YouTube is constantly evolving itself to maximize its experience for people. While funny videos are still trending on YouTube, they evidently don’t make up much for the ever growing promoting sector online. In order to grow faster, YouTube booster plays a significant role.

The present scenario related to any business heavily relies on digital space to promote their products. This is because it has the most influence on people and has turned into a powerful business tool.  

We can use simple tactics to influence real views, brand image and boost videos on YouTube.

Everyone wants to get more views on YouTube to boost their videos. While some like the paid approach to gain the same, a selected few put effort towards the organic approach. 

Before we start with the actual techniques let us glance through some of the key factors that make a good video. 

Plan Your Video

It’s never a waste to plan your videos before you start making them. Plan your video outline based on what you want to produce and how it should end. You can also generate a storyline for each scene or section of the video. 

In addition to that, depending on the type of video’s you make, portray some meaningful message if possible. Moreover, you need to plan your calls-to-action option too, so that your audience is more engaged with your content.


Preparing in advance to present yourself in the video is important. If you prefer starring in your videos, practice it before you shoot the real thing.

If this was enough practice, the real thing will go without a hitch. Pay attention to details that could look clumsy. Moreover, you can practice, point out and  account for all the things that could go wrong when shooting.

Good Editing

Your videos need a good and experienced  editing person to make your videos worth watching. Editing videos help to eliminate mistakes or elements that don’t fit into the scene. You can also delete lines that don’t sound natural and don’t fit in the video overall. Editing is considered one of the important factors of YouTube booster.

How to Get More Views on YouTube is the question of the hour

Now, getting straight into the specifics of getting more views on YouTube, let’s pay attention to these simple steps that boost videos and go viral on YouTube.

It may seem tough and difficult at the beginning but with consistency your videos are sure to make it big with the help of YouTube booster.

Compelling Content

Evidently, no videos make it even to the average ranking if the content is poor. And poor videos are no good on YouTube even if you add many hacks or ads. Create Compelling Content to engage your audience. A compelling content is more proven to attract significant views.

Simply work to identify your potential customers, and how to bait them to view your videos.

Encourage to Subscribe

Retain your viewers as much as possible to make them your long term customers. This is possible when you prompt people to subscribe to your channel. Moreover, this is the easiest way to get more YouTube subscribers  and boost your videos.

The more subscribers you get the more increase in views will reflect on your channel. And how do you achieve the same?

The best way is to ask and be direct about it, don’t act pretentious and show a subtle approach. You can drop this request at the beginning of your videos or the very end. It’s up to you but include this request in each and every video without fail.

Use End Screens and Cards

Cards and end screens tools work best to promote your YouTube videos. They are one of the best YouTube boosters to boost your other videos. Thus your videos channel features work in the interest of making your end screen look appealing. 

With the help of this feature, you can expect a list of your videos that highlight important topics. It helps to wrap things up in a clean n clear-cut way. Moreover, cards can pop up randomly in your videos. Thus, you have an amazing advantage to direct people to your next video and keep your viewers hooked.

Watermark Your Videos

This is one of my favourite creative ideas to boost videos on YouTube. Watermarks allow YouTubers to gain more subscribers and channel up free promotions. Basically, your watermark is nothing complex, it’s more of a simple image or icon that you set to appear in most of your videos.

Furthermore, a watermark can prompt people to subscribe to your channels while hovering their mouse or fingers on the screen. 

Tip: A watermark above 60×60 Pixels should do the work. Design a slightly big watermark as YouTube shrinks watermarks when they upload videos. Creating a larger watermark will target the audience and be more visible.

Enable Embedding

This is another important aspect to create an opening for traffic. It’s really important that you set up the embedding options so that your viewers can share your content on their websites or blogs!

Enable your embedding option after you release your videos. This is because there is no better way to reach new audiences with the help of your viewers.

Promote Your Videos on Social Media

If you have other social channels or media that you are active on, let your followers know about you.

Every time you upload your new video on YouTube let your followers know. This creates a good awareness strategy and generates interest in people.

Secondly, get creative when posting information about your new uploads. You can try creating a teaser video, or a 1 minute trailer, or some graphic design. Get as creative as you can, you need to draw attention to yourself.

After you work on this part, let’s go posting it and letting your followers know. Use pages like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit to your advantage. If you are active on other platforms use those too. Therefore, this is considered as the best YouTube booster.

Bottom‐line you must never cross.

Many people prefer to use under-handed trickery to boost their videos. This can include

  • Usage of bad language 
  • Abusive content 
  • Triggering content 
  • Foul play

While it seems like your videos are getting more video, understand that, YouTube doesn’t permit this behaviour on their site. If your videos are reported by your viewers, YouTube will remove your videos and ban your channel.

Don’t indulge in any malicious practice that questions your morality. After all, YouTubers need to keep their image as clear as possible. 


YouTube is not just a source to upload videos for entertainment. It is now an unshakable community that gathers and unites people all over the world. 

YouTube booster can work exceptionally and helps you to get views on YouTube, but if your channel has a sloppy outlook, you’re not going to get as many views as your expectations. Try working on different techniques that retain views and subscribers. If you can do it you will surely boost your videos and make it big.  Wishing you good luck and a prosperous journey!