In today’s world videos are everywhere. If you have any doubt then just look around. But as a content creator you must know the tricks to promote your YouTube channel.

What are you watching?

Every here and there many eyeballs are stuck with either android’s or iphone’s screen and what they are watching? 

Yeah, you are right! They are watching videos. Maybe it’s facebook watch, Instagram reels, YouTube videos or something else but all of them are videos.

So we can say that now videos are the king of the content jungle. And when it comes to videos then one name that shines above various video sharing platforms.

Any guess, what it can be??

Absolutely right! It’s YouTube. This is the platform that holds the brightest crown among all other video sharing platforms. It has over 2.1 billion users worldwide. Also this is the second most visited site on the internet. After Google YouTube is the second most popular search engine out there. It’s no joke!

So if you want to take advantage of this scenario, then you need to be on YouTube and harness the potential of this platform as a video creator. 

But for that you have to learn the proper ways to stay sharp from day one and promote your YouTube channel. That’s why I’m presenting this blog post.

Here, you’ll get 5 awesome magical tips that will help you to start a magnificent YouTube channel and promote it from the very beginning like a pro. 

Exciting, right? I know.

Just continue to read this article to have those magical tips on your hand 👇

5 Magical Tips To Promote Your YouTube channel

To promote the YouTube channel of yours you have to optimize your YouTube channel and also your YouTube videos. 

These tips will surely help others to find your channel. Means, applying these tips will make your YouTube channel search engine friendly. Because of that you will have more views, likes, subscribers and you’ll accomplish your goal on YouTube more easily.

But don’t worry! All of these tips are very simple, effective and above all completely free! 

Yeah, you heard it right.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into the business. Our first tip is –

1. Understand The Platform

There are some YouTube channels in the world, you can see, (maybe you already saw, it’s not very uncommon) which always get millions of views in such a short period of time or immediately after uploading a video.

And almost all of their videos go viral on a regular basis like it’s nothing but some other child’s play.

You can say that they are very popular in their specific industry. It’s the fame that acts as a key for their success with content. Their fame makes most of their videos go viral constantly.

But it’s only the partial truth. Yeah, their fame surely helps them. Because of their consistency with providing the best quality content over the years, the audience really trusts them.

And it’s their trust & their high quality videos that helps them to some degree.

But it’s not the whole picture. The reason I mentioned now or what you think helps their videos to go viral is not the only key that plays its important role here. There is another reason for this.

And that is they truly understand the YouTube platform from within.

It’s very important, you know.

If you want to use the platform in your favour totally, then it would be a good idea to understand the platform itself.

Pros of understanding YouTube platform

If you know how the platform actually works, then promoting your YouTube channel will become very easy peasy for you. Because then you would know when and how to work on YouTube. That will obviously help you to grow your channel organically.

Otherwise, you will face problems to reach your targeted audience and promote your YouTube channel. Because if you work on your channel without knowing the platform all of your hard work will go into vain.

Remember an important thing 🧠

Whatever I told you before that doesn’t mean that if today after reading this blog you get the knowledge of the way YouTube works then over the night all of your videos will start to rank on YouTube or your videos will go viral.

Of course, some of your videos may become popular, but it would not happen overnight. Only understanding this platform would not be enough to see the magic, some other factors are there.

But if you understand YouTube itself then there will be a big chance for you that your YouTube channel or your YouTube videos might get viral.

That’s for sure!

2. Do Some Keyword Research

This is very important.

To begin the journey of YouTube channel promotion you should consider attempting to do YouTube SEO after understanding the platform.

And a great YouTube SEO begins with doing keyword research.

Benefits Of Doing Keyword Research

As keywords are actually real people’s search query so if you do your keyword research properly then you would become a knower of what people are actually searching for. 

You will understand which keywords you need to target related to your niche or your YouTube channel’s topic (related to your business)

And on which topic you should create your content on YouTube

In that case, you will get utmost benefit from YouTube. 

Because then you could include the specific keywords on your YouTube channel which people are searching for to get their desired videos and channels.

Now because you include the keywords or search queries people are using on your channel, it might show up on the YouTube feed.

And this way, your channel will be discovered by your target audience when they are searching for something related to your channel’s topic.

On the other hand, because you create content desired by your audience and the algorithm wants to suggest people will pick your videos up and prefer to follow your YouTube channel.

And not only that, they will watch your videos over other YouTube channel’s who are not creating content as per the audience’s need. 

There will be a great chance of that.

Now that you have the clear cut idea of YouTube SEO and what the keyword really is in the world, let’s discuss how to do keyword research for your YouTube channel.

Ways To Perform Keyword Research

There are many ways for researching keywords. Some are paid ones and some of the ways are free. Also there are various tools out there to accomplish this. 

I’ll talk about those tools and other ways some other time. But here we will see the top two free ways to do keyword research.

1st: Use YouTube Autocomplete

This YouTube Autocomplete feature offered by YouTube is really like a treasure trove for keyword research. 

Think about this, you will work on YouTube and YouTube itself is giving the important information, in this case, keywords to become successful on this platform. 

Wouldn’t it be awesome?

According to me, the answer is an obvious YES!

And you know, it is very easy to use this feature for doing keyword research.

Just go to YouTube. If you are using android then go to YouTube app and if you are using desktop then go to Google. Then go to the YouTube website by typing YouTube in the search bar of Google.

Now at this stage, type anything related to your topic whether it’s for creating videos or researching keywords to target for your YouTube channel overall.

YouTube then will give you many suggestions which are basically searched by viewers. All of those are basically keywords.

Bingo! By doing exactly what I have told you got the thing you want. Choose any keywords you want as per your need.

Easy peasy, right?

2nd : Use Google

When audiences are searching for videos they don’t just always use YouTube to do that. Sometimes or I can say many times they use Google also to get the videos as a result, they want to watch.

So we can use Google too as a YouTube keyword research tool

Are you wondering how?

Have some patience buddy. Tension not, I’m here. Just continue to read…

Whether you are using an android or iphone or desktop, the keyword research process isn’t different, it’s the same.

Steps to use Google to find out proper keywords
  • First go to Google (you can use any browser you want). 
  • Type Google keyword planner in the search box. 
  • Then go to the website and gather all possible keywords related to your videos topic (on which you want to make video or channel)
  • Next start Googling every keyword one by one
  • In this step you have to analyze the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Are the results raking at the top videos or are they all written content?
  • Write down the keyword or keywords with heavy video results
  • If you see that still after applying the steps above you got nothing then in that case you can tweak your keyword of yours and try again. Use words like “How to”, “Tutorial” if you’re facing trouble with getting the keywords with video results. Because, keywords with these words tend to have more video results. But keywords with words like “tips” generally tend to have more written content than videos.
  • Now, at this stage I think you’ll get the perfect keyword which prioritizes videos over the written content. Select that keyword and make a video around that.

For example, if you search on Google “Tips to make cake” then Google will show you a bunch of written content. On the contrary if you search “cake tutorial for beginners” then Google will build a list of videos on the screen.

This way you can use Google to do keyword research for your YouTube videos and also for getting keywords to target for your YouTube channel.

3. Write A Proper YouTube Channel Description

After creating your YouTube channel when you are setting up that, it is very important to add a YouTube channel description.

Actually there are many components out there which contribute to the magnificent success of a YouTube channel and a grand level promotion. And when it comes to that YouTube channel description is one of the key component among others.

Now here, when you will write your channel description, in the meantime, your understanding of the platform and researching keywords will come in handy.

Yeah, you can Thank me! 😉

But, at this point after reading a few lines about YouTube channel description, it’s important, if you never heard of this or if you don’t have a clear idea about this, you may be wondering, “what in the world is this thing?” 

I can understand that. 

So, first before sharing anything with you, let’s understand what the YouTube channel description really is.

What is the YouTube channel description?

Basically, when we’re talking about YouTube descriptions then there are mainly two types of descriptions on YouTube.

Those are –

They’re different to some degree. Don’t get confused! 

Here we’re talking about YouTube channel description. The former one. So, what is it actually?

YouTube channel description is a description which comes under the about section of a YouTube channel.

It basically describes what the channel is all about (means the topic or niche of that specific channel) and what issues this channel covers that the potential viewers may have.

Purpose Of A YouTube Channel Description

The idea here is to convert a one-time-viewer into a real subscriber or a regular consumer of your videos.

You can use this YouTube channel description to attract the potential viewers towards your channel and turn them into a loyal subscriber of yours. 

But here comes the real optimization thing. In order to attract your viewers you need to 

  • Write a very attractive description for your YouTube channel and 
  • Perform SEO
Write Attractive Description

And to write an attractive description first you have to structure that. Otherwise it’ll not be able to fulfil its purpose. Users will not read that properly and will not convert into a subscriber.

So, you need to write the description properly.

Perform YouTube SEO

But only writing an attractive description would not get you anywhere. Yeah, this is important, as I already told you, but it is only a part of the picture.

The other part of the picture is that you also have to do SEO so that YouTube algorithm will show your channel on your potential viewers YouTube feed.

And YouTube will do that only when you’ll add keywords related to your channel’s topic. 

So do you understand now, why I told you that understanding the platform and researching the keywords will help you to promote your channel?

I think you understand that. Because, you’re smart. Are you?

4. Make Stunning YouTube Channel Banner

Maybe after reading this tip, a frown emerges on your forehead and saying –

“Are you serious?”

Yes buddy, I’m dead serious! 

You can promote your YouTube channel through YouTube channel art, literally. If you see various popular YouTube channels then you can notice that they all have their own custom stunning YouTube channel art.

And all of those channel arts are narrating some kind of story of respective brands.

If any potential viewer arrives on your channel, first they will land on your YouTube channel’s home section. 

There they will first notice your YouTube channel art. 

But, because every successful channel has their own outstanding channel art, that doesn’t mean that having a well crafted channel art will make you successful.

Benefits Of Having A Great YouTube Channel Art

You can ask me now, “how does YouTube channel art actually help us to promote our channel?” 

Good question!

If your channel has a picture perfect YouTube channel art or banner then that will make your channel a trustworthy one in the eyes of the audience.

Also this will reflect your seriousness and hard work toward providing the best quality content.

And that obviously makes your channel attractive and will definitely increase more traffic which in turn increase your subscribers. 

Another thing is, if your channel banner has the information related to your channel like – 

  • Niche of your YouTube channel
  • Categories you generally cover within that specific niche
  • Contact information
  • Social media details like usernames
  • Visuals that basically reflect your business or your YouTube channel’s niche or topic etc.

Then viewers will have their chance of getting familiar with your channel immediately, without clicking any options or sections.

(Basically here I want to say that if you properly utilize this section then they don’t have to again click the about section to become familiar with your channel or getting your contact or social media information).

This will ensure that your potential viewers are having a good experience on your channel. Where you are already decorated everything so they don’t have to do the work.

If you do things in this way then maybe they’ll become a loyal fan of yours. Who knows!

And it’ll also promote your brand as you will use your brand colours, logo, your brand’s tagline, purpose etc.

Now, after reading all of these, I think you understand the importance of having a YouTube channel banner to promote your YouTube channel and your brand. 

Do you?

Useful Tip💡

There are mainly two ways to create a YouTube channel banner. 

  • Hire a professional graphic designer who’ll do your job and you’ll get your desired beautiful professional channel banner or channel art.You can hire a graphic designer as your employee or you can hire a freelancer. And to hire a freelancer you can use platforms like Upwork, Fiverr etc.
  • But if you don’t want to hire a graphic designer then it’s ok. You can design it for yourself. But you may be thinking that I don’t know anything about designing. Don’t have any idea! How can I do that?

    Tension not man! And you’re reading these words under Useful tip heading, so obviously I’ve a tip for you. In this case it’d be a good idea to use a tool (website) named ‘Canva’.There you can use their templates and create beautiful channel banner. You can even create your unique channel art from scratch on a blank canvas.They have all sorts of options there. So you don’t have to think so much.

Just design the channel art, download it on your device (you can do that from any device whether it is desktop or android or iphone) then upload it to your YouTube channel. Easy!

5. Before Creating Content Read YouTube’s Community Guidelines

I know this tip is a little bit different than usual tips-tricks generally shared online. This is not very typical. But this is very important. This is as important as understanding the platform inside and out. 

It is important because you’re working on YouTube. Although the content you’ll create is yours.

But, keep in mind, it doesn’t matter how well you create your content, you are not the owner of YouTube.

So, your channel will automatically become under their terms & conditions. And if you don’t obey their guidelines or terms & conditions then they’ll just kick you out from the platform.

They may block your channel. 

You’ll lose everything that you have built through your hard work. That’s why it is very important to be aware of their rules & regulations.

I could share some tips & tricks here in this article like others on the internet. But you know, very few people will say this level of basic things, which’ll look basic.

But if you make any of the YouTube mistakes in these departments then all of your hard work will go into vain.

YouTube will not show you any mercy. YouTube is now hammering those channels which are not producing good content.

So, do not ever post anything inappropriate (in the eyes of YouTube algorithm). Otherwise you would have to say goodbye to your channel.

This Statista study shows that during the fourth quarter of the year 2022, YouTube removed more than 6 million channels worldwide.

These channels were removed after 3 community guideline offences or some serious offence to YouTube’s community guidelines.

Hence, it is necessary to properly understand the guidelines laid by YouTube itself and become an obedient one. So that you can work on YouTube peacefully without any worry and can promote your channel.

If you do your job properly and consistently as YouTube expects, then it will surely help you to become successful on this platform. 

You’ll get support from YouTube in every way to promote your channel. It’ll show your videos or your channel on your potential viewers feed so that you can reach a greater audience.

So the bottom line is don’t make YouTube angry.


In this article, I’ve shared some of the very basic yet powerful & important 5 tips to promote your YouTube channel. 

If you apply these tips to properly start your YouTube channel then I hope you can swiftly promote your YouTube channel without any problem.

Because all of these tips are the best in arranging the stage on which all of your promotional work will shine brightly ever.

Now if I again state all of those points in brief then that’ll look like this:

  • Understand the platform
  • Do Some Keyword Research
  • Write A Proper YouTube channel Description
  • Make Stunning YouTube Channel Banner
  • Before Creating Content Read YouTube’s Community Guidelines

Although, all of those tips are very important but – understanding the platform deeply and reading the YouTube community guidelines and understanding those – these two points are the most important among all of these tips.

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So, I hope you like this long article and find it valuable.

Best of luck 👍