A fact that will surprise you that around 300 hours of video length is published on YouTube in less than a minute. It implies that YouTubers upload so many videos in a day that people can search for the videos they need. But the significant part is how as a YouTuber you get the right traffic for your videos using YouTube video promotion services.

And more importantly, how fast you get thousands of real viewers for your videos.

It would be wise if the YouTube video promotion services are used. But remember, you cannot use this service for free. Getting real viewers needs cost of promotion. Hence, before using the video promotion service, there are a few suggestions on how you can get more views and increase traffic on your channel.

Attractive Thumbnail

The most important factor to convince the people to click on your video is using attractive thumbnail. A good thumbnail should be such which attracts the viewers just like the cover page of a book that forces them to read the content.

Therefore, using an image in the thumbnail is a good idea to attract the viewers and not to forget, the image should also has the relevance of the content. For example, for vlog, you can use an image which shows a relevant activity that has a relevance with your content. This will help to get more views on YouTube video.

Choose a YouTube Video Promotion Service

If you do not want to wait for a long time to get viewers, you should choose the best YouTube video promotion services. Though you need to pay for the service but will definitely increase viewers as well as subscribers for your channel. The services will help your video to publish on YouTube and its popular partner websites. 

There are numerous ways to promote your YouTube videos but the most effective way is advertising your video on popular websites. This may be done by few professional YouTube video promotion services. Once you pay for your views they professionally handle the promotional activities and until you get your ordered views they continue to serve you.

Using A Video Campaign

If you talk about generating views very fast, nothing can beat the effectiveness as a video campaign does. You should create a campaign and post that in various platforms such as, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many other popular platforms. This is the best way to get popular with your videos worldwide. 

The campaign should have the correct audience to target for, otherwise it will lose its effectiveness. These campaigns will be of great help in getting real viewers for your videos. Hence, using a campaign is the best way to promote your channel but should be done with expertise.

Videos With Share Buttons

There is no doubt that social media is the most powerful media to reach people everywhere. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter are used by millions of people and the numbers are increasing everyday. Therefore, your video can be viewed by a lot of people if it is shared on these platforms.

In order to reach more viewers and to increase YouTube subscribers you should add a share button on the videos so that it becomes shareable to the people who viewed your video. This will have immense power to reach people from across the globe.

Videos Having A Message To Share

Your videos should always include a message of sharing. This will convey the message of sharing to your viewers. If the viewers like your content they will definitely share the video with others. This in turn will drive more traffic and grow your YouTube channel. So it is necessary to request your viewers to share it to their friends and relatives.

It is always advisable that you should use all the methods that boost your video as well as channel. But before doing anything else you should try to create a video which has strong content. Remember, good content itself has a strong reach and is able to attract viewers easily.


In order to grow your channel fast and effectively, you must try the best and legit YouTube video promotion services. And to ensure your success, follow the above mentioned tips.