Many new artists and bands fade out real soon in their career in this ever-changing music industry. It is not because they are terrible in making music but due to their lack of promotional techniques. In order to grow you need to know the techniques to promote music on YouTube.

You need to use YouTube advertising for your videos to the best of your ability so that maximum people feel your presence in the industry.

YouTube is the giant of all streaming platforms, making it mandatory for aspiring artists to learn new ways to attract more audience on the platform.

Below are some special tips on how to promote music on YouTube for an increase in view count on your music video.

1. Channel Artwork

Think of your channel artwork as the billboard for promoting your content. It is the first thing that people are going to see if they are not subscribed.

So, it has to be neat and attractive to increase traffic on your videos.

2. Profile Pic & Channel Covers

A great way to lure people is to use match the artwork on YouTube with your latest single/album. Your profile picture and channel cover play an important role to promote music on YouTube.

This way when people land on your page for the first time, it will immediately direct them to your latest releases. And also it will help you to get more subscribers on YouTube.

3. About Section

An impressive bio with all the information about you and your music can make a good first impression on viewers. Also, use SEO keywords in your description to rank higher in YouTube and Google search.

4. Links

This feature helps you to add all social media and streaming platform links to your YouTube page. These clickable links can gain views and subscribers on YouTube.

5. Music Channels

Submit your music to big and popular music channels on YouTube. Many of these channels stream live 24/7 with other people’s music. These channels are sorted according to genres and attract the audience genuinely interested in that particular kind of music. 

So, uploading your music on these channels is a great way to ensure organic music marketing.

Write a professional email to the owner of the channel requesting them to promote your music on their channel and get heard by thousands of fans.

6. Vloggers

There are tons of vloggers on YouTube who want to do cuts and fancy edits in their videos. And most of the time they are looking for royalty-free music to do the same.

As a new or independent artist, if you want to get your music heard then submit them to these vloggers with a decent number of subscribers.

Do not forget to request a link to your channel/video in the description of the featured video.

7. YouTube SEO

Take advantage of YouTube SEO by doing thorough research on keywords and trending topics. Use the keywords in your descriptions, tags, and titles to increase your visibility on both YouTube and Google.

This increases your chances of getting discovered by more people and establish your digital presence.


Apply these amazing methods on ‘how to promote music on YouTube’ for an unconventional career graph. Make sure you produce great music which will help you carve your own path of success and fame.