YouTube happens to be the most trending social media platform globally with a worldwide viewer count of more than 1 billion and growing. Thus it is imperative for you to build a YouTube channel if you wish to promote your products and brands online. But with so many channels out there it becomes difficult to choose which type of channel is best for YouTube.

Well, you need not struggle any further. Here in this article we have compiled a list of the types of channels which are most popular. So let us begin by giving you a tour through our list which will regenerate some fresh ideas in your mind and make it easy for you to frame your videos based on these buckets.

Let’s discuss which type of channel is best for YouTube.

Gaming Content

YouTube at one point of time was overshadowed by gaming channels, to the extent other channels focussed on a completely different niche tried to ride on the bandwagon of the popularity of this channel.

Today however the fever has ebbed, nevertheless, gaming channels still dominate. Those who are into it can reach the milestone of 1000 subscribers on YouTube comparatively fast.

With live streaming gaming prominence, earning revenue from gaming channels is now a lot easier. A lot of gaming channels have gained popularity in recent times, for instance Markiplier.

Beauty And Makeup Tutorial

Beauty and makeup tutorials lay stress on makeup and skin care products. Experts offer free advice on how to groom ourselves to get the perfect look. They provide valuable insights about daily makeup regimen to both experts and freshers alike. Therefore, a channel of this type can also be a good idea to get views on YouTube videos.

Many times make up brands reach out to these channels to promote and promote their beauty products. Viewers look up to these YouTubers as somewhat of an expert and follow their advice rigorously. In fact, the brands they promote also become very popular. 

Review Of Products

The growing interest of the viewers in reviewing and unboxing channels is for them to have a clear perception of the latest devices that are present in the promote. The promote is saturated with consumer durables of every kind but whether the product is worthwhile or not needs attention.

Product reviews are usually the privy of technology driven channels. Smart phones, laptops, and smart watches are some of the most popular products that people review on YouTube. If you want to promote YouTube videos without any hassles, this can be great concept of a channel.

Unboxing is also interlinked with the review channel. It shows the viewers what to expect after you purchase the products and points out some of the basic features of the product.


The entire concept is based on sharing your everyday experience with your viewers as you go about your daily routine. Vlogging is becoming very popular nowadays. Viewers are enthralled to be a part of the life of the vlogger.

A good vlogger is able to create a mundane routine into a cherished experience for his viewers by his magic touch.

Health And Fitness

You can never go wrong with health and fitness channels. With more and more people imbibing a healthy lifestyle, these channels are now growing in popularity. These channels share the recipe of leading a healthy life. They even provide a full length work out video and share healthy diets for a fit lifestyle.

YouTubers who promote these channels are generally health professionals or people who have recently embarked on a fitness journey and want to share the experience with you.

These channels really get more YouTube subscribers as a lot of viewers are now fitness freaks.

Entertainment Channel

There are some channels devoted entirely for entertainment purposes only; for instance challenge channels. For them nothing is hard enough. They push their limits of endurance to set new trends. Viewers find them stimulating and entertaining as well.


Music  channels take myriad forms on YouTube. Singers, composers, dancers are all part and parcel of this channel. Budding singers upload their own music, composers make original compositions or rewrite popular music to move the audience.

Creating a music channel and hiring the best YouTube advertising services can grow your channel substantially. 


YouTube is the most popular search engine second only to google. There are many students who turn to YouTube for mastering the basic concepts. YouTube tutorials are visually appealing which makes it easier to understand.

Moreover the information is delivered  in an interesting manner which is sufficient to engage the attention of students and teachers alike.


Do it yourself channels are more or less tutorial channels. They show you how to create new things from the simplest objects lying around you. The popularity of this channel depends on the artistic capability of the YouTuber. These DIY channels can also go viral on YouTube if done effectively.


Commentaries on videos are slowly gaining popularity on YouTube. Pre reviews of the upcoming releases, commenting on the videography, showing clippings of the movie prior to its release all work to captivate the interest of the audience.

Compiling “Best Of Videos”

Compilation channels work to accumulate small clips of other peoples video to build a top list of videos showcasing in the current year. Best of videos may be categorized under several heads like gaming, comedy or entertainment purposes only.


Lifestyle channels do not focus on any particular niche. Instead they reveal certain facts of the daily lives which the audience find entertaining. Many channels are now switching over to lifestyle channels after they have a certain fan following.

Recipes And Guides

Definitely cooking channels are gaining real views on YouTube everyday. Everyone loves a gourmet meal and if you come up with the simplest of ingredients you are sure to hit the success button.


This  channel is a perfect blend of information and entertainment with bits of humor thrown in to make it more enjoyable. They enlighten the people with a lot of historical snippets and facts people are generally unaware of.

Travel And Tourism

Travel and tourism channels literally take the viewers out on a discovery to exotic places and hidden gems which may be right in the backyard. It may take the shape of vlogs or superior quality videos capturing the beauty of the place. People who love travelling can help you to increase YouTube traffic for your videos.

Video Of  Adorable Animals

Videos of animals doing outrageous things are quite amusing. Your pets just might be the ideal candidate for the video. Start shooting them and try to capture the perfect moment when they are onto something amusing. Upload their cute moments on YouTube for all to enjoy.

A Final Note

After going through the entire list, you must have got a fair idea about which type of channel is best for YouTube. Now it is time to choose your favorite idea and work towards implementing it. Gaining fame on YouTube does not happen overnight. You have to diligently work towards that end.