2021 has given a big scope to independent artists to embrace the new opportunities and build an empire with little efforts. The pandemic has hit the whole world in the gut so badly that it still needs time to recover from the loss of the moment. But it has given plenty of chances to the new and upcoming artists who thrived to grow without any help from the big bananas of the music production system. Many unsigned artists made breakthrough performances during the slow and emotionally deranged summer.

They made tunes as cheerful as the colorful popsicles and walked the hall of fame with strategic moves. Meanwhile, it breaks the heart of a music enthusiast to see that many independent artists don’t have any clue to think about the bigger picture and how to promote their songs on a larger scale. This blog is meant for all the novice musicians who haven’t taken the grand flight that can land them to next year’s Grammy nominees. It will help you to know the best ways of organic YouTube promotion.

Cut to the chase, let’s get started with loaded fuel and talk about all the helpful ways that help you as an artist and find more audience without burning a hole in your pocket.

Here’s how you can successfully promote your songs instantly, any day:

Make Your Identity With A Dashing Website: 

Well, once you turn off the mic and edit your latest songs, EPs, and albums, you must focus on the second part i.e. to promote your music on your website. Creating a website is the second most important thing when it comes to organizing promotion for your stuff. The website is like an identity and people like to directly view what your music is all about on a separate platform. You create an edge with your exclusive website and start building a large & dedicated mailing list.

Your website should be the book with every information, so, you should provide links to your bio, latest music, merchandise, images, tour dates, and contact details. You must have a mailing list sign up form for the devoted lovers of your music. With direct emails, you can enhance your connection with the visitors.  

Try to Make a Stable Social Presence:

The power of social media is known to all. As an artist, you can get out of that volatile image that you have perceived with non-effective ideas and develop a staggering social presence with the help of radical social media promotions. Maintaining an engaging presence on every social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tik Tok is very easy but time-consuming. You must have an eye for good and regular content to share with the world on social media to continue making noise in the same paradigm. Be consistent and available with the new updates so that people can easily find your magic of music.

Include Your Songs Into Hit Playlists:

If you still don’t know how important these playlists are, then you are stupid. You can’t dare to miss any opportunity to be a part of the deadly opportunity that can win you a lot of attention. Playlists across Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer have thousands of millions of listeners all around the world. If someone likes your song in the played playlist, you will earn both royalty and recognition.

Look Out For Blogs and Press Release:

Once your music is featured on mainstream blogs, you can show the world that you are not among those a dime a dozen who rolls without an aim in life. If you have a trick up your sleeve with high-quality content such as reviews, blogs, and press releases, you can gear up your career within a few moments. Good online content for your music provides the credential to build hype when you need.