If you are going to start a new journey on YouTube or you are an experienced YouTuber, you need to know the answer for the question, “How to promote my YouTube channel?”. You need to make your channel visible to the people to increase subscribers and video views.

You should always keep YouTube first for your channel promotion as this platform is the second highest visited site now. If you are properly visible on this site you will automatically get visibility from other platforms too. Once you are able to put your channel on this platform believe me there is no looking back. 

In this blog, as a YouTuber your worry of “How to promote my YouTube channel” will go away and you will be able to know a few effective and result-driven ways.

1. Catchy & Crispy Titles

The most important aspect of your video is its title because this is what the people will see first. The title helps them to make a choice of watching the video or not. So, try to create titles which are interesting and at the same time make people click on your video. 

A good title always helps you to engage your viewers and increase your video views. Engaging titles always keeps your channel ahead of others. More you engage your viewers, the more you can promote your channel. 

Few factors to create titles:

  1. Titles should be such as; Top 10 reasons to earn money online or 5 wonderful places to visit without spending more etc.
  2. The title should be short and simple and at the same time crispy.
  3. Use high-emotion words in your titles which attracts the viewers to watch the video.

2. Interesting Thumbnails

Thumbnails are of the same importance as your video titles. You cannot ignore the importance of thumbnails as this has the capacity to grab the attention of the audience.

An attractive thumbnail creates a good impression on the viewers’ mind and gives an idea about the quality of the content. If the quality of the thumbnail is not great then there is a probability that viewers may ignore watching your video.

Your thumbnail can include texts, images or graphics to make it an eye-catchy for the viewers. But only thing to remember that your thumbnail should be relevant to the content you created.

3. Expert YouTube SEO

In spite of getting your video titles and thumbnails great, you might miss the audience if your YouTube SEO is missing. This is the most important thing when you want to promote your YouTube channel and getting the visibility you desire.

Your YouTube SEO can improve your chance to be in Google search results. Knowledge of proper SEO helps you to be on the top of the viewers’ search.

Right tags and relevant keywords optimization is the key to improve your channel’s SEO. If your video is SEO friendly there is nothing to worry about increasing views and promoting your channel.

4. Audience’s Choice on Priority

If your video is not getting views, one of the reasons may be the topic of your content. Before creating your videos, you should know what your audiences’ choices are.

Once you get to know the prefered topics of the audience you can start creating your videos with these topics. It will definitely help to improve your channel in terms of getting viewers and subscribers.

A simple way to find out what the audience wants is to ask questions in your existing videos. If possible, welcome the comments of the viewers in every video you publish. 

5. Genuine Paid Campaigns

Though your expert SEO activities will help your channel to promote organically but to beat the competitors only organic promotion is not enough. It becomes necessary to invest in paid campaigns to reach your target audience fast. 


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