In today’s world where technology has taken upon each of our lives, it has also paved a way for a new profession that is content creating and the best way to do so is by creating a YouTube Video. But only creating a video is not enough, you need to know the tips and tricks to promote YouTube video.

Many of the creators face the challenges to reach their target audience. Hence below are some critical steps you should take to promote YouTube Video.

1. Interesting Title 

Make the title of your YouTube video catchier by adding keywords that are trending. This helps to reach better to the audience and also increase the chances of your YouTube video to be up on the algorithm chart.

Also, the key to promote YouTube video is by capitalizing the main content. The title should make the viewer’s interest quirk up.

 2. Proper Video Tags 

They act as the best medium to promote your YouTube video. Make sure that you have enough tags as the keywords. Try and copy the tags from the similar kind of YouTube videos of your genre.

The one thing that the search engine picks while working is the tags, hence make sure to use them wisely. Properly used tags enhance the chances to increase traffic on your YouTube videos.

3. Appealing Thumbnails

Thumbnails are the first picture of your video hence, ensure that they are the catchiest element in the promotion of the YouTube video. Always try to make the thumbnail consisting of both the pictures and the text, do not just use one kind.

You can also put up the quirkiest moment from the video as your thumbnail. Also make sure that it fits for both the mobile screens and the desktops.

4. Intro and Outro for the Video

Make it as a non-skippable step to add an intro and outro in your YouTube video. Make a separate intro for the new viewers who see your video for the first time and for the old viewers for thanking them or making a suspense for the same.

Also make sure to talk about the channel and yourself in the intro part. After the whole video ends, make sure to have an outro. This helps to remind the audience to like, share and subscribe to your channel.

This section mostly includes the thanking and promotional part for the video.

5. Use of Social Media Platforms

Sticking to one-way promotion is traditional, it’s time to branch out with the promotion of the YouTube video. Make sure that you create the hype of the video on every social media platform.

You can use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and also can use WordPress to create your own blog for promoting the YouTube content.

6. Utilize Story Feature

Like Instagram and Facebook now YouTube is also following the story feature in its service. So, make sure to utilize the feature by creating an exposure for your YouTube video.

You can always share bits and parts of the video in the story to make the YouTube video look more engaging and for the main video it looks more anticipating.

7. With the Trend

It is always the best to go with the trend and promote the YouTube Videos. We understand that the content created by you is organic but it may only target a certain set of audience.

Therefore making the page stagnant so ensure that the new trends are followed and you make the promotion of the YouTube video booming by following them.

8. Interview The Brands

This is the best way to promote your YouTube content by interviewing different famous brands and influencers. This helps you to create a network of the audience with their viewership.

Promoting YouTube videos by this way helps to target the new set of audience. It also helps to have a brand and content collaboration for the future.

9. Learners Academy

One should always learn the way YouTube video streaming works and hence improve the step for the promotion of the YouTube video.

The YouTube Learners academy helps you in this step to promote your YouTube Video by teaching you online about the various practices of the algorithm.

10. Live Feature

You can always explore the new versions of YouTube Videos. Try the live feature to stream and connect online with the latest audience and indulge in Q&A for the Promotion of the Video.

You can also perform different tasks assigned by the viewers to promote the YouTube video.