YouTube is a renowned platform. It needs an effective way to judge the quality of the video content uploaded on YouTube. To do so they return the most relevant research for search query and recommend and suggest videos. They use a number of metrics and signals which perform YouTube analytics. The highest ranking factor of YouTube is ‘watch time’. Watch time is considered as very crucial because it shows how much your audience is interested in your video. It shows how engaging your video is and helps you rank. Hence, you should focus on the factors of YouTube watch time booster.

Importance of Watch Time

Watch time is the exact amount of time that your viewers watch your videos. The time which people dedicate to your video is counted upon as your watch time. YouTube’s goal is to attract viewers and keep them on YouTube. A YouTuber tries to keep the audience engaged on their video. This is why a YouTuber is recognised, monetised and ranked by YouTube.

Usually watch time is the first priority of a content creator. The total number of minutes people have watched your videos is the most important asset to be a successful YouTuber. If your videos are long and people prefer watching your videos fully, it simply means you make quality content which can help you to monetize your channel on YouTube. 

There are many tips working for YouTube watch time booster to help you grow and develop your channel. As soon as you attain 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours which can be a greatest achievement primarily on YouTube for your channel monetization.

It becomes an important task to keep viewers watching longer. Videos getting a high number of watch time ranks high according to the YouTube algorithm. So now let’s learn a few points to boost your YouTube watch time.

Make Playlists To Help People Choose Among Your Content

Creating playlists for a particular related topic in your channel can excite people and they can watch all of them. It can be a way to guide people to view your videos upto a long time where you can gain much watch time. When your videos are arranged in an interesting sequence viewers will be more interested in viewing all your videos.

YouTube also recommends similar videos at the end of videos by people. So if you create an attractive playlist there are people who may watch all of them entirely and may even hit the like and subscribe button.

Choose Creative Thumbnails

This is very important to attract a person towards your video. You must arrange the thumbnail in a manner that people get quickly excited to watch and grab entertainment or information from your content.

Your thumbnail must be a replica of your entire video which drives people to watch the video till the end. Thumbnail serves as the primary trigger for viewers to watch and subscribe to your videos.

Choosing the right combination of thumbnail and it’s creativity will drive many audiences and other YouTubers as well to watch your videos.

Many people watch your videos; they may include students, working people, entrepreneurs, and other content creators as well. So one must keep their thumbnail in an appropriate manner to gain more subscribers for his channel.

Attractive Title

An attractive title will help you to drive people towards your video. Not only a thumbnail but an attractive title will make sure your video attracts an audience. An audience watches a thumbnail then the next he/she reads the title which must excite the audience to watch the video entirely.

Attractive title includes various punctuation and not just the line but a beautiful and pleasing line which can attract an audience.

Create Long And Strong Content

A long content with strong quality can enable the audience to watch video till the end. A pleasing content can work wonders. If your content isn’t good then your good Thumbnail and title won’t benefit you at all.

So you must keep your content little long and explain simply best to get views. The information or the entertainment provided in your videos must be creative and unique.

Presentation Skills

This comes next to your content. The way you explain or enact your content and show your skills plays an important role to grab people’s attention. The one who is interested in your content and presentation skills will definitely watch your videos till the end and will subscribe to your channel.

Break The Video Into Chapters

This is a new technique to increase your watch time. People get to go through various chapters in your content, this excites them and it looks good. Once people find chapters then they click on various interesting chapters and watch them all over.

Ask To Subscribe And To Watch Your Video Till The End

If you put some interesting content at the latter end part of your video then one will definitely watch your video till the end. A person engaging in your video will try to grab the interesting part and if you shift the part at the latter end one will definitely watch till the end.

Ask your viewers to watch till the end and try to put some suspense and attraction towards the end part of your video to engage them till the end. Also ask your viewers to subscribe, this can help you get more viewers and subscribers.

Use Keywords And SEO

If people can’t discover your video then you can’t get a view or watch time. So if you want people to watch your video then you must select keywords which are less competitive. Try to optimise your SEO. This will rank your videos on various websites which will increase YouTube traffic. As people see your video on the first page they will get attracted to your videos through your creativity. And also, if your view count is big enough they will definitely watch your videos till the end. That’s why one must practise good SEO and must use keywords throughout the content. SEO works wonders for many people. Your low competitive keyword and SEO skills can rank your videos and expose your videos to a wide audience. 

These are a few important ways for a YouTube watch time booster.