Well, then read this article fully to get more insights. The task would require work and time. But, if you are doing it correctly, you will be rewarded with more real views on YouTube. It is a far better user experience, and opportunities to increase your content and audience.

YouTube is one among the foremost renowned media for capturing attention within the world, because of its large user base. The network has the facility to succeed in billions. The success comes whether you’re teaching people the way to make Korean food, dubbing famous films, or putting food reviews.

Below are some tips to get more real views on YouTube:

Make Use Of Hashtag

The main use of hashtags is to categorize the whole lot of videos into domains. If we start searching for quilling flowers, all videos with the hashtag quilling flowers will appear, that’s how it works. You can use trending hashtags to get more reach. To find trending hashtags you can get the help of google analytics. Consider short-tail SEO another time .

Make Your Thumbnail Image Better

Whether it’s on the organic results page, the suggested videos area, or social media, your thumbnail image,  may do miracles for increasing your YouTube views. Use high-resolution graphics with readable and interesting typefaces, also as facial close-ups if your video includes them.

Improve The SEO Ranking Of Your Video

Using YouTube SEO to get more views on YouTube is an age old technique. Because that is how the YouTube videos are ranked amongst themselves. Backlinks from video embeds are counted as backlinks. And during this situation, the links are resulting in the YouTube video, boosting its SEO rating. With an honest SERP ranking, you’ll double the traffic to your video and double the amount of views.

Use The Links Included In Your Original Video To Market Giveaways And Promotions

A nice giveaway is something that everybody enjoys. Users are going to be directed to the video’s YouTube page if you post a few promotion, giveaway, or raffle on social media. And also if you tell your subscribers that the link to hitch is within the video’s description. This may cause an increase in views.

Use Titles That Are Descriptive And Keyword-Rich

Here’s where your keyword research comes in handy. A thorough and interesting title accomplishes two goals. It provides keywords for the algorithm to filter for relevancy, and it attracts viewers and informs them about the video’s content. You’ll employ traditional SEO approaches to try to do keyword research, like employing a keyword planner or other keyword research tools.

Engage Other YouTubers As Guests

Guest YouTubers, industry influencers, or people of significance with their own following can do wonders for increasing real views on YouTube. It is similar to guest posting for blog articles. Guest YouTubing can tempt your consumers with household industry names and bring a distinct and unique perspective to your business’s area, similar to influencer marketing. By including a link to one of their videos or websites in your video description, you can establish a mutually beneficial relationship.

For Embedded Videos, Use Autoplay

This is another way to get more real views on YouTube. You ought to use caution when doing so, as auto-playing movies may irritate some people. If the video content is instructive, it’s going to be an honest idea to use it. Because, viewers can go right into the video that explains the way to accomplish something.

Connect With Famous Influencers To Urge More Views

Influencer marketing is quickly becoming a go-to method for big-name organisations to succeed in bent their target consumers. They need built-in audiences who re-share and promote their content. This has the potential to end in a viral increase in views.

Provide Informational, Enjoyable, Or Both Sorts Of Content

Your video content should add value to the viewer’s experience, whether it’s via teaching them the way to do or comprehend something or simply by keeping them entertained. Making YouTube videos is like investing. When you post the best quality content, your subscribers will provide you with more views. It is just like you get more money when you invest properly.

Be A Neighborhood Of Your Particular Community

Being a lively part of your specialized group is one thing, but promoting oneself as an expert in your own videos is another. Discuss other videos and offer advice or feedback. And, if there’s any video content that’s lacking some crucial information, link them to your content to provide them with further details.

Maintain Your Social Media Profiles With A Good Amount Of Followers

By doing so you can make your instagram or facebook followers to watch your YouTube videos. By sharing links on other profiles, you’ll reach your whole audience and direct them to your video. To extend your views, share the link as a post or include it to the outline of your profiles.

Additionally, by driving traffic to YouTube from your social media profiles, you’ll gain credibility with the algorithms by becoming the idea of an outsized number of session beginnings.

Make A Playlist

Make a playlist that will list all your videos in order to provide convenience for the visitors to watch them in order. After the primary video has finished playing, your additional videos will begin to play automatically. It will lead to more views for every video that has been played without the viewer having to go away from the player.

To increase the real views for every playlist, you’ll embed it, upload it on your channel, or have users share it. Make all unique, and therefore the order during which they’re played should give them flow and relevance. These are ideal for instructive or amusing content that tells a story or delves into the small print of how several parts close to make an entire. 


It may take a considerable time to get more real views on YouTube, but it’s worth it. The system has its own set of checks and balances in situ to make sure that high-quality video content is out there to its viewers in the least times. Build a lively subscriber base, and they’ll account for the bulk of your views.

If you feel creating content is your cup of tea then give it a short!