Everyone wants to make more and more money. Money surely can’t buy you everything but it is a need of every single person today. Making money is itself an art. For some people it’s hard, and for some people, it’s not. With everything becoming digital in today’s world, there are so many opportunities available to earn money from YouTube like you earn through YouTube monetization.

With so many opportunities available one can make money from YouTube by putting some time and effort. But most people are not aware of these opportunities. Well, there are many ways to make money online as you can earn money from YouTube, you can earn from blogging, you can earn by selling your skills, you can earn by running ads on social media platforms for other brands, and many more.

But in today’s blog, our focus will be on only “How to earn from YouTube “, I am going to share all the possible ways that I am aware of on how you can earn money from YouTube.

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, the count of both content creators and content consumers have seen insane growth on YouTube. And due to this more and more people are now on YouTube, some are making content and some are consuming that content. Which makes it easier to earn from YouTube.

1. YouTube Monetization

YouTube monetization is the most known and most common way to earn money from YouTube. To monetize your YouTube channel you must need to be eligible for that, after becoming eligible you can activate monetization on your YouTube channel, and leave the rest of the part to YouTube.

What YouTube will do is they will run ads on your YouTube video and for every ad watched by the viewer you will earn some money, and YouTube will take a share from them as its commission.

2. Join The YouTube Partner Program

If you want access to the special features on YouTube then you must join the YouTube partner program because this is the only way to get access to those special features and as a creator, these features are very important for you and can generate an income stream.

By joining the YouTube partner program you will have access to features like super chats, channel membership, YouTube premium subscription fees, and selling your merchandise. And on top of that, the YouTube algorithms promote the YouTubers who have joined the YouTube partner program.

To join the YouTube partner program there are some conditions that you need to meet first, you need a minimum of 1000 subscribers, the watching hours of the previous 12 months of your YouTube channel must be more than 4000 hours, and you must have an AdSense account.

If you have met all the above conditions, then congratulations you are eligible to join the YouTube partner program. Join the YouTube partner program and avail all the benefits of it to earn money from YouTube.

3. Selling Your Merchandise

Imagine you are walking on the street and you see a random person wearing a t-shirt with your name on it, or maybe your channel logo on it, or maybe something related to your YouTube channel on it, that sounds cool, right? If yes, then you can make this dream possible by selling your merchandise on YouTube.

If you have already joined the YouTube partner program then you can sell your Merchandise on YouTube. And, you can design in whatever way you want to, you can sell any kind of clothes from T-shirts to trousers, from hoodies to sweatshirts and many more.

You can sell custom stickers, you can sell customised keychains and a lot. These merchandises will also help you to promote your YouTube videos more. You can make your Merchandise store and mention the link of that store in the description box of your YouTube videos.

4.  Sponsored Content

If you are planning to buy a new smartphone, laptop, trimmer, shoe, clothes, or anything, then there is a high chance that you will go to YouTube and watch the review of that particular product so that you can know about that product more. And brands know this, that’s why most of the brands collaborate with YouTubers and send them there newly launched products.

It is beacause the YouTubers then can review it and make a review video. And, you can find out whether you should go for the product or not. When you join the YouTube partner program then YouTube takes a part of your income as their commission. When you make sponsored content for a particular brand then you get the whole payment.

Why Sponsored Content Is Important?

According to a recent study, YouTube videos are, on average, the most expensive type of sponsored content brands can buy from influencers. YouTube influencers can charge more for their videos than they would for Instagram Stories or Facebook posts because the video is just more expensive to produce.

There is no need for you to be an influencer on any social media platform to make sponsored content. All you need is an engaging audience or a large audience so that the brand can target that audience of yours and can turn them into one of their customers.

If you are already famous on YouTube then most chances are the brand will automatically contact you to sponsor your YouTube videos but if you are not so popular on youtube then you might need to contact the brand yourself.

And to do so first make a list of popular brands that are related to the niche of your YouTube channel and write them an email conveying to them what and how you can offer if they choose to sponsor one of your YouTube videos.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Have you ever thought about why YouTubers put the link of the products in the description box, that they are mentioning about or reviewing in the video? Well if you are thinking that they do so to make it easy for you to jump over that product with just a single click, then this is the half-truth.

The other half-truth is whenever you click on the link mentioned in the description and you buy that product from that link then after the successful delivery of that product that YouTuber earns a small commission from that.

Based on the type of the product this commission Varies. This is called an affiliate. Affiliate Marketing is one of the easiest ways to earn money from YouTube. If you want to make an affiliate link for a product then you need to become an affiliate partner on the respective E-Commerce platform and after becoming an affiliate partner you can generate affiliate links for the products and mention those links in your description box of the video.

And whenever someone will buy that particular product from your link you will earn a small commission from that after the successful delivery of the product.

6.  Live Streams

Do you know you can earn money from YouTube by live streaming? Well, if you don’t know then let me tell you that, yes, you can earn from YouTube by live streaming. If you have a large subscriber base then while live streaming it becomes very hard for you to read all the live chat. Every viewer wants a shout out from you, a comment from you on their live chat, to convey their feelings through live chats.

So YouTube provided a solution for this by providing features like super chat. What is a super chat? A super chat is a paid message that stays pinned on the top of the live chat for a fixed duration of time-based on the amount of the super chat, the higher the amount of super chat the longer its duration, and the higher the priority.

You can get access to this feature only if you have joined the YouTube partner program. Whenever you live stream and enable the super chat option then the viewers have the option to super chat to you. What they can do is they can send a paid message, that will stand out from the other live chats and will be promoted on top of your chat section.

It will be enclosed in a colored box and you can easily read it. And whenever a viewer sends a super chat, the amount of that super chat is credited to your YouTube account and YouTube takes a part of it as its commission.


These were the ways to earn money from YouTube that I am aware of and there must exist other ways to earn money from YouTube. What you need to do now, is use the above-mentioned ways to make money online using YouTube. Do your research and find out more ways to earn money from YouTube.

Stay consistent, creative, and be patient as you won’t earn from YouTube in a single day. It will take some time but if you stay consistent, creative, and have patience then you will surely earn from YouTube.