Who doesn’t love music? Well, everyone does. Music is the art of expressing emotions in the form of a rhythm. And up-to-date, many genius musicians around the world give audiences joy through their melodious songs. But reaching their position requires a lot of effort. Reaching the right target audience is possible if you promote YouTube music.

YouTube was previously known for videos only, but now due to new updates, it has changed itself to a kind of music platform too. People started subscribing to more music channels on YouTube, and have dragged it to the no.1 platform for music. But promoting your music on a top music platform is not an easy task due to a lot of competitors in it.

Providentially, there are some fascinating strategies to promote YouTube music. You can have a look at some top ideas to promote YouTube music.

♦ Use Click Baits

The first impression is always the best impression. A person will get attracted to your music first, either through exploration or advertisement, then view your channel. Hence, focusing more on a video display is important rather than channel display. Do not use a weird or exaggerated thumbnail as people would hesitate to click your YouTube music. Make it look attractive, quite decent (but not too much), and colourful.

♦ Benefit Through YouTube Ads

Advertisements are the key to marketing. If you want to promote YouTube music video, the first thing which pops up in your mind is definitely “advertising it”. The more you pay, the more the YouTube organization provides you views. Try your best on the particular music which you want to advertise.

♦ Design YouTube Channels In A Professional Way

Have a look at all the famous musicians’ YouTube channels. It is designed elegantly, profile photo and cover photo always resembles either them or their life. Keep a good bio that describes you and mention a reason why people should subscribe to you.

♦ Resembling Titles And Description

Although your title would be the name of the music you released, the description should contain all the information. Especially, give credits to the people who helped you. Not giving them a credit would make your image a little selfish.

♦ SEO-Friendly Hashtags

Hashtags allows users to find the content they are searching for. YouTube always uses search engine optimization for hashtag corners. Use keywords that are most common like #music, #YouTubemusic, #rockandpop, etc. Similar to Instagram, YouTube allows mentioning only 15 hashtags per description. But don’t fill your hashtag section only with the most common ones. Otherwise, your fans will not be able to find your music in a bunch of other songs. So search for SEO-friendly hashtags which are moderate too.

♦ Keep An Eye On Overall Analysis

Cross-check your YouTube channel analysis at least once a week. Your overall analysis consists of comparisons in views and engagements. You indeed need to think of new strategies every time. But if your music channel is going downhill, come up with more and more new ideas to have a good kickstart.

♦ Verify Your YouTube Music Channel As Soon As Possible

Just think of yourself as an audience and if you have to subscribe to anyone between a verified and a non-verified user, then whom would you choose? Of Course the verified one! And even if you comment on others’ music with your verified channel, your comment will be at the top of everyone’s. You are more likely to get in people you may know or their suggestions section.

♦Music Videos Should Illustrate The Lyrics

Music clips express the rhythm of lyrics. You don’t want to scare the audience right? Well just make sure that video should be completely related to your YouTube music promotion

♦ Organized Playlist

A playlist is the most important aspect of music. Most prefer the music to keep on being played as they don’t want to change the song after each play. So make sure that you group your playlist well. Have the most famous and well-liked songs at the top.

♦ Keep Sharing Option Enabled

YouTube has a “share” option which allows the user to share the particular music to other social media platforms like WhatApp, Facebook, Instagram, and many more. People can share the music with their friends on social media platforms if they like it. By that your music will get more promotion.

♦ Find The Target Audience

Shape your music in such a way that it can divert the attention of the audience. Try to target youngsters especially teenagers because they are more susceptible and addicted to music.

♦ Upload Your Music Regularly

Try to upload at least thrice a month. Your fans will be eagerly waiting for your music and it would be a reason for disappointment for them if you didn’t upload your music on time. There’s also a bell icon on YouTube that helps your fans to get notification when you upload new music and can get a better kick start for it.

♦ Mention Your Contact Details

Musicians always mention their contact details, especially email so that people can connect them easily. If other YouTube channels, micro-celebrities, or brand companies want to collaborate with you, then they can contact you smoothly.

♦ Networking With Other Bands

Once a wise man said that “Coming together is a beginning, Keeping together is a process and Working together is a success”. Although you can promote your music solo, when you collaborate with another band who is at your level and want their music to be a success too, then you both can promote music more easily. And that’s another unique feature of YouTube. YouTube music is a platform where you can find your working partner comfortably. Connection with other professionals makes your task go on more smoothly.

♦ Follow On-Going Trends

Try to include content that is a progressive trend now. For example, the squid game show on Netflix is the hottest topic running right now. Search engine optimization for these trends will be higher in ongoing days, so use these words or content in your music.


The music industry has a lot of competitors because audiences keep getting distracted by other musicians and start liking their music. You shouldn’t keep on following only the same strategy. Come Up with new ideas all the time to gain more and more fan-base.