You spent hundreds and thousands on making an outstanding video. The video is released yet your efforts do not profit and results are better than your expectations. Ever wondered why ? What went wrong, basically your mistakes. In spite of doing everything your video doesn’t get desired views. Hence, focusing on video promotion is a must.

Many companies come up with good  videos that may seem obvious to some people, yet I see so many companies and their efforts with just making a video. So who is going to try video promotion?

What is a video promotion?

A promotional video or promo video basically comprises a video. This very video is  used to express a sale, event or perhaps promoting a specific promotion initiative.

Promotional videos are often simpler in style. They are toned on a similar basis like a teaser video or something wherein they grab attention. 

Today, Promotional videos are a mass means of communication. They are used extensively to attract people and prompt them to use various services and products. Moreover, some follow the ideals of creating videos with underlying meaning hidden in the video.

No doubt, we have seen and experienced various YouTube promotion companies promoting videos that emphasise their brand stories. They often release videos celebrating an achievement or event or wish people on holidays. These pieces of content are also a form of video promotion. They’re transmitting information but not very outright with their customers.

Steps to an effective  video promotion

When your video is done all the scenes look great and you know it’s ready to release. Start planning your video promotional strategies. Generally, people find video making a tiresome endeavour, due to this people consider completing videos as the last step.

Pre-production and last post-production in editing the scenes videos needs effort. Completing the video may seem like the final step.

Create a video with proper proven steps and ideas. This is because poor judgement can lead to loss of distribution and promotion online. As a result you will lose a bunch of views and probable customers that may require your service.

You might be in for a disappointment when you realise video making is just a part of it and not the actual deal. What truly matters is how effective your video promotion strategies are.

Best Proven Ways YouTube Video Promotion

Based on the type of services or products you offer, you can create special strategies that revolve around your videos. Use this as your leverage to get a wonderful promotional campaign.

1. Social Media Services

It seems obvious to us that social media stands out the most. Using social media to post images appears average. Advanced strategies will always include videos to enhance their page. Post your video promotions on apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, seems obvious but rather people use these powerful tools.

You can also go live when working on a new product launch.  Going live gives in depth knowledge about things that occur behind the curtains. To create a grandeur stage a lot of effort is put into it. Show it! You boost the morals of your team and get approved by people.

2. Post Teasers Or Trailers

Teasers are more subjected to gain an audience. Users can use teasers to get views on YouTube and traffic to your website. It works really well to gather people and work in the best interests of your website or YouTube channel. A good series of videos works best to post a gallery on the linked page.

3. Video Campaign

You paid thousands of dollars to produce your video, likewise, spent a little more to promote it. Get very specific while you promote your YouTube videos on social media. You can use Ad features or targeting features to establish your domain in this sector. Moreover, you can always retarget your audience that connects with your websites. Sounds great right? So give it a try.

4. Emails

You may not realise but, email marketing is another great video promotion strategy. You can create an email marketing list and target people. Send your email to people who find it relevant.

Moreover, it creates a linkage between you and your audience. You can also send your event videos to your email contacts to keep them in the loop and let them know about the latest happenings.

You can also send new promotional videos to your customers and people who have a purchase history.

5. Invite To Engage

Whether it’s social media platforms or emails, invite people to engage with your site and videos. You can politely ask people to share your videos. There will be a few who are passionate and would show interest. Take a chance and don’t shy out.

You can also send personalised emails to people or seek help from influencers. Try out everything and anything. This will help you identify what works best to increase traffic to your YouTube videos.

6. Get Creative On The Video Interface

You probably got attracted to watching a video because of that catchy line you read,  or that stupidly hilarious video titles. Get the interface of your video eye-catching with a good thumbnail. This is one crazy way to grab attention.

Work on the interface of your website or YouTube or social media platforms like Instagram. You are sure to grab attention if you cater your page with good effect and slightly better skills.

7. The Share Option

I consider the share options as one of the almighty options. Sharing a video can surprise you with the number of views you can get access to. Ask your loyal customer to share your videos.

You won’t realise how multiple people can share your video to create awareness and influence your page for a positive impact. I know, it’s another obvious suggestion, but try it and experience the results with your own eyes.


There are 100 ways to achieve video promotion. At first your steps may seem futile and show more or less no regular results. Do not give up. Try your best and these small steps will surely build your foundation to greater things.

Video Promotion can make or break your brand so put a little more emphasis when it’s time to promote videos on digital space.