Youtube is the second largest search engine. Therefore, real youtube video promotion is necessary for growth and long term results. Even if you put a lot of effort into creating a video and create an excellent video, video promotion is still essential. 

Promoting videos is tricky, you need to research what platforms are suitable for promoting. You also need to make sure youtube video promotion is yielding real and authentic views. Some promotion techniques and service providers give fake views that drop after some time. 

In order to go for a real promotion, let’s discuss the following researched ways to get real views and subscribers.


1. SEO Friendly

There are hundreds of videos uploaded every minute, to make them choose you, keep in mind to make SEO friendly content. YouTube SEO is difficult to learn but once you learn it or hire an outsider to do this job for you. It can be very effective.

SEO contains various steps. For instance keyword research, deciding the appropriate title, description, maintaining the length of the content, etc. It is one of the most effective ways of video promotion.


2. Advertising 

Advertising on various social media platforms is very easy. Various users are available on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can use Facebook ads to display your ads in front of people. 

Advertising on social media platforms is one of the most efficient ways of increasing your brand awareness. The more you advertise, the more people start to discover. Although, you need to market research and see the cost of advertising before you do it.


3. Paid Promotion

Paid promotion is one of my favorite ways of promotion. Finding the right sites to promote YouTube videos will do wonders. Look for an agency with a good portfolio, experience, and reviews. Companies providing video promotion services give you several benefits and guaranteed results.

Although many companies provide fake views that start to drop after some time. For authenticity, do thorough research. Check reviews, social media sites, blogs, etc.


4. Quality Videos 

Now just promoting videos isn’t enough. And creating good quality videos in the beginning and slowly decreasing the quality of the content can create a negative impact. Make entertaining and informative videos so that you can rank your videos on YouTube

High-quality videos are equally important. Learn video editing skills and basic photography skills for a user’s better experience. Make professional and engaging content. For real youtube video promotion, you don’t need to be an expert but should have some basic knowledge.


5. Interaction

It is the most essential aspect when you are running a youtube channel. Interact with your audience or your fans. Engaging with the audience keeps them happy and help you to promote your channel

For interacting, talk to them in the comment section, answer their questions and opinions, even the negative ones. Stay active and post content timely, you can also do a Q&A. Ask them to send you questions and create a video to address them.



Promoting videos in the rapid competition is a challenge. You can use these methods for real youtube video promotion. Choose the ones you are most compatible with and are budget-friendly. 

These tips will help you get more views on your channel and ultimately increase subscribers in the long run.