After Google, YouTube is the second most popular search engine. People prefer YouTube for many things and to gain information and knowledge. YouTube has spread a lot and ideas spread quickly nowadays. YouTube is a source for videos about basically everything. It provides you information about every aspect, everything from fashion and lifestyle to educational and historical videos. YouTube supports Google advertising spirit. People can create their own virtual channel on YouTube and connect to a wider audience. YouTube also pays by views and subscribers. To gain views and subscribers one needs to increase YouTube traffic on their channel. 

YouTube can benefit you a lot and can open doors for many opportunities. But to gain benefits from YouTube it is necessary to have good traffic on your channel. One who has traffic will be able to gain more views and subscribers. After getting lots of views, brands will collaborate with you. Videos on YouTube get viral and reach out on other platforms as well. On YouTube you can host your own channel. This will allow you to gain professionalism. You can build your own brand. Your brand will get recognition and you can update, revise and create completely new videos for your brand. You can check how many views your video generates. This calculation will enable you towards your progress. 

YouTube has a lot of opportunities waiting for you. You just need to start up with your channel and content. Your content and it’s attractiveness will drive people to your channel. Everyone wants to increase YouTube traffic. Everyone thrives through many many challenges to make their channel rank and to get their YouTube videos viral. There are more than a billion people on YouTube. In today’s world it is a difficult task to make your videos rank on YouTube because of growing competition. So that’s why it is mandatory to use some tricks and tips to increase YouTube traffic.

Attractive Thumbnail

Choosing attractive thumbnails is more important than you think. It’s the first thing people will see when they search for your video so it needs to have the click worthy value. As quoted, the first impression is the last impression. The first impression may not be a last impression but the first impression is literally an important impression when it comes to choosing a video before watching it. It must be appealing and attractive in such a way that people may end up watching your video because of your thumbnails. It must create a suspense in users’ mind that they would check out your video. Customising your own thumbnail can be a better option and it can look more attractive when you make your own thumbnail with some suspense as well as creativity. This is considered as an important parameter of YouTube traffic generator.

Attractive Title

Giving a beautiful title will make people understand your content. It will also help people to go forward and watch your video. Choosing an attractive title having your keyword will drive traffic to your channel. Your channel is something which every newcomer appreciates. If you keep your channel’s title in an attractive manner, people would definitely look forward to your channel.

Amazing Content

Your content must be very amazing. Even if a random person watches your channel he must like and subscribe to your channel because of your good and appealing content. Your content should consist of unique and attractive ideas. There are millions of people on YouTube. You should not reflect on someone on your channel. You must make your content without copying and free from plagiarism. However good your Thumbnail and title is, if your content is rubbish nobody will get back to your channel and will spread negativity. So it’s a good option to keep your content clean and unique which can strike people straightaway.

Video Quality & Overall Performance

Your performance such as the way you explain your content or the way you present your content plays an important role. It will help people to understand what your content talks about. If your content lacks a good presentation people won’t like it and will never watch your videos again. Your video quality is also an important factor. Try to keep subtitles for your video which will help people to understand better. Try to edit your videos in an appealing manner with beautiful, unique and non-copyright graphics. 

Consider SEO

Use keywords and titles which are non competitive and by the help of YouTube SEO you can rank your channel on the first page of YouTube. There are many videos but only few rank on YouTube because of SEO. There are many experts who would help you in detail about SEO because it plays an important role to generate traffic. A video ranking on the top will always be the first priority of the viewer. They will obviously check out the first video ranking on the page or the videos ranking on the page. If you want to generate people towards your videos then try to improve your video SEO. You may not even know what miracles it can do. You won’t even expect a video to go viral and it would win lots of hearts just because of the YouTube optimization.

Engage With Your Audience

Every content creator engages with their audience in the comment section and tries to be on their side through other platforms such as Instagram. You should try to talk to your audience and try to gain their thoughts about your videos. You should ask them to comment and tell you about your video and ask them for what kind of content they want. This will help you to know what your audience wants from you. You should also mention your upcoming videos to gain people’s attention towards your next video. You should ask them to subscribe to gain early access to your upcoming videos and you can gain more views on your new YouTube video.

Collaboration With Brands & Other Channels

If you need to increase YouTube traffic you should try to grab it from your other YouTube friend’s or any other brands. They will promote your channel or videos on their channel so that you can generate traffic and their audience must contain your potential audience too. This will help you to generate traffic. Collaboration with brands will also help you generate some income as well as you can attract their audience as well.


These are some techniques to increase YouTube traffic and grow your channel. If you want to increase the traffic fast you can also pay to promote YouTube video and grow your channel.