You have a YouTube channel but struggling to increase views on your videos? The obvious answer would be yes, if you don’t know how to promote YouTube videos.

It hardly matters how many videos you have created; the most important thing is to promote YouTube videos to let others know about your creation. If you are not promoting your videos properly you will never be successful in reaching your target audience. It is just like you are a good cricketer but nobody knows about you.

Start changing your strategy and become a successful YouTuber who is followed by all. With few strategies and techniques you can easily promote your YouTube videos.

This guide will definitely help you to grow as a YouTuber. The following techniques are the basics and needs to be followed once you complete creating each video.

Significant ways to promote YouTube videos:

  1. Title of the Video – Important to get more clicks
  2. Tags of the Video – Use the character limit of 500
  3. Thumbnail – Create a good thumbnail
  4. Intro and Outro video – Create an engaging Intro and Outro video
  5. Use Social Media – Utilize social media platforms to promote videos

Therefore, get started to know more about YouTube video promotion.

Title Of The Video – Important To Get More Clicks

The primary factor that decides whether your videos would be seen by maximum number of audiences or not is the titles of the videos. The title is what forces a viewer to decide whether to click on the video or not.

If you are puzzled to decide the title, the proper keyword research for YouTube can help you finalize one. Have a look what people are searching for their interests on YouTube and create your own title.

The followings are few tricks to create best video titles on YouTube:

  • The title should be short and describes best about your video.
  • Create a catchy title.
  • The title should have a keyword at the beginning.
  • Try to use “Power Words” (Best, Awesome, Significant etc.)
  • Your title should be written on Capitalize form. (Ex. Best Video)

Tags Of The Video – Use The Character Limit Of 500

The correct usage of tags is very important if you want your videos to grow organically. Mistakes in using tags can stop the growth of your video so intensely that it might become a reason for not being in the search results of the audiences.

YouTube works differently for all the tags used in videos. Therefore, you can replace your old tags with relevant new tags now.

The following tricks can be used for YouTube video tags:

  • Try to use a unique tag for all the videos so that it appears in related videos.
  • Most important keywords need to be used in the tag.
  • Keywords variation should be used as a tag.
  • Search for the tags used for the videos which are highly ranked.

Create A Good Thumbnail

In order to stand out among the competitors, thumbnails play a very important role. There are suggested thumbnails that appear when you upload your video. But it is always advised to create a distinct thumbnail which can drive the attention of the viewers.

Following are few important tips for creating YouTube thumbnails:

  • Thumbnail resolution should be of 1280 x 720 with width of 640 pixels.
  • It should in .JPG or .GIF or .BMP or .PNG format.
  • The size of  the thumbnail should be below 2MB.
  • Use the mostly used aspect ratio which is 16:9.

For the best experience you can use Canva or other designing sites and create a thumbnail within minutes.

Intro and Outro video

To ensure good performance of your videos you need to use Intro and Outro. This will enable your videos to stand out among the millions of YouTubers.

  • YouTube Intro: There should be a clip at the start of the video which tells about your brand. The duration of the clip should be between 5-8 seconds.
  • YouTube Outro: This clip should run at the end of the video and tells about the related videos of your channel. And also requests the viewers to like the video & subscribe your channel.

There are few sites where you can get your desired intro and outro. And also you can create those using Camtasia or related software.

Create a thumbnail within minutes.

Utilize Social Media Platforms To Promote Videos

Once you complete all the above mentioned tasks properly, you should now think about creating a community through social media platforms. Using popular social media platforms can be beneficial to drive traffic for your YouTube channel.

Followings are few popular social media platforms to promote YouTube videos:

The most important thing is to share your uploaded videos in regular intervals. It is good to share the videos on all the platforms immediately after publishing your videos. This sharing activities should be a routine practice to generate traffic in your YouTube channel.


Hope the techniques discussed will help you in driving more traffic which in turn will increase more subscribers and subsequently increase more views on your videos.