Not every video uploaded gets viral on YouTube, and if it does, enjoy the journey. The fundamentals to a viral video on YouTube is human interactions. If one can achieve this one can definitely make their videos viral. 

What is Virality?

Virality is best explained as spreading content(image, videos, links) on the internet and social media platforms. This content can vary from good to bad and various topics. Virality is one of the best ways to run a successful campaign in promotion. Not only does it spread awareness it also builds fame and fortune. 

 So how do you actually achieve this outstanding phenomenon? And is there a guide to help create a good video that will evidently go viral on YouTube. 

There are some of the steps that can felicitate and bring forth your next viral video on the internet. Follow these steps to create your first viral video.

Unique Video

If you observe videos that go viral, you might realize these videos have something unique to offer. In most cases, one video goes viral and people repeat the trend. Some also introduce a unique variant to make the videos catchy. 

Viral videos expect you to think out of the box. You need to think about creating videos that are unique and never thought of. This gives you a better chance to create a video that could go viral. 

When I say unique content, I don’t only mean a new theme or topic. While those aspects are important too, high-quality videos also make an impact. Bland and boring content never make it viral. Think of something funky and innovative. Experimenting this on your channel will help you understand what is the driving force for viral videos. 

Use Reddit

Reddit is one of the well-known sites to produce viral videos. Reddit allows its users to post video links. The more upvotes you get on Reddit the more likely the video can go viral. Post your YouTube video links on Reddit.

Reddit is known as the hub for viral videos. Viral videos usually originate from Reddit. Use Reddit to your benefit and expect some good results from it.  The more the number of upvotes the better will be your standing and ranking among other videos. 

Play on Emotions

Here, I can say observe videos. If you observe videos that go viral they will evidently have some emotional connection with the viewers. 

Emotional connections are of different types. From sad, happy, motivational, funny or sarcastic they all revolve around human emotions. 

If you can infuse your video with emotions, your video can surely seek new heights. Reach out to your audience with the help of emotions in your video. It can fetch you new views and subscribers on YouTube for your videos. 

Tips: The key to adding emotions to your content is through storytelling. When people’s emotions are touched and videos convey their feelings people will share them. In such cases, you need a video that truly exploits a specific emotion. When this is achieved, automatically people will share your video and create successful viral content. 

Find Your Target Audience

Audiences play a vital role in creating a viral video. Without a set of proper audiences one cannot achieve virality. Finding your correct set of  audience is necessary when creating YouTube videos. This very audience is responsible for viewing your videos and sharing them among others. If you can easily gain the approval of your views you can quickly expect your video to go viral. 

Targeting the audience through organic means is difficult. If you can use YouTube targeting options to share your video and target your audience. You can also use demographics like age, gender, location etc.

You can also use YouTube Analytics to your advantage. Here you can discover and get an understanding of who views your videos. They offer various details based on the needs and requirements of their channel owners. Using Analytics can help you to target your audience on a better scale. 

Utilize Social Platforms

Once you complete your video and upload it on your YouTube channel start promoting it. You can start by promoting it on other social media platforms. People who have a good fan following can request their fan to share your video. This helps to spread awareness. 

Nowadays, people use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter to share their videos and attach links. 

You can also post shot clippings or teasers to encourage people. This helps to invoke curiosity in the minds of people. Evidently they are sure to watch your videos. Ultimately, you will notice a good threshold for interaction, views and subscribers. 


Keywords are important in digital marketing. They help your content rank higher in the search option. Using appropriate keywords can make your video more valuable. Use proper keywords that describe your videos. If you have difficulty in finding correct keywords check videos that are similar to your. This will give you an idea on which keyword you need. 

Keywords can help you gain more audience. Include keywords in your blogs, descriptions and video titles. Make sure that the keywords are relevant to your content. Use keywords that are relevant and help people find you easily. Many promotional activities use keywords in their images and videos. Evidently though, Keywords may not appear fancy but their presence is indispensable. Use they wisely 


When you are working to make a video viral on youtube, you need to keep your audience in mind. Audiences play an important role in determining if the video will make it viral or not! How?, make your video with a relevant message directed to your audience. Think from the perspective of your audience. 


Viral videos usually stimulate the mind of a person. As long as your video invokes a person’s emotion, you can expect virality. Viral trends aren’t restricted to a global level, they can go trendy in a particular region, location or set of audience. As long as the number of shares on YouTube increases your video is doing great. 

If your video is not doing so great as you planned, that’s okay. It’s not evidently the end of your channel. Have patience! And Keep the faith high! 

You will surely create a video that will surge it’s way to the top and go viral on YouTube.