Everyone in this world had wonderful wishes to come true in 2020. No one expected this year to be in the situation that it is today. It is proven that a virus can be so deadly that it can affect almost all the countries in the world. We all are suffering from the fear of being infected by Coronavirus (COVID-19, the most fatal pandemic till date. As a result we are forced to stay at home. People cannot go to the workplace, cannot roam around with friends or cannot even go for dinner at restaurants.

As a YouTuber what you should do during this period and what the changes that have been communicated by YouTube will be discussed in this article. 

Temporary Changes in YouTube

YouTube has implemented few changes due to COVID-19 and published a video related to the changes done. All are aware of the situation and most of the countries have imposed the lockdown that results in the closure of the companies. Like others YouTube also instructed its employees to work from home.

It is expected that the workflow will not be the same as earlier with minimum workforce. As mentioned in a video by YouTube that it will depend more on automated systems than manual work force during this period. They have urged the creators to abide by the terms of YouTube. They also have mentioned that the automated system may remove few videos despite they follow the guidelines of YouTube. These videos will be marked with flags. The users of YouTube may also expect some delays in reviews and some other concerns that need human assistance. All the manual or system issues will be resolved once the employees get back to their workplaces.

Fear Of Demonetization

There are video creators who have already created videos that have content of COVID-19, they may experience demonetization. In this critical situation YouTube doesn’t want any videos which have misleading information related to COVID-19. Hence, temporarily some videos might get demonetized till the system reviews and confirm those contents to remain monetized.  

According to YouTube, their priority is to provide the correct information to the viewers about Coronavirus. YouTube is collecting all the necessary information from authentic sources like CDC, WHO and other trustworthy organizations.  

Your Job As a YouTuber Now

Now, you might be thinking of the topics you want to create videos. It is recommended that you should create videos of your choice that fits the current situation. Try not to create every video on COVID-19  unless you are completely sure about your source of information. This might not give you the prospective viewers that you desire. 

Therefore, we recommend you to create as many videos as you can because all the viewers are there to watch a number of videos on YouTube staying at home.

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