Suppose, you have finished working on a music video for which you have spent countless hours, now it is the time to show it to the world what you have come up with. There are always the odds that a good quality music video will go viral. Nevertheless this window of opportunity will be lost if you do not back it up with a sound promotional strategy. With more than 2 billion users worldwide YouTube is the happening channel to promote your video. Here we have discussed various plans you may come up with to promote your music video on YouTube.

Build Hype Around Your Video

Never wait for the final day when the video is to be launched to start your promotional campaign. Share the news with your fans weeks before. This will create a feeling of anticipation among your fans and they will eagerly wait for the release of your video.

Use every possible social media platform to reach out to your followers. Do not hesitate to contact them over email or twitter. 

Everyone resorts to a different pre release strategy but the ultimate object is the same – building excitement over your upcoming video.

There is always a chance that some of your fans may have missed your posts or forgotten the release date. A subtle reminder from time to time will work wonders.

Optimise Your Video Prior To Its Release

If you intend to launch your video on YouTube, make sure it is fully optimised to ensure that the maximum number of viewers discover it.

This means making sure that the video’s title and description correspond to each other, working on categorising your video and thumbnail to grab your viewers attention. Optimising your video will help you to increase real subscribers for your channel..

The Title Of The Video Is Imperative To Its Success

It must be appealing and challenging at the same time to draw the attention of the audience. Be careful in choosing your title. It should be brief and lucid enough. You may restrict the  name of the song or the artist for live videos.

In case of other videos you can conduct a thorough research as to what is trending at that moment and thereafter work on your title and description accordingly.

Share Is The New Keyword

You can never undermine the importance of social media platforms to share your videos. Moreover, you can make an emphatic appeal to your family and friends to do the same. Take recourse to alluring post descriptions and CTA’S to reach out to your fan base to see the video and more importantly to share it on their social media channel as well.

Conversely, you can also explore other online platforms to promote your YouTube videos for instance reddit and whatsapp groups.

Paid YouTube Ads Hasten Quick Fan Following

If you wish to see your video as a paid ad on YouTube, it is necessary to have a Google Ads account. From there on you can reach out to a certain audience identical to your fan base. Paid YouTube ads are a great way to quicken your YouTube views and at the same time ensure that your video is watched by the right demographics. 

One can customise ads on YouTube and place them in various spots. Some ads directly appear on the YouTube home page.

Ads related to keywords appear when the user searches for the particular content on the YouTube

Some ads are specifically designed for mobile phones as well.

You can also experiment with the different YouTube ads to find out what works best for your YouTube video promotion. It is an effective tool if used wisely.

YouTube Channel Verification Is A Must

A verified channel offers many benefits. It gives you access to all statistics and data. Careful examination of your analytics will reveal everything about your viewers choices, preferences and demographics. You will be able to fathom what songs and videos of yours are currently on demand and based on that upload contents similar to it.

Moreover, it ranks up the YouTube SEO of your channel. A minimum 3 uploads of your video is necessary before you can make a formal request for verification.

Invest In Customised Thumbnails

A good customised thumbnail is important to attract attention and it makes people take notice of your video. Colourful images are no doubt appealing but care should be given to the picture quality as well.

Blurry images cast a poor reflection on the quality of the video. Take pictures while recording a video to check on its quality.

Forge A Relationship With Your Audience

Building relationships with your subscribers over time helps to boost YouTube’s fan base. Like or respond to the comments from your viewers to initiate a dialogue.

Creating community posts permits you to talk about your upcoming videos and to stay in touch with your subscribers. This is a great way to promote your music video on YouTube.

Reach Out To Other Artists Or Creators

YouTube is  a pool of talented artists or creators hoping to make a mark collaborating with other artists or creators who are working on the genre as you are via email address present in the “About” tab of their respective channel.

Releasing Clips Of Your Video On Other Well Liked YouTube Channels

Streaming clips of your video on other popular YouTube channels gives your audience a glimpse about your latest track and they may find motivation to watch it.

Maintain Consistency

No one can expect their fan base to grow overnight unless they are consistent in uploading new videos from time to time. You cannot hope to grab your audience’s attention merely by publishing one single video.

Take note that you need not make new music videos every week. You can utilise in publishing vlogs or tour diaries to enthral your fan followers. Maintaining cinsistency is the proven factor to gain real subscribers for your channel.

In  conclusion

If you are planning to promote your music video on YouTube you must be willing to go the extra mile. Every effort spent in planning a strategy will make your video successful. By implementing the right promotional tactics prior to your music video release is bound to yield positive results.

In an age when video is responsible for more than 47% of on demand music enjoyment, music video promotion is all the more important to garner a wide fan following and revenue. However, there is no magic formula to ensure its success. So it’s better to devise a promotion plan and follow it tediously. If you remain true to your efforts, success will follow you.