Increasing your YouTube subscriber count takes skill! Someone having the niche skill of getting more subscribers can grow his channel fast.

If you have already set up a YouTube channel, you may want to know how to get more YouTube subscribers.

  • Is it best to buy YouTube subscribers?
  • Are there any other organic strategies to get more subscribers on YouTube?

You have a chance to become the next big YouTube celebrity with a tonne of subscribers if you work hard and have a clever plan.

I’ve given you some tips on how to get more YouTube subscribers within a very short span of time.

Where did I learn that?

Before I discuss the strategies, I should highlight a crucial industry outlook.

In today’s world of content marketing, video content is suppressing other techniques. The most popular site for video sharing, video blogging (vlogging), and video marketing right now is YouTube. Google offers this platform for free, and many people (including myself) adore it.

Although Facebook and Twitter have just entered the world of video marketing, they still lag far behind YouTube in terms of influence.

Every uploaded video has a sizable potential audience because of YouTube’s monthly audience of over a billion unique users. YouTube is the preferred medium for watching videos, whether they be pranks being pulled on someone or reviews of summer fashion.

YouTube is undoubtedly a medium to be taken into consideration by anyone looking for some online marketing and visibility, especially with a whole new crop of YouTube stars on the rise.

By building a relationship with their audience on YouTube, bloggers can significantly increase their online presence.

A blogger has a great chance of using this powerful social network to increase traffic on YouTube. In order to follow that, you must have the required knowledge and skills to get more subscribers.

The length of this comprehensive guide on obtaining YouTube followers is noted. Make sure you have enough time right now to read it; if not, bookmark it and return to it at a later time.

21+ Ingenious Techniques To Get More YouTube Subscribers in 2022

You still haven’t fulfilled your commitment to revamp your YouTube channel and already another year has passed.

Here are 21+ clever ideas to increase your YouTube subscribers in 2022 if you’re thinking about updating your YouTube channel.

Another buddy of mine experienced a significant increase in his YouTube subscribers and watchers over the course of two years. He may not have astounding numbers, but his overall views are well over a million, which is more than his efforts.

Having said that, effectively putting these tactics to use can undoubtedly help you reach your objectives.

1. Include Watermark To Your Video

You may implement this cute little trick right immediately for your YouTube channel. You may apply a watermark to YouTube that will appear on all of your videos at all times. This gives your viewers even another way to subscribe to your channel. 

Do take note of the numerous watermark display options. You can substitute a new watermark for any already present ones. I began by using my logo as a watermark but eventually switched to the “Subscribe” button, which enabled me to gain more subscribers.

2. Set Your YouTube Account’s Default Settings

You can use this clever trick to add a subscribe reminder to each of your videos. Similar to branding, YouTube allows you to specify default options for all upcoming uploads. This wonderful feature will help you to ask viewers to subscribe to all the videos in your channel. 

Simply visit the YouTube defaults page and input the description you want to appear beneath each of your videos to configure this.

It is always recommended to use this as the default description for your videos.

When I upload videos, I always have the option of editing or removing anything. This helps me remember to remind my viewers to subscribe to my channel and saves me so much time.

3. Include A subscription String After The URL Of Your Channel

This is yet another clever tactic to dramatically increase the number of YouTube subscribers who visit your channel’s URL. With this feature, you will be able to track on “?sub_confirmation=1” at the end of your channel URL.

This prompts users to immediately subscribe to your YouTube channel when they click your link with the SML magic string (?sub_confirmation=1). 

This helps users to decide immediately and make them enable them to subscribe to your channel.

When you include a YouTube channel link on your blog, in social media posts, or in any other location, you can utilise the YouTube subscription string with the tip mentioned above or separately.

4. YouTube Thumbnail Image

Many YouTube creators concur on this point.

Instead of allowing a thumbnail to be produced at random, give each video a unique one. This is only logical.

Your YouTube videos’ CTR (click through rate) will rise if you create unique thumbnails with relevant photos and remarks. Your users will be informed about the topic of your video with a unique thumbnail and a brief annotation.

At the moment, YouTube provides a choice of thumbnails from three intervals: the 1/4-mark, 1/2-mark, and 3/4-mark. Pick the one that most accurately captures the theme of your video.

You may gain new subscribers to your YouTube channel by using catchy thumbnails, so if you are not creating them, you are missing out on a lot.

YouTube thumbnails have an idle size of 1280 × 720 pixels.

You may use these URLs:

  • Canva
  • ThumbMaker

Canva’s thumbnail creator produces beautiful YouTube thumbnails. Canva provides templates that are already made, and you may generate appealing thumbnails quickly.

If you don’t want to make thumbnails or don’t have enough time, you can hire services that will create good thumbnails for you.

5. Plan (and write a script for) Your Videos

Planning the topic of your YouTube channel is the first step in the beginning of your YouTube career.

You must plan a proper structure for your videos.

Choose the type of creation you enjoy doing most, then concentrate on gaining the necessary skills. Avoid copying popular YouTube channels. YouTube success is more dependent on doing what you love and enjoy doing.

Writing a script helps you organise your videos effectively and keeps you on target, which makes for better-performing videos. You’ll be able to keep on subject without deviating from it by following a script. A well-focused video will result from the flawless sequence of events that this script will guarantee.

Try and add the specifics as many as possible in your planned script:

  • Include the exact words you plan to use.
  • What you’ll be doing in the video.
  • The key points you should emphasise.
  • Add calls to action that are needed for the video (click on this link, subscribe to my channel, etc.)

Moreover, analyse your target audience and try to prepare a script that suits their demand.

Can they use technology?

Do they speak English as a second language?

How intelligent are they?

What is the difference between their and your levels of expertise? Do they desire humour or information?

Decide who your audience are, then speak to them appropriately.

6. Create Compelling Content (Must)

It ought to go without saying that you should produce material that is interesting, educational, and entertaining. Make sure that it remains the same for the entire video. You have a chance of losing your viewers if you are not consistent in the entire video.

Contents that are informational or trending are the most successful ones. The kind of information that is both engaging and educational works the best. This is quite typical for any sort of content marketing, but in particular, educational and entertaining videos are frequently the most effective.

You should upload a mix of evergreen and burst videos, specifically. Burst videos will be popular for a brief period of time and bring you immediate clicks, but they will lose popularity over time.

Videos that are evergreen will continue to be relevant over time and receive archival views. Ideally, you ought to make as much evergreen material as you can.

You can try posting “Screencasts” if you’re worried about the wrath of the camera. Screencasts can still be instructive and amusing.

Make sure your videos are valuable to your audience and extremely engaging before pressing the publish button, whatever you do.

7. Upload In Regular Intervals

Even if it’s easier said than done, this is true nonetheless. If someone joins a channel it must be because of the content and the channel’s consistency of uploading videos.

Subscribers on YouTube typically dislike channels that don’t update frequently. Consumers constantly want more and more entertainment, particularly in the current digital era. Your job is to fulfil the demands of the subscribers.

If you are consistent, you can definitely build a lasting relationship with your subscribers.

Try to publish all your videos in a structured manner and in regular intervals. At the very least, try to publish one or two videos per month or one per week.

Do not upload videos outside of this schedule; stick to it. You will lose credibility as a result. As the fresh episodes of a series come on a regular basis, your new videos should be on the channel the same way. It’s similar to watching your favourite TV show; fresh episodes air on a regular basis. This regularity aids in maintaining your interest as a viewer.

8. Improve YouTube Title For Better CTR

The key to success on YouTube is standing out from the crowd.

Choose unique names for your videos to stand out among the competition. By doing this, you’ll attract a lot of viewers who will visit your channel out of pure curiosity.

Unique names can have a great impact on your channel growth.

However, you’ll also need to get into the SEO aspect of YouTube marketing if you want to acquire the most views possible.

Here are 6 suggestions for improving your YouTube titles for maximum reach:

  • Inclusion of keywords in the title. Like earlier, keyword inclusion in the title has a powerful impact on the SEO of a video. Because Google bots don’t view videos the same way they read blog posts, having the keyphrase in the title will inform Google bots of the topic of your video.
  • Use Google Adwords to know the interests of people. Focus on videos that have the ideal balance of high volume searches and little competition.
  • Limit the length of the title. Google has limited a video’s character count to 66 and started adding “YouTube |” before the video (ie. extra 10 characters). No more than 50 characters should be used in your ideal video title.
  • Give the title some context. Give a preview of the video’s content to the audience.
  • Create a charming title. A quirky title, like I mentioned earlier, will encourage more clicks. More clicks will increase the chances to rank higher.
  • The title shouldn’t contain the word “video.” This will not help you rank higher in the search results on Youtube but will take up space (it may have positive on other search engines).

Learn to create titles that are engaging, pertinent, and optimised.

9. Use Channel Customizations To Your Advantage

Utilize YouTube’s personalization capabilities to their fullest potential if you want viewers to trust your brand on the platform.

Impression is what matters. Therefore, try to create a positive impression on the audience, and in return they’ll believe in you and help in your channel growth.

You need to explore the branding strategies for your YouTube channel. And if you already have a blog, it will help you to grow your audience base. You will become instantly recognisable as a result across all platforms.

You may build your brand on YouTube by having some well-made, unique channel art.

Create a background header with elements from your blog’s design in it.

Utilize the YouTube channel bio and custom URL to complete your channel changes. Keep the bio succinct and direct. For better results, you can always give the URL of your blog in the description part of your video.

A YouTube channel cover has an ideal size of 2560 x 1440 pixel.

10. Make A Compelling Channel Trailer

When you open a YouTube channel, a nice feature called channel trailers allows you to have a video play instantly.

In order to keep your viewers engaged, you should try to improve your channel trailer and try to make it more interesting. 

In this competitive world, you don’t have much space of opportunity to grab your audience’s attention at this point. Your channel trailer length should be between 30 and 60 seconds.

Here, you must explain to potential subscribers why they should stick with your channel and what benefits you can offer them.

If you make yourself confident in front of the camera, you can make your introduction more interesting and engaging. And this can happen only if you have a good script with you.

Analyse your effort whether it brings you subscribers or not. You should also check the viewer retention rates in your YouTube channel  to see the performance of the channel trailer.

Adjust it till it’s ideal.

11. Use The Proper Equipment

There are many excellent tools available. If you want to grow an organic audience base, you should use the right tools that will help. These are the tools that can help you to create amazing as well as can help you to advertise your videos.

Increase in the number of organic views will result in an increase in the number of real subscribers and promotes your channel organically.

One can use Tubebuddy   if he is serious about marketing on YouTube.

TubeBuddy will assist you in increasing your YouTube audience, revenue, and automation of all YouTube tasks. Check it out without a doubt.

12. Make Your YouTube Channel Discoverable

If you have an official website, make sure to link to it on YouTube if you have the ability to do so.

There is no justification for you not to do this since it makes sense.

When you send your most enquiring visitors to your website, the work you put into promoting your YouTube channel will pay off. Additionally, YouTube will verify your channel as an accurate representation of your brand.

Add the URL of your website or blog to your channel in the YouTube page’s channel settings.

You may also think about including your website or blog URL right in the channel description.

To increase the number of followers to your YouTube channel, place a “Subscribe” button somewhere on your blog.

13. Release Longer Duration Videos (recommended 10+ minutes)

Although YouTube is home to numerous in-depth reviews and other lengthy content, the videos that are presently longer than 10 minutes have the highest subscription rates.

Shorter videos tended to do well in the past, but lengthier videos now tend to rank higher as YouTube has gained popularity.

According to a January 2014 Comscore analysis, the typical YouTube video was 4.4 minutes long. This figure represents the ideal starting point for content developers.

Once you’ve gained a sizable following, you can experiment with different video lengths to see how your audience will respond.

Keep it brief (10 minutes or less), basic, instructive, and entertaining.

This is not a rigid guideline, especially if you can complete your video in under five minutes, you can proceed.

Although it is a difficult task, your efforts will be rewarded.

14. Use The Intro And Outro From YouTube

Your YouTube intro and outro video will increase the entertainment value of your video in addition to aiding in branding.

Your brand will benefit from having an intro and outro, and your video will appear more professional as a result. It resembles a TV show’s opening theme song.

Additionally, a captivating introduction will guarantee that your viewers watch the entire video.

15. Edit Your Videos Till You Get The Best

A well-known photographer named Thomas Hawk asserts that he has ten rejected photos for each one he publishes. The same holds true for all forms of editing.

Make sure that only your best YouTube videos are published by editing them as harshly as possible.

It will only harm you personally and your brand as a whole if you rush into closely adhering to your plan and publish carelessly. While you are filming a video, make numerous recordings, being careful to just choose the best ones.

If you’re not sure about one particular take, take a few.

For standard video editing, Adobe Premier will work well if you run Windows. Get the appropriate editing tools to help you through this (sometimes tedious) procedure.


16. Give Quality Descriptions For Your Videos

Returning to the SEO component of YouTube videos, it is important to pay attention to the video description.

The description will help potential viewers understand what your video is about as well as help search engines find your videos.

But don’t go overboard. It makes no sense to have a very lengthy description as only the first few lines appear when the video starts loading.

Use your keyword in the description just like you would in the title, but be careful not to overdo it. Don’t imagine that by including your keyword 20 times, you can trick the search engine. In fact, doing this will reduce your chances of appearing in searches.

Keep things honest and natural.

17. Think About Working With Other YouTubers

Top content creators have started working together more frequently recently on YouTube.


  • Because teamwork is advantageous to all parties.

It will benefit the audience, your colleagues, and you.

The creative process is constructive, and viewing other YouTubers as rivals would only stop you from moving forward and leave you stagnant and envious of others’ achievements.

Reach out to other users in your industry who are similar to you and propose collaborating on an intriguing project.

Your collaborator will be able to reach a new audience, you will be able to reach a new audience, and your viewers will appreciate the added value they are receiving.

It benefits everyone.

18. Communicate With Your Fans

Social media is based on the underlying principle of interacting and connecting with others.

Everything depends on how much you care.

Your fans will care about you if they feel that you care about them.

Engage with your viewers and pay attention to their requests in the video comments. It is true that you might encounter some criticism and resentment in your comment section, but handle it gracefully and pay attention to your devoted fan base.

Respond to comments on your videos to maintain a sense of connection with your audience. They will respect you for caring about them because of this, which will increase trust.

19. Conduct Contests And Video Challenges

Who doesn’t enjoy freebies?

Give your audience something in return for all of their YouTube channel activity.

Your current subscribers will be thanked, and a free YouTube giveaway or video contest will help draw in new ones.

You can distribute anything you desire:

  • New technology device.
  • Brand-named t-shirt
  • A monthly hosting fee.
  • New vehicle!

Whatever it is, your audience will be thrilled to have the opportunity to receive something for nothing and will spread the word to all of their friends . Not only is this free advertising, but it’s also free viral advertising.

Many YouTube presenters need visitors to follow all of their social media accounts in order to enter a really large prize. I advise using this strategy.

Although it’s ideal if the giveaway is relevant to your niche, even if it isn’t, your audience will still like receiving something for nothing.

20. Promotion Across Platforms Is Essential

Staying visible and active on many social media platforms is a need for being alive in the social media era.

Being discoverable is essential if you’re attempting to establish a brand. You must be active across many important social media networks.

You ought to at the very least have a Google Plus, Twitter, and Facebook profile. However, there are always alternatives, including Pinterest, Instagram, SnapChat, and all the others.

Use an auto-scheduling programme like SocialPilot to stay organised and on a regular posting schedule if managing many social media accounts sounds like a logistical nightmare.

To further market oneself online, you can also try Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

Successful brands are developed in this manner.

You project yourself as an omniscient presence by making oneself visible in numerous locations on the internet.

Additional Tip: Earn your first 1000 YouTube subscribers by working hard

Be as aggressive as you can to get out there and achieve the milestone of first 1000 subscribers on YouTube.

On social media, the “build it and they will come” mentality will fail. You must use all of your resources to market your channel. You’ll be inspired to work even harder and make better videos for your viewers if your channel is swiftly gaining popularity.

Tell your friends what you’ve been working on, and if they’re interested, ask them to subscribe. Keep in mind that friends are not required to do anything, so refrain from pressuring them.

Get out there on other social media platforms, interact with other people, and inform them of your endeavours. If they show any interest, ask them to like and subscribe.

Don’t bother anyone, once again!

Continue your exploration and experimentation.

You should know the basic factor that what works for others may not work for you. Continue exploring and stay with the strategies that are effective for you.

Try out different backdrops, camera angles, video thumbnails, and all of the other tips in this article. Keep an eye on your adjustments and how they are impacting the behaviour of your audience.

Be loyal to your brand.

It takes a lot of work, time, tenacity, and dedication to create something worthwhile on YouTube. But with time and perseverance, you can gain from it.