5 awesome tips that will solve your problem overnight.” 

At the very beginning of your video if you say this then you’ll be able to hook the right type of audience without any doubt.

Main body’s structure

Then after the intro, structure the main body part by dividing the topic of the video into steps or tips. This will make your viewers curious about your video. 

When you will reveal all of your information through some tips or steps then they will stay with the video for a long time.

Because, at that point your video will become like a suspense story. Nobody can predict what you’re gonna say in the next step. And that specifically sparks curiosity within them. 

Adding CTA

Now it’s time to discuss the end of the video. In this section include your CTA. CTA stands for Call to Action. Including CTA is a must.

Without including this your video will be like tasty looking food without salt. Would you like that? I wouldn’t like that! Yak!

So, don’t forget to include CTA in your video. Otherwise you cannot convert some passerby viewers into loyal subscribers or fans.

Request your audience to subscribe to your channel or like these videos or visit a certain website. Whatever you want just add that CTA in your video.

Like this you can structure your videos without any problem. Later when you’ll grow then you can create your own YouTube video structure.

If till now you didn’t have any structure in your videos then add as soon as possible. This will be one of the major YouTube marketing strategies for you.

10. Get Benefit From YouTube Shorts

YouTube shorts are another best feature of YouTube if you want to level up your YouTube marketing. As the name suggests this feature offers brands or businesses to connect with their audience, engage them in a new way.

This is the latest addition to YouTube, launched in September 2020 and it’s become very popular. 

These short form videos are actually designed for busy audiences who prefer to consume easy and short video rather than consuming long form content on YouTube.

So, by this feature brands and businesses can reach their target audience by creating a few seconds of videos. 

If you’re a small business or brand then obviously you can get benefitted from this. These YouTube shorts really have the huge potential of boosting your business’s visibility and engagement.

Whether you want to launch new products, create brand awareness, connect with your audience, for you this feature is the way to go.

Some benefits

  • Through these shorts you can always stay above the curve. Through this you can know about the trends, what’s going on around the world and also can jump into the latest trend tide.
    You can do all sorts of things like creating viral challenges to promoting your product with tools within this.
  • In this short attention span era, Short’s popularity is insane. Over 2.1 billion active monthly users are on YouTube worldwide and it is the best video platform.
    So, without any doubt if you use this platform then you’ll have the best chance to get a great level of visibility and engagement.
  • You can create fun, engaging videos with shorts and these videos are very easy to consume. For these reasons shorts have become the best way to connect with the audience on a personal level. 

These are some of the benefits of using YouTube shorts. After reading these words I think you finally understood why I told you to include YouTube shorts in your YouTube marketing. 

Am I right?


These are the top 10 most useful YouTube strategies which you can incorporate in your YouTube marketing strategies. All of those are A+ and top class. 

But that doesn’t mean that you will incorporate all of these. Start by choosing some of those which are very important. And see what happens after applying those into practice.

Then by observing the result, decide what to do next.

My advice here is that include at least these things in your strategy:

  • Start making content with proper structure
  • Upload videos with human face, avoid without human face videos
  • Actively engage with your audience in every way
  • Check your analytics time to time to measure your performance and according to that decide what will be your next move
  • Do competitive analysis 
  • Get know every nitty gritty details about your target audience

Just including these will make a heaven and hell difference, I’m pretty damn sure. But don’t get the idea that including these will help you to achieve overnight success. Everything takes time.

There is no one in this world who achieved success in just one night. You’ve to work really hard but also smartly. Then after some time you’ll start to see some results in your analytics.

How long will it take? Who knows! For some people they get their results in just one month and there are others who get their results after one and half years. 

But including these into your YouTube marketing strategies and measuring your analytics will sure help you a lot.

And these are the best practices also. So, I believe, you’ll get to see some preliminary results soon after including these.

🔔 Last thing 

And if you want to promote your YouTube videos and channels through a YouTube promotion company then you can always contact Video Boosters Club. This company is always ready to help you with everything they’ve got.