Whenever we learn new things, we are bound to make mistakes. Mistakes help us to understand and to learn the concepts in detail. Similarly, if you are a beginner and thinking of making a YouTube channel, even if you have seen thousands of videos and think that you know everything about YouTube, I am sorry to say that you are bound to be stuck in some areas or other. So, here we are with this blog to help you avoid these YouTube mistakes before you upload your first video. 

Nowadays the popularity of YouTube is increasing and with that is increasing the competition too. And with the competition different methods and tactics are arriving in the market. An analysis and looking up at all these can make you mess up with few and you can make YouTube mistakes.

To avoid these YouTube mistakes;

  • You can make a plan chart or plan sheet.
  •  Follow that sheet as a task everyday.
  • Update these sheets everyday making a new task.

This way you can avoid YouTube mistakes.

 Now let’s see what are the mistakes that as a beginner you can possibly make.

1. Vision

So the first and foremost YouTube mistake that you can make is not having a future vision. Why do you want a YouTube channel? What kind of videos will you upload? What’s the main purpose of the channel?

Having a vision can help you walk one step at a time in this long journey.

2.  Not Deciding The Theme Of Videos

One of the important YouTube mistakes that you can make is not selecting a theme for your videos. You can’t  just randomly post any video.  If you do so, it will just make confusion for both your viewers and yourself as well.

Select a theme first and then make a layout of it, and shoot accordingly. Selecting a theme and making video particularly on that theme can give you a chance to increase traffic on YouTube.

3.  Not Finalising The Targets

You need to avoid the mistake of not finalising your targets or target audience. Not all videos are fit for everyone, there is a certain group that likes to see certain videos and likewise there are certain people who don’t like certain videos.

Therefore, you need to finalise your target or the target audience,  meaning which group of people you would like to watch your videos. Targeting those groups of people and keeping them in mind, plan out the videos that you want to shoot or upload. You should avoid this YouTube mistake if you want to reach your target audience.

4.  Not Optimising Your Profile

Another one of the common YouTube mistakes that you could probably do while being a beginner in YouTube is not optimising your channel before uploading a video. We know you are excited to upload your videos as your imagination is running wild.

But people who like the video, they go to your channel and look out for more videos, they also like to know what kind of person or who is running the channel. So, not properly optimising your profile can give your audience a negative impression which you don’t want.

 You should always optimise your channel with;

  •  A clear profile photo that shows who you are or your brand.
  • An eye catching, simple yet unique name of the channel which can be easily remembered.
  • Description of the channel that can clearly refer to your vision and don’t forget to use keywords.
  • Also optimise your video with proper video description, title, keywords and hashtags.

5.  Weak Intros

YouTube mistakes hinder your growth. Another mistake you must avoid is not uploading an introduction video. You are excited, all planned up about how your channel is going to be, have also fixed your niche but, people tend to forget to upload an intro video.

An intro video acts as a welcome door to your channel to all the new viewers.  This way with the help of one video they would come to know what your channel and videos are about.

In an intro video you should always include topics like;

  • Your vision
  • Is it a brand or your hobby
  • What you have to offer to your viewers
  • Why should people see your videos
  • Little about yourself

If these topics can be presented with full creativity, people are surely bound to watch you again and again.

6.  Consistency

Another YouTube mistake that you should avoid is not being consistent with your videos. Consistency in uploading and coming up with new videos shows your seriousness towards your vision and the channel. It also helps your viewers to stay in your channel or to come again and again to watch new videos.

Not being consistent can also make you lose your earned viewers as well.  Therefore, make a schedule or time table about publishing your videos.

For e.g. .

  • First day, researching on new topics.
  • Second day, collecting all the materials for the videos.
  • Third day, shooting it.
  • Fourth, editing it.
  • Fifth, uploading it.

Following this kind of schedule helps you to stay updated and also consistent.  Not only that, the workload will get minimised and also you would be able to concentrate at one work at a time giving good results. Consistency is one of the important aspects to promote your YouTube videos.

7.  Quality Of The Videos

Quality of videos is vital.  We understand at the beginning stages having so much resources is hard. But you can still continue by giving your best. Always keep an eye and scope for improving the quality of your YouTube videos.   Don’t be lazy or stingy when it comes to the quality of videos. 

The quality of your video makes your viewers understand and also appreciate your hard work that you put in.

8.  Interacting

This is something that you need to take care of after uploading your videos that are interacting with your subscribers or viewers.  Not interacting with your viewers can give you less views and hence your hard work can go all in vain.

So, do interact with your viewers in your videos that can be by liking their comments or replying in their comments  or by giving them a topic to talk about.

9.  Strategy

Another one of the biggest YouTube mistakes that beginners tend to make is not having a video strategy.  It’s not the quality that matters but also the quantity. You can’t just randomly upload the video and then complain that your videos get no views.

But you have to also work on the strategy to grab the attention of your viewers. Not only that, you have to also ensure to hook up their attention for almost 3- 4 minutes. 

The beginning of the video should not be boring or monotonous. This will make your viewers not watch your video anymore. You can also give a preview in your videos which can show them what these videos will be covering and what they can expect from this video.  

You can use more such strategies to improve your quality and quantity to attract the viewer’s attention.

10. Not Analysing Your Metrics

As  a new beginner many do this YouTube mistake that is not checking their metrics. Data metrics are numerical representations of how well your tactics and strategies are working . Analysing them can help you to analyse your tactic and understand the shortcomings.

Not only that it also helps you to understand where changes are needed. That’s why even the famous YouTube stars still analyse their new videos and check their metrics till this date.

11. Asking For Help And Reviews

At last you avoid this YouTube mistake of not asking for help. Every now and then do ask for genuine and honest reviews from people who are ready to help you. This way you can analyse and also look from the viewers perspective.


Honestly, YouTube is becoming tough to crack and generate views but it’s not impossible. The perfect blend of hard work, patience and consistency can pay you off. But you have to also avoid these YouTube mistakes listed above. Avoiding these mistakes gives you higher chances of success rate.  

YouTube is such a platform which keeps changing as the trends go by. Many people make this mistake, that is they forget to go with the trend. Trends help you to enhance your creativity and of course increase your views.

Keep yourself updated about the trends, new features that YouTube keeps launching and use them more and more. This can also help you in increasing the rate of YouTube success.