Let’s Look At Some Tricks To Get More Views On YouTube

Let's Look At Some Tricks To Get More Views On Youtube

YouTube is a platform for various talents as well as marketers. There are various people looking for great content, tutorials, guides as well as remedies on YouTube. Therefore it becomes an important platform and plays various roles in the lives of people. There are various contents available on YouTube. It has become a great competition for the content creators starting from scratch. The videos and contents by many content creators are ranking and hence gaining loads of views. It is very difficult for one to achieve many views in a short duration. Hence, you should use some tricks to get more views on YouTube.

Views are the central factor of a YouTuber. It is the main and crucial thing because without views one can never sustain and grow on YouTube. YouTube view means someone watching your video is counted as a view by YouTube. Views are very essential because when someone watches your video, he comes across your content, likes and shares it. You can attain monetization through YouTube views and subscribers.  Also if you want to make short videos, you can promote YouTube shorts to increase your subscribers.

If you’re a YouTuber you know how damn important a view is for you to grow your channel. A more number of views depicts how valuable and good your content is. When a new user comes across your video, your view count will let him decide whether to watch your video or not. More views will show him that your video is quite appealing and loved by more people. Views are generated by a lot of tactics. It is a major skill to learn because it directly affects your YouTube career. 

There are a lot of things which attract an audience. So let’s look at some tricks to get more views on YouTube.


Brands and it’s cool representation attracts an audience. Your logo is the first impression of your brand and your channel. It is important to develop your channel in a way where everyone could get attracted just by the name itself. Logo must be as great as your content and videos.


Thumbnail is the first impression for all your audience. Your thumbnail must be prepared in such a way that whenever someone looks at it they get excited to watch your video. Your creative and attractive thumbnail is the first step towards attracting your audience to gain views. Thumbnails should be made depicting your channel in an incomplete manner so that people become excited to watch the entire content. Your thumbnail must be very tricky and creative to make people end up watching your video which will help you gain more views.


Hashtags will help people to discover you. Using hashtags for your video is very important to gain people’s attention. Hashtags will help you to trend on various other sections and reach out to people. Once people search for hashtags and get your video with a beautiful and appealing thumbnail, they will definitely watch your video and you can gain lots of views in such a manner.

Appealing Title

Title is very important because it is the second most important thing which people notice. Your attractive and appealing title will help people to get a small idea about your video and hence they will visit your channel and you can achieve more view count. Title can also help you if you add your keyword in it. It will help in ranking your channel through SEO. Title will leave a good impact on your viewers and will describe your video in a few words. 

Use Keywords

Using keywords will let you rank among others because your keyword will be unique and with low competition which will help you rank among others. Keywords give a clear picture about your content to your viewers and this will overall affect your view count. 

Improve Your Content

When it comes to ranking your video, it becomes necessary to check upon your competitors and their videos. If you find your competitor’s video more attractive and appealing, then try to improve your channel more than them. Do take care you don’t copy and keep your content unique yet beautiful. This will make you rank first on the YouTube page and you can beat your competitors and gain more views than them. 

Ask Your Viewers To Subscribe To Your Channel

This is an important tactic to follow. If you do so, many people will start subscribing to your channel and in this way you will get your subscribers. Getting more and more subscribers can benefit you in lots of ways because they will have early access to your video. Your new video will reach them and simply through your old audience you can gain more views. Gaining subscribers will have a great impact on your view counts. Your view count can increase through your subscribers. So don’t forget to ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel.

Promote Your Channel On Other Platforms

This is therefore one of the best tricks to get more views YouTube. You can share the URL of your video on various other platforms to drive traffic to your videos. People from other sites may visit your channel. For that u just need to advertise your channel on various other platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Instagram in today’s world consists of a lot of traffic. So it can be a golden chance for you to attract a huge amount of traffic to your channel.

Make Friends On YouTube

Other content creators and YouTubers can be beneficial to you. You can ask them for collaboration and shout outs. This will help to drive their traffic and build your potential audience. Your audience can be anyone, you must try to recognise them and try to attract them to your channel. Their shoutout may increase traffic to your channel as well as your video may get more views.

Interact With Your Audience

Interaction through YouTube videos is not the only way. There are many other ways to interact with your audience even on Instagram and other platforms or you can talk to people on YouTube’s comment section. This will help people to like you even more. Your interaction will help you to win their hearts and they will like your personality. Thus they can be your fans and everyone is clear if an audience is your fan they will help you to grow even more. 


These are a few tricks to get more views on YouTube. Do make sure you use keywords and appealing thumbnails, titles and descriptions to attract more and more people. Do use SEO which will help you to rank on your page and overall focus on your performance. Your performance will help you to win hearts and gain views other than anything else.

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