As a YouTuber what worries much is how to promote your YouTube videos and how to select a genuine site to promote YouTube video. Every YouTuber aims to monetize his channel by promoting his videos. Now, do you think it is so easy to promote your videos? The answer is ‘NO’.

Promoting your channel is not so easy, especially when you have just started to create your videos. There is no doubt that a new YouTuber struggles much more than an established YouTuber. The reason is, an established YouTuber knows how to reach his target audience and get more views for his videos.

At an earlier stage, you might share your creation with your friends and family to promote your videos. But you will realize soon that it’s not enough to promote your channel substantially.

Therefore, it would be wise to find a genuine site to promote YouTube video and reach maximum audience worldwide. This will enable you to get new viewers everyday who in turn can grow your channel.

In this post, you will be able to understand the key factors that decide a site to be genuine and one can go ahead to promote his channel.

Websites with SSL

Once you decide to outsource your video promotional activities to an agency, you must check the sites that have SSL tagged with the domain name.

For example; https:// followed by domain name. Websites with only http:// prefix to the domain name are not the secured ones to promote your videos. It is strictly not recommended to use these sites for your video promotion.

Link Submission

A site is considered to be genuine if it provides you an interface which is convenient to use. It should provide you a clear space where you can submit your video link which needs to be promoted.

There should be a space where you can provide your email id too as to identify the owner of the video. A site which doesn’t have the space to provide these details might be a scam site.

Video Distribution

Before selecting a site for video promotion, one should get the necessary details of the distribution of the video to be promoted. If the agency is committed to place your video on YouTube and YouTube partner websites, you can rely on the site and proceed with your promotion.

An agency which is not able to express these details of video distribution, should not be trusted and should be avoided so that it doesn’t harm your YouTube channel.


This is one of the most important factors to decide an agency for your video promotion. If the pricing plans to get views (usually starts from 500-1000 views) are very cheap, it is better to enquire more about the site so that you don’t fall under the trap of scammers.

Most of the sites may offer cheap price but they don’t provide real views as well. Therefore, it becomes a very important parameter to search a trustworthy site to promote your videos.

Delivery Of Ordered Views

Lastly, one should know about the delivery time that an agency takes to complete an order. There are many agencies which are not committed to their policies regarding delivery of orders.

You must have some purpose of promoting your videos and willing to pay for the same. But if you don’t get the order delivered on time it hinders the process of the growth of your videos.


Hence, the above unavoidable factors are necessary to consider when you are in a position to outsource a site to promote your video.

In order to grow your YouTube channel, you should go through the factors and them hire a YouTube promotion company.