YouTube is a famous platform for people to express their thoughts through videos and photos. There are many people making money out of it. YouTube proves to be beneficial for all content creators and provides them through numerous opportunities. It is a platform used by millions of people worldwide and they work effectively by providing good content. A user seeks YouTube for good content and entertainment. YouTube wants people to use it so that they can make money out of it. That’s why YouTube has become the second most largest search engine. And therefore, every YouTuber wants to gain views on YouTube.

Why YouTube Is The Best Platform

People use YouTube for their benefits and creators use YouTube so that people watch their videos and help them grow. This is what YouTube wants. It is YouTube’s strategy to engage as much as people on it through the creators. That’s why YouTube pays creators according to their views and subscribers.

Views, subscribers and watch time are important resources for a creator to gain through his videos. One’s channel can only get monetised if he gains 1000 subscribers. Your YouTube channel is your best stage to perform and showcase your skills and make a good amount and potential out of it. A person’s personality and recognition matters a lot to make money. If you want to have a charismatic personality and a good amount of fans without being a celebrity then you must be a YouTuber and try to develop an audience for yourself. 

To get monetised and rank among others and to eventually build themselves on YouTube is the mission every creator has. So for that you must drive traffic to your channel and try to gain views on YouTube. There are many benefits of gaining views on YouTube. Views primarily define people about your video.

If your videos gain more views people will definitely watch your videos since many others watched it before. Your videos must be unique and creative to attract viewers. Your content must be unique so that your videos and content stands out in a crowd. You must try to come up with awesome content to gain the public’s attention. 

Let’s see a few points on how to gain views on YouTube. 

Creative Content

Your content must be unique and creative to attract viewers. On YouTube, there is a wealth of information. If you want to stand strong among them then you must make creative content. Creative content consists of beautiful ideas arranged in an attractive manner.

Attractive Thumbnail, Title And Description

Making attractive thumbnails, titles and descriptions will drive people’s attention. Thumbnail and title is the first impression of your video content on the audience. If your content amazes the audience and they develop interest in your video then people will view your video.

Make A Series Of Videos

You must make playlists of your videos so that YouTube recommends them to your audience. In this manner you can gain views on YouTube.

Optimise SEO

YouTube SEO will help you rank on YouTube. Through search engine optimization you can rank on pages of YouTube and this way a larger audience will be able to discover you. For SEO you need a number of keywords. Those keywords must be used on your content videos and in title and description. 

These were a few tips to gain views on YouTube. Let’s look at benefits to gain views on YouTube.

YouTube Views Will Let You Go Viral

Some videos can go viral on YouTube. Getting views from scratch may take a lot of time but once you start getting views you won’t even be aware how your video goes viral and reaches a large audience. This way your video’s exposure will increase and you will gain an instant boost. There are innumerable videos going viral and becoming a trend the very next day. So start coming up with trendy and attractive content so that you go viral and gain millions of views in a short span of time.

You Can Gain Subscribers

Views will help people to know you even in a better manner. Views will also help you gain real subscribers. On subscribing people can have early access to your videos and creative contents. That’s why to inculcate with your channel people would definitely hit the subscribe button. Gain views on YouTube and those audiences will subscribe to your channel. This way you can generate a good fan base for yourself.

These subscribers will also suggest content they want and will love you and try to spread your content to their loved ones. Subscribing will let you gain views on your upcoming videos. So this way you can get your subscriber’s views and new views and subscribers on your upcoming videos.

Increase In Credibility

More Views will increase your credibility as people will prefer watching your videos than others. This will help you in gaining views and subscribers. You can get a kick start at enhancing your credibility. More and more new people will discover you each and every day. If your view increases YouTube will suggest your videos to your target audience on the basis of their choices and interests. If you want to gain recognition, views can simply do it for you.

You Can Make Money

Gaining lots of views will let your channel get monetised. Once this process starts you can earn every month for gaining views and subscribers every month. Once you start getting views and subscribers you can grow your channel even more by advertising about it on other platforms.

Gaining views will lead to expansion of your channel. It is not easy to grow your channel from scratch, that’s why once you are on the verge of making good money you should work towards its expansion. YouTube can be a passive mode of generating income. Even if you don’t work still you can earn because of your views.


These are a few amazing benefits which will help you understand how important YouTube view is for you. YouTube views are very important and beneficial for you. So it is important to know it’s benefits and how to gain views on YouTube to expand your channel.