YouTube is a phenomenal networking site and with YouTube advertising services, your business can soar new heights. YouTube’s enormous potentiality can be harnessed to build brand consciousness, draw leads and promote sales. Moreover, if your products and services are catered towards the younger generation, there is a greater probability of finding them on YouTube rather than on any traditional platform. Nowadays, YouTube happens to be the channel of choice for young people. 48% of the new generation refer to YouTube for information. YouTube ads have the potentiality to reach 2.29 billion people globally, which is impressive. 

Being the second most visited search engine after Google, it poses enormous advertisement possibilities to promoteers hoping to lure potential customers and prospects with ads. With an improvement in bandwidth and internet speed, watching YouTube is a recurring event for a large number of people. Besides promoting brand awareness, these ads provide measurable return on investment. 

What is YouTube Advertising?

The promoteers use YouTube advertising service which is basically an ads platform to promote their brands and products in the form of advertisements on YouTube. Video is no longer regarded as an option but a necessity. With millions of people logging on to YouTube sites daily, YouTube advertisement is a powerhouse to cater to a wide range of people globally. Google has now come up with innovative techniques which allow greater flexibility in managing and creation of advertisements on YouTube. 

Benefits of using YouTube Ads

Exponential growth of users to real-time measurement parameters makes it all the more worthwhile to use the YouTube platform for advertising.

Covers A Wide Spectrum Of People

With over 2 billion people hooked on to YouTube it makes all the more sense to use YouTube as your very own advertising medium. Thus, irrespective of your product, brand or services you are able to ascertain that the viewers from the whole world watch your ads. This way you will be able to reach groups depending on their gender, geographical location and interest.

Build Rapport With Your Audience

You can also take aid of the various advertising formats to promote your goods and services. Ad formats are designed in a manner that allows you to create unprecedented customised experiences for your prospects. This permits you to form a connection with your audience in a unique way.

Increased Targeting Capacity

YouTube advertising makes it easy while selecting potential customers. Advertising enhances your targeting capabilities, empowering you to reach out to earmarked audiences and drive awareness. 

In depth analytics is a boon to YouTube advertisements. One of the added advantages of YouTube advertisement is that it allows you to ascertain the success of your advertisement through in depth analytics. An in-depth analysis provides a conclusive report that shows how customers have responded to your video. This analysis will help you to bridge the gap and promote your YouTube videos with real subscribers.

Different types of YouTube ads:

YouTube advertising provides diverse ad types to choose from-

Display Ads

One can generally find display ads on the right of videos in the “up next” and “recommended videos” section. These ads are related to the video being showcased or else based on specific requirements such as demographic interests. 

Overlay Ads

These are semi transparent ads which usually begin just a few seconds after the video starts playing. Likewise these ads are also relevant to the content of the video or are based on distinct requirements like interests, demographics and so forth. 

Skippable Video Ads

As the name suggests skippable video ads play only for about 5 seconds before a notification appears. There are no limits for these ads; however YouTube charges the advertisers if the user watches the video clipping for 30 seconds or more. 

Non Skippable Ads

Unskippable ads play either before or during the video. But unlike shippable ads, the viewers have to watch the entire ad. The video starts playing once the ads are over. Non shippable ads generally last for about 15-20 seconds.

Bumper Ads

YouTube bumper ads are basically non shippable ads that play before the beginning of the video for as long as 6 seconds.  The viewer is free to resume viewership once the ad ends. 

In Search Ads-

These ads appear in the search result while conducting a search. 

Final Words

Very much like strategic digital promoting YouTube advertising services require laborious research; strategic planning, execution and optimisation to make sure that you derive the maximum benefit. Many business houses are resorting to YouTube advertising services to increase traffic flow and obtain higher returns on investment (ROI’s). YouTube advertising services encompasses a group of talented promoters entrusted with the job of targeting customised users. They make use of superior technological advancements to ascertain that your ads are reaching out to potential consumers. And also prospects while they are busy watching videos on YouTube.