Nowadays, the internet has paved a lot of ways to get platforms from where we can earn money. And to do that, one must know how to get views on YouTube.

YouTube is considered to be one of the best platforms to earn money. Proper utilization of YouTube can help people to earn a lot of money just by using their skills and talents.

Millions of YouTubers publish videos on YouTube everyday. Therefore the competition is so high that it becomes difficult to be on the top.

Though it is difficult but not impossible if you know the right skills of YouTube. Every new YouTuber wants to know how to get views on YouTube to grow his channel. Once you get the skills right there is nothing to stop you from becoming famous on this platform.

Let’s discuss a few important factors to follow in order to promote YouTube videos.

Unique and Quality Content 

An advice to the new YouTubers that they should not copy any content for their videos. This may welcome copyright strikes which are introduced by YouTube.

This may lead to the channel being blocked on YouTube. So, be pretty sure about your content.

Unique and quality content refers to the content which has a good subject in it and most importantly a trending one. A trending subject automatically attracts the viewers to the video.

Use Email Marketing 

It is a great idea to create a list of Emails of the prospective viewers. This will enable you to increase the audience for your videos which in turn will increase the subscribers.

Create a mailer and try sending emails about the content of your video. This will help you to get views on YouTube videos and by this way you might get the audience of your channel for future videos.

Promotion on Social Media

Nowadays, social media plays a very significant role in promoting YouTube videos. People stay on social media platforms almost all day. Therefore, it will be a great idea if you use social media to get views on your YouTube videos.

These platforms will make your videos reach the maximum of viewers. You can also advertise your video on these platforms to reach your audience who get interested in your content and subscribe to your channel.

Increase Views as a Vlogger 

If you are a Vlogger it is very important to interact with your viewers so that you get to know if your content is liked by the people or not. Also you can get suggestions from your viewers about their choices of topics.

YouTube Advertising plays an important role to reach the viewers in a very short span of time. You can advertise online or offline both you are suitable with to reach your target audience.

You can write a blog about your prefered content and can write about your YouTube channel in the blog. Blogs are a good way to reach people worldwide.

Embed Your Videos 

If you want, your videos can be used by other websites or blogs. The earning of the websites or blogs will be actually directed to your channel this way.

Try to include good annotations in the video so that it becomes interesting for the people to watch.  Right annotations ensure a good amount of audience engagement in the videos. 

Your videos should include text where it says to share & subscribe to your channel. Almost all the videos have these texts in them. If the viewers get interested in your content they will subscribe to your channel and wait for your next videos.

Question & Answer Video

It would be of great help if you create good videos on questions and answers. You can choose topics on which the informative videos can be created.

Here, the most important thing is to use video format for your videos. This will attract the crowd of their interests and force them to click on the video. This way you will get views on YouTube and grow your subscriber base.

These videos may include interview sessions, procedure to achieve something etc.

Promotion on YouTube 

Finally, if you think you have done everything right for your YouTube videos to reach maximum people and still waiting to get the desired views, this is the right time to promote your videos on YouTube. 


If you follow the above mentioned strategies you will grow your YouTube channel. But if you want to grow fast you can use a genuine YouTube promotion service.

Hence, I hope you understand the criticality of YouTube promotion to get views for your videos. Though it is not easy but the right strategy and knowledge of basics can definitely help your YouTube channel to grow substantially.

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